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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACROSS

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Astrology, 330:sun. Aquarius - The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea. This is the light which ever shinesAtom, 20:One of the best definitions which I have come across is that which defines evolution as "theAutobiography, 39:bowl which looked as if it was three feet across. This bowl was full of water. Standing ahead ofAutobiography, 48:land to which one must inevitably proceed; but (across that promised land and away in the distance)Autobiography, 55:proceeded to light the gas. I nearly blew myself across the room and singed my hair and could notAutobiography, 64:with the words, "For the work in India" written across it. We neither of us knew where the moneyAutobiography, 65:name, so I won't mention it) got up and leaned across the table, held out his hand and said,Autobiography, 87:the compound - with my bearer who slept at night across the door. I could not have had a moreAutobiography, 92:by carriage; I had to be carried on a man's back across a raging torrent; I had to be carried on aAutobiography, 111:consciousness. I had never in my whole life come across a community like this little town. ThereAutobiography, 140:own divinity. The third teaching which I came across and which pulled me up short for a long timeAutobiography, 149:that you will take any chance. I walked across my room and opened the door only to find the twoAutobiography, 153:and I had been a vegetarian ever since coming across the Theosophical teaching. My children hadAutobiography, 165:told that the lama was the abbot of a monastery across the Tibetan frontier and that he had comeAutobiography, 166:and that he had never been known to come down across the frontier or visit an Occidental. When,Autobiography, 179:a house for us in a small commuting-town across the Hudson. Foster accepted the offer and left forAutobiography, 221:most popular. [221] Only a few years ago I came across a big bundle of material which when IAutobiography, 222:went on the "Blue train" through the Simplon and across the Cento valley. It is quite hopeless toAutobiography, 227:order of apparently an advanced kind. I had come across one of the books they had put out and hadBethlehem, 147:Transmutation has been defined as "the passage across from one state of being to another, throughBethlehem, 202:The word "transgression" signifies the walking across a boundary; it involves the displacing of aBethlehem, 202:social order have imposed upon the race. To step across these boundaries, which man, fromBethlehem, 203:to transgress them now. There are boundaries across which the average right-minded citizen does notDestiny, 77:of the entire European continent transplanted across the ocean and that European history,Discipleship1, 385:you is the blue of heaven and ahead of you - across the field of buds and leaves and on the farDiscipleship1, 464:fear the knowledge of reality. You have passed across the burning ground and now it lies behindDiscipleship1, 482:attitudes, and words of beauty did I come across today? Note these down and note also yourDiscipleship1, 529:because of the red peonies and rose bushes across the stream. Towards the western end of the lawn,Discipleship1, 530:the spruce trees to right and left, in front. Across the stream from the pagoda, in the middle ofDiscipleship2, 66:physical existence. These must traverse or cut across the astral realm in reaching the physicalDiscipleship2, 194:forces to their originating sources and that across the mental plane (with its three aspects ofDiscipleship2, 269:inflow comes naturally via the antahkarana or across the "rainbow bridge." Hence, you will see theDiscipleship2, 408:the sons of men who seek pure light. "They pass across the bridge into the Light serene which thereDiscipleship2, 413:part of the Path of Evolution which stretches across the mental plane into the plane of buddhi, andDiscipleship2, 552:cease from speech. Picture a curtain, hanging across the space near to the place where you stand.Discipleship2, 552:and contemplative reflection, and listen. Then across the silence and breaking into the current ofDiscipleship2, 553:the fires of purification. You have moved across the burning-ground - as have all your groupDiscipleship2, 720:blue. Above, the shining, round-faced moon. Across the sea, a path of light, and moving slowly downDiscipleship2, 756:group brothers, or any one else who may come across and read your papers, to grasp my meaning. TwoExternalisation, 368:and permit Germany to join hands with Japan across Asia, with the appalling probability of aFire, 18:forth. Three times the note was sounded, pealing across the heavens. At the third intoning came theFire, 473:forms in the three worlds, may not trespass across the separating line between the two evolutions.Fire, 476:express it thus: Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another through theFire, 1184:Chohans. They spiral into manifestation, cutting across the fourfold cross, and touching theHercules, 35:to note how in the circle of the Zodiac we come across three women. In connection with Aries, theHercules, 40:way and, in the shining light, he rode the bull across the glimmering water to the isle of CreteHercules, 41:coming and went forth to meet him oil the Way. Across the waters came the voices of the SistersHercules, 43:we are told, he rode the bull, like a horse, across the island and through the waters whichHercules, 51:aspirant remember that the bull has to be ridden across the waters to the mainland; which meansHercules, 86:Out of the darkness flashes the bird and flies across the horizon in the light of the day,Hercules, 156:frantic haste, never to return. Silence spread across the marsh. The horrid birds had disappeared.Hercules, 170:and forgetting the fee, he ferried the stranger across. Hercules at last had entered Hades, a dimHercules, 195:safe protection of the golden chalice, he sailed across the tossing seas until he came to Erytheia.Hercules, 196:leave the herd in search of errant wanderers. Across the Alps he drove his cattle, and into Italy.Hercules, 197:to bring these cattle from the island, across land and water to the sacred city. Hercules sailed toHercules, 217:far greater circle of the constellations passes across the earth's ascendant, the equinoctialInitiation, 194:sound it forth. Let the disciple sound the cry across the desert over the sea, and through theIntellect, 258:is giving them much trouble. [258] We have come across such cases. On investigation, it willMeditation, 212:patterns will be found as the circles cut across the planes, and some impression will be conveyedProblems, 6:chariot have given way to the trains, speeding across entire continents at the rate of seventyProblems, 101:the Jew has been forced to move on or move out - across the desert from Egypt to the Holy Land,Psychology1, 223:this as follows: "Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another throughPsychology1, 423:this as follows: "Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another throughPsychology2, 399:he may touch. They will form the stepping-stones across the river of life down which the newPsychology2, 438:of the gaps induces a man continuously to run across the bridge." Certain [439] aspects of the manPsychology2, 745:hands of love and understanding to each other across the gulf of differences. They meet in thoughtRays, 20:sound it forth. Let the disciple sound the call across the desert, over all the seas and throughRays, 63:to aspirants and disciples) must sound forth "across the desert, over all the seas and through theRays, 71:to applicants. The applicant sends out his cry - across the desert, over all the seas and throughRays, 119:light (through the power of magnetic love) across the space separating the Triad and theRays, 356:which spreads to and creates the burning ground across which the initiate must four times move inRays, 454:personality as they are impulsed by the soul, across a gap in consciousness which has hithertoRays, 464:of consciousness or of conscious substance, and across this stream the antahkarana must beRays, 466:light which eventually becomes the Lighted Way across which he can pass into the higher worlds ofRays, 466:The man who finally builds the antahkarana across the mental [467] plane connects or relates theseRays, 470:case of the disciple, it is showing the "path across" or the [471] narrow razor-edged Path betweenRays, 495:completed antahkarana. Down - or rather [495] across - this bridge, descent can be made at will, inRays, 495:from the personality, aided by the soul - across the chasm of the separating mind. Finally, contactRays, 516:acts as a great creative agency and bridges across all barriers and separative states ofRays, 765:distance. From out the country full and green, across the arid waste had traveled far the Pilgrim.Rays, 766:door the first will open. Key the second lies across the Threshold, over the heap of thorns. From
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