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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACQUIRED

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Astrology, 281:is responsible for his development and slowly acquired experience. Mercury, being the Messenger ofAstrology, 630:[630] or consciousness utilizes the gradually acquired knowledge to achieve detachment from theAtom, 68:kind. The initial intelligence of the atom has acquired something during the transition from formAtom, 111:are worked, the highest spiritual knowledge is acquired, and union with the great Spirit of theAtom, 119:for us is to start from the solid basis of acquired facts and knowledge, then put them allAutobiography, 31:said for the intensive and individual training acquired if a child is taught by a good and culturedAutobiography, 32:now become. I think that it was in this period I acquired my taste for mystery, later to beBethlehem, 38:center of experience which as a microcosm has acquired or is acquiring a character of its own and aBethlehem, 89:two "are the more vital two, for they cannot be acquired if a person has reached adult life withoutBethlehem, 102:messianic consciousness the thought of suffering acquired [103] now, as applied to himself, aBethlehem, 109:One. He simply used those which we all possess - acquired knowledge and the age-old rules. HeBethlehem, 164:of expansion, and what new knowledge must be acquired. The task of the disciple is theBethlehem, 225:and all living things in Myself... He thus acquired greatness, self-effulgence, lordship andDiscipleship1, 161:service with much greater clarity and will have acquired the desired momentum. Your work ahead liesDiscipleship1, 206:of service so that all your powers and gifts and acquired talents may be called into play and giveDiscipleship1, 207:age, life habit, developed tendencies, acquired good, and unconquered faults are firmlyDiscipleship1, 362:of your mind is a great and useful gift, acquired through many lives of achieved knowledge. But aDiscipleship1, 407:of steadfast stabilizing of that which has been acquired, and a gentle outgoing to your world ofDiscipleship1, 415:too fast, and that you have no background of acquired knowledge. But you have been many years inDiscipleship1, 542:reality, that on which a man learns to use all acquired knowledge of the "form divine" in such aDiscipleship1, 550:that direct knowledge? P. D. W. has already acquired much of it and for him there comes theDiscipleship1, 639:but take your stand upon your own individually acquired wisdom; preserve the group integrity byDiscipleship1, 709:and a disciple. And - because of all these acquired states of consciousness - he becomes eventuallyDiscipleship2, 19:and which will necessitate the consciously acquired use of the antahkarana. You will understand,Discipleship2, 255:light to bear and a motivation - based on newly acquired knowledge and understanding - which isDiscipleship2, 394:realm of knowledge, and that knowledge - when acquired - is transformed eventually into wisdom. HeDiscipleship2, 600:so-called racial loyalties and characteristics, acquired through environing circumstance. Is thisDiscipleship2, 608:the facility to make full use of what you have acquired, so that the stream of outgoing teachingDiscipleship2, 744:must now give place to the use of what you have acquired of understanding and wisdom. I suggest forEducation, 3:a history which covers the method whereby tribes acquired national status through aggression, warEducation, 35:and life, teaching him to use his inherited, acquired and endowed equipment for the evidencing ofExternalisation, 90:it for you. "The seven - each on his own lot - acquired knowledge. The knowledge was the same, butExternalisation, 120:material - could be the goal of effort and thus acquired, began to control the purely animalExternalisation, 575:efforts, has attained a general quietude and has acquired a certain measure of right humanExternalisation, 582:an expansion of perception and the changing of acquired academic knowledge into an over shadowingFire, xvii:the plane of illusion, therefore those who have acquired it and are emancipated are called Fires.Fire, 199:of form. The senses then are synthesized into acquired faculty, and the Self has no [200] furtherFire, 287:it is the organ of instinct. All that can be acquired by instinct and by the use of the concreteFire, 289:and to the transmutation of the earlier acquired faculty into applied Love. This is His work in theFire, 376:acquisition, and two wherein that which has been acquired is used. This is too intricate aFire, 456:on the utilization of the concrete mind, and its acquired faculty, for the development of theFire, 495:and sounds can be comparatively [495] easily acquired when man has developed the inner spiritualFire, 516:entities is stored up and developed capacity, acquired ability, and the atomic memory, or in otherFire, 649:are as yet over-dominant, and the power they acquired in the earlier solar system has not yet beenFire, 756:all their lives, or who, in previous lives, have acquired the right by karma. This threefoldFire, 882:of Spirit alone. - S. D., III, 453. Knowledge is acquired through the region of the higher mind. S.Fire, 959:knowledge and practice, the power has been acquired of automatically and scientifically utilizingFire, 966:the essence of things. The third eye must be acquired by the ascetic before he becomes an adept. -Fire, 994:Purity. This is a thing not easily to be acquired, but entailing many lives of strenuous effort.Glamour, 133:or concrete levels of the mental