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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACT

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Discipleship1, 465:many in the final years of life live, think and act in such a manner that the soul withdraws itsDiscipleship1, 482:Hunt every day for beauty and record it. What act of service did I render which was other than myDiscipleship1, 496:usefulness and consequent good health by an act of the will, the spiritual will. Your physicalDiscipleship1, 520:you information, suggesting to you that you act upon it and wait for the results, acting with theDiscipleship1, 545:manner, leaving it to you to interpret and to act as seems best to you. I ask for sincerity ofDiscipleship1, 545:the part of those I teach, and a willingness to act when the next step is illumined. I do notDiscipleship1, 545:who will duly weigh suggestion and accept and act when the intuition indicates a procedure. [546]Discipleship1, 567:you have done in this group of disciples is to act as a stable, loving, integrating force. This youDiscipleship1, 576:energy which will bring people together and act as a coherent force. Let, therefore, your effortDiscipleship1, 604:sanely and with wise direction? [604] Why did I act and speak and write in this particularDiscipleship1, 618:look to you to aid and help. If you will always act in full cooperation with your fellow workers,Discipleship1, 666:and the harmonizing of your bodies. Then, by an act of the will, withdraw the consciousness intoDiscipleship1, 676:of stairs stands barred, this by the soul's own act. No longer red desire governs all the life, butDiscipleship1, 720:the things which their critical minds say or to act upon the opinions they may have formed throughDiscipleship1, 731:that accepted disciples can handle it safely and act as distributing agents. The energy with whichDiscipleship1, 746:the recognition of an unimpeded channel and an act of spiritual will. It is in reality a process ofDiscipleship1, 760:When their status is not that, their task is to act as channels for the distribution of energy in aDiscipleship1, 783:and with whom they seek to work and who can act as their agents, we call the men and women ofDiscipleship2, XII:Tibetan but welcomed by him. He said that this act attracted the attention of other members of theDiscipleship2, 38:I will give two series of instructions which can act as a guide for all your reconstruction work.Discipleship2, 46:which must be overcome. You must begin to act as if it were not. If only more disciples would learnDiscipleship2, 47:plan or plans have you, my brother?) and act as if the Dweller existed not, thus freeing yourselfDiscipleship2, 48:want done and then they must talk and write, act and live so that others too may understand.Discipleship2, 57:advancing into that room and there, united in an act of solemn dedication, stands ready forDiscipleship2, 72:kingdom in nature. This kingdom is destined to act as a transmitter of force, of energy and lifeDiscipleship2, 113:all the world. This again - when connected by an act of the spiritual will to the solar plexusDiscipleship2, 115:spiritual energy to the solar plexus, through an act of the will; this will result in the awakeningDiscipleship2, 118:and then from the heart it is directed by an act of the focused will - expressed and propelledDiscipleship2, 119:of relating heart and head and then - by an act of the will - linking up both with the quiescentDiscipleship2, 120:of the solar plexus are then lifted by an act of the will into the heart center and from thence toDiscipleship2, 122:at the base of the spine is the result of an act of the will directed from the head and resultingDiscipleship2, 122:and energy was carried to the heart - also by an act of the will. The energy of the solar plexus,Discipleship2, 123:the head, summon the Will to your aid and by an act of the will carry