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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACQUISITIVENESS

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Astrology, 124:intellect. Selfishness into divine selflessness. Acquisitiveness into renunciation.Discipleship1, 150:ones." You have an avidity for service and an acquisitiveness for knowledge and for informationEducation, 11:to hear and see. Response to possession and to acquisitiveness. The child begins to appropriate,Externalisation, 92:Throat Center. Kingdom of man. Quality of Acquisitiveness. 4th Ray Harmony through Conflict. 4. TheExternalisation, 173:which is not their own by right. This spirit of acquisitiveness belongs to no one group; it hasExternalisation, 213:ancient hues of selfish desire and aggressive acquisitiveness, or by the newer and more beautifulExternalisation, 214:tendencies and bring into human affairs selfish acquisitiveness, emphasis upon material interests,Externalisation, 265:personality will, of material selfishness and acquisitiveness, and the selfless will which seeks toGlamour, 63:of any kind. This is illusion, through acquisitiveness. Its cause is selfish grasping for theHealing, 231:general. The seeds of aggression and of personal acquisitiveness began to show themselves,Magic, 575:this for four reasons: They are the symbol of acquisitiveness. They are centers of force. They areMagic, 575:keys are turned. Viewing them as symbols of acquisitiveness it must be remembered that in theMagic, 575:In spiritual man, the hands are still symbols of acquisitiveness but he only grasps that whichMagic, 576:hands of a disciple (once he has acquired that acquisitiveness which is based on unselfish groupMagic, 627:of the race has thus grown; its sense of acquisitiveness has developed and the power to grasp hasProblems, 87:it sets an important emphasis upon material acquisitiveness, upon boundaries, and the dangerousPsychology1, 393:in the States today works out through the acquisitiveness of the nation and its love of possessionsPsychology2, 77:possession, the prostitution of spiritual love. Acquisitiveness, the illusion of material need. ThePsychology2, 78:Freedom from the desire to possess, freedom from acquisitiveness, and therefore the state ofRays, 305:Violent emotional reaction. Revenge, hate, acquisitiveness and similar faults, based on lack of
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