plane will have acquired or accumulated - down the ages - a vastGlamour, 177:when they have lasted long enough and have acquired momentum, add to the general illusion andGlamour, 228:Those using these formulas are presumed to have acquired some measure of inner polarization and toHealing, 256:of proven helpfulness and upon the knowledge (acquired over centuries of experimentation) of theHealing, 300:to the six purposes of His six Brothers. He acquired a form and liked it not; threw it away andHealing, 312:such as syphilis and cancer, which the Lemurians acquired. This is not so. I would remind you thatHealing, 375:We shall and do inherit the wonder of the past acquired knowledges and the use of much of it willHercules, 6:knowledge demonstrated the power of the sign and acquired the gifts which the sign conferred. InHercules, 16:and cut," said Mercury, "and with precision and acquired skill must move." And Hercules, withHercules, 16:open Gates must the disciple pass before he had acquired sufficient skill to draw that bow. It tookInitiation, 163:Initiator) he will lose no time in utilizing the acquired secret. The Sevenfold Secret After theIntellect, 66:factor enters in; also something is eventually acquired, should the faith of the petitioner beIntellect, 134:still makes use of reasoning; ...because having acquired much light by the prolonged use ofIntellect, 185:in meditation upon the Rare Path... Having acquired full power over the mental states and facultiesMagic, 48:of: Gaining certain experiences, resulting in acquired attributes. Working out certain effects,Magic, 134:worlds without the balance that comes from self-acquired knowledge. The forces that have been setMagic, 182:of truth in the world. More knowledge must be acquired as to the nature of thought and of matter,Magic, 208:that speaks. This is something which can be acquired by practice by each of you. Discover theMagic, 576:at once towards that end that which he has thus acquired. The initiate holds nothing for himself;Magic, 576:fact that the hands of a disciple (once he has acquired that acquisitiveness which is based onMagic, 627:and then with definiteness sacrifices the acquired values for the good of the whole. The instinctMeditation, 81:but demonstrating what has already been earlier acquired (the manifesting forth of innate faculty,Meditation, 81:(the manifesting forth of innate faculty, acquired in previous incarnations) and is preparing for aMeditation, 260:of the Wisdom is He Who, through knowledge acquired by means of the five senses, has learnt [261]Meditation, 272:your mind. Cases have been known when a man has acquired - through diligence - the technicalMeditation, 273:will give you some idea of the rights and powers acquired on the Probationary Path and on the PathMeditation, 330:will be trained in using the knowledge already acquired, where his centers will be scientificallyMeditation, 331:When these matters are duly studied and all acquired knowledge put into practice, the inherentMeditation, 344:out. A realization next of one's innate or acquired capacities and a fitting of those capacities toPatanjali, 19:expression. All knowledge therefore which is acquired through the medium of the lower faculties andPatanjali, 24:result of mental training, the accumulation of acquired facts, the consequence of reading or ofPatanjali, 32:full experience through the use of form has been acquired, consciousness, perception or awarenessPatanjali, 50:that which is newly seen, donated the acquired possession to those who hold out empty hands, andPatanjali, 112:38. By abstention from incontinence, energy is acquired. 39. When abstention from avarice isPatanjali, 198:38. By abstention from incontinence, energy is acquired. Incontinence is usually regarded as thePatanjali, 234:14. The characteristics of every object are acquired, manifesting or latent. 15. The stage ofPatanjali, 234:when the power to see thought-images is acquired. 19. Through concentrated meditation, the thoughtPatanjali, 251:at will with the three lower planes. He has acquired the faculty of contemplation or the attitudePatanjali, 254:forces of the world. All knowledge, consciously acquired by self illumination must be shared, andPatanjali, 261:until the habit of stabilizing the mind is acquired. When this is accomplished two things occur:Patanjali, 267:14. The characteristics of every object are acquired, manifesting or latent. Much the same idea isPatanjali, 268:specific form. This is the present note in the acquired chord which the soul of the object hasPatanjali, 275:when the power to see thought-images is acquired. The significance of this sutra is very great, forPatanjali, 278:instinctual life. This is based on memory, on acquired faculty and capacity and on the possessionPatanjali, 281:yogi, through concentration and meditation, has acquired the power to center his consciousness inPsychology1, 110:so minimize their responsibility. Where there is acquired knowledge and when no use is made of itPsychology1, 122:with it the means whereby that knowledge may be acquired and revealed to all, and thus not be thePsychology1, 201:control others, obstinacy, anger. Virtues to he acquired: Tenderness, humility, sympathy,Psychology1, 203:limitations in others. [203] Virtues to be acquired: Love, compassion, unselfishness, energy. ThisPsychology1, 204:overmuch criticism of others. Virtues to be acquired: Sympathy, tolerance, devotion, accuracy,Psychology1, 206:passions, indolence, extravagance. Virtues to be acquired: Serenity, confidence, self-control,
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