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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACT

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Statement:who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter whatAstrology, 19:the systemic and the planetary energies act either as hindering or as stimulating forces, accordingAstrology, 138:and bring into objective manifestation - by an act of the will - both spirit and matter. This itAstrology, 170:truth. Though India has permitted the physical act to usurp the place of a spiritual attitude, yetAstrology, 200:the fourth kingdom in nature will eventually act as the mediating principle to all the three lowerAstrology, 249:which can make any choice a definite conscious act, entailing responsibility. Prior to the presentAstrology, 296:the unfoldment of consciousness wherein, by an act of the will, the conscious and illumined manAstrology, 320:of this sign and to a study of the planets which act as focal points [321] and as distributingAstrology, 436:perception which eventually enable humanity to act as the mediating interpreter between the higherAstrology, 541:of the masses of the people; they can and will act with full awareness and intentional consciousAstrology, 591:will or the collective human will which could act as interpreter, revealer and also serve as a modeAstrology, 599:and emerging from the fourth plane. Death is an act of the intuition, transmitted by the soul toAstrology, 605:will to harmonize or relate. Ray V - The will to act. Ray VI - The will to cause. Ray VII - TheAstrology, 613:the thought of a dynamic "entering into" - by an act of the focused will - a new state ofAstrology, 615:in form building and - which is equally an act of the sustaining will - can abstract or withdrawAstrology, 616:entered into communion with Itself and by this act became a vital point of life and focused power.Astrology, 626:purification which will lead it eventually to act as a transparent medium for the revelation ofAstrology, 626:through which this ray chooses by an "act of its sufficient will to act in time and space." Let usAstrology, 626:ray chooses by an "act of its sufficient will to act in time and space." Let us look at them for aAutobiography, 69:was feeling myself again, he read me the riot act, telling me that I had no means of knowing thatAutobiography, 93:doctor on the other. I have done that sleeping act once or twice in my life when I have been tooAutobiography, 113:sought out Walter Evans and read him the riot act. It did not do any good but it made herAutobiography, 114:I discovered it was the Bishop and this act was just like him. Much discussion and talk followedAutobiography, 144:wanted to change things, and hoped they would act differently, etc., etc. It was towards the closeAutobiography, 177:English woman I had a lady living with me to act as a chaperone and prevent dirty gossip. One ofAutobiography, 195:to be a school for those who can be trained to act directly and consciously under the Masters ofAutobiography, 241:When lecturing in Italy Dr. Assagioli would act as my [242] interpreter and when in Holland theAutobiography, 251:and with whom they seek to work and who can act as their agents, we call the men and women ofAutobiography, 265:to work consciously on spiritual levels and to act as a soul in the three worlds of humanAutobiography, 268:individual and universal. He is thus trained to act as an interpreter of events and to function asBethlehem, 56:appositely that "the conduct of life rests on an act of faith which begins with an experiment andBethlehem, 195:p. 166.) But His death was also the consummating act of a life of sacrifice and service, and theBethlehem, 195:principles of His teaching. It was the crowning act of His most heroic life, and it affords such aBethlehem, 202:There we have a real definition of sin. It is to act against light and knowledge, and withBethlehem, 206:which He felt to meet the world's need and to act the part of a savior to men. It is gloriouslyBethlehem, 210:inner quality. It is the expression in external act of a freely chosen self-dedication, ungrudging,Bethlehem, 216:of justice, and not that of Retribution, in an act at which the whole world stands aghast. ThisBethlehem, 224:hindrance into manifestation. This was an act of God, a stupendous recognition by the Father ofBethlehem, 225:applied in a most significant manner to this act of Christ, which linked Him up not only withBethlehem, 265:Most people, faced with issues and problems, act with sincerity, even if their line of action mayBethlehem, 266:truly, and which, because it sees so truly can act wisely. It is a love which realizes that theBethlehem, 278:predisposition: firstly, we must be prepared to act affirmatively toward the world and life;Destiny, 88:it is this fact which leads the United States to act like the Crab (Cancer) and be preoccupied withDestiny, 146:insensitiveness. You need to absorb and to act upon the information you already have, before thereDiscipleship1, 4:for initiation with certain defects which act as deterrents and as handicaps; each of you has beenDiscipleship1, 9:may have many weaknesses and limitations. These act as hindrances to others in the group. But, asDiscipleship1, 18:to serve. There are, secondly, those who act as links between the Elder Brothers of the race, theDiscipleship1, 18:workers mentioned above. I do not say that they act as links between the disciple and his MasterDiscipleship1, 18:This second group of working disciples, however, act as intermediaries in the working out of theDiscipleship1, 30:the tie between us. This, therefore, is an act of group service to be rendered selflessly and withDiscipleship1, 35:in any of the [35] groups constitutes an act of service which they are rendering to the work whichDiscipleship1, 36:- certain channels of communication which will act as the mediators between the world of light andDiscipleship1, 37:be carried forward by groups which will act as the intermediaries between the plane of spiritualDiscipleship1, 37:in the fifth volume of the series. They will act as communicators and [38] transmitters of twoDiscipleship1, 38:ray energy in their equipment. Their work is to act as channels of communication between theDiscipleship1, 39:development of etheric vision. This group will act as a channel of communication or intermediaryDiscipleship1, 39:through the medium of humanity. They will act also as transmitters of illumination between groupsDiscipleship1, 90:by means of a pictorial process (not by an act of the will at this time) in any desired direction -Discipleship1, 92:in his mental body. Only the disciple can act upon the mental level of consciousness at this pointDiscipleship1, 107:of my soul that I, the Spirit in form, shall act as a channel for compassion and an instrument forDiscipleship1, 109:which I will instruct you) sent forth by an act of the will. These will sweep through your wholeDiscipleship1, 112:power to project thought-forms. Its capacity to act as an organ of clairvoyance. I will ask you toDiscipleship1, 115:also that you do most certainly seek always to act under the urge and the inspiration of your ownDiscipleship1, 131:can think with clarity and usually know why you act in a particular manner, for you seldom actDiscipleship1, 131:you act in a particular manner, for you seldom act without some preparatory thinking or withoutDiscipleship1, 140:You feed their love for each other and you act as a focal point for that aspect of the soul whichDiscipleship1, 153:in doing. I refer to the ability always to act with a wise, clean-cut decision in relation toDiscipleship1, 156:bring definitely down into the head center by an act of the creative imagination and hold itDiscipleship1, 156:See it immediately before your eyes. Then, by an act of the creative imagination, see yourselfDiscipleship1, 172:altogether and relating soul and brain by an act of the will. When you have done this, then swingDiscipleship1, 182:not. As you seek to function as a soul and to act as from soul levels, you will learn that thingsDiscipleship1, 193:guide me in the way of love. 3rd month - May I act as a soul in all my ways, and thus awaken othersDiscipleship1, 205:tends to make you fairly well-balanced, when you act as a personality or as a soul. Your mentalDiscipleship1, 205:produces short-sighted vision and you tend to act precipitately. When this occurs, you laterDiscipleship1, 212:the force of the solar plexus center (through an act of inhalation) to the head. Picture it asDiscipleship1, 231:because - rightly used and understood - they can act as focal points for spiritual energy, breakingDiscipleship1, 238:is entirely yours; you are utterly free to act as seems wisest to you and there will be noDiscipleship1, 239:aspiration vital, if you will but see truly and act strongly. The next thing that I want to say toDiscipleship1, 272:need. Each unit has, in the past, attempted to act as a magnet and to attract to itself that whichDiscipleship1, 272:that was possible. Groups in the future must act as magnets; they must see to it that they areDiscipleship1, 308:consciousness higher still and, by a definite act of the will, see three things occur: completeDiscipleship1, 312:Likewise, over-estimation of another person can act as a real hindrance. The chains must break,Discipleship1, 318:if you make one definite and lasting gesture or act of freedom from your glamor (if you know whatDiscipleship1, 321:descent at the astral [321] body. Do this by an act of the will and the use of the creativeDiscipleship1, 332:that channel has been better cleared. You can act as a distributor of strength and power to yourDiscipleship1, 335:essentials or on personality non-essentials? Act then on the response which you call forth as youDiscipleship1, 337:upon the physical plane. It enables you also to act as a force transmitter and distributor. TheDiscipleship1, 356:lies in the potency of the thought behind the act of breathing and not at all really in theDiscipleship1, 357:in some measure - large or small - one can act as a channel for its transmission from the greaterDiscipleship1, 367:- as is the case with all such concepts - can act as a prison. Her idea of liberty can be a chain,Discipleship1, 371:increase your responsibility which is not the act of a true friend and teacher. Disciples comeDiscipleship1, 405:along the line of meditation is a simple voiced act of consecration to the service of the soulDiscipleship1, 405:deliberately from all other contacts, by an act of the will and (from that point on) let the soulDiscipleship1, 417:be is a greater realization than to know or to act. The constant steady effort to dwell in theDiscipleship1, 419:in your compassionate comprehension. You must act in the group for that aspect of the soul whichDiscipleship1, 424:Go on, therefore, with your life of service and act as a wise helper to all you contact, includingDiscipleship1, 438:problem goes deep. But you can solve it if you act with slowness, if you call on your soul to throwDiscipleship1, 455:as you can; then, as you exhale, send it by an act of the will to the throat center at the back ofDiscipleship1, 456:divide it into two streams and send one, by an act of the will, to your splenic center. (Note: ThisDiscipleship1, 457:ribs.) Send the other stream of force, by an act of the will, out into the world through the hands
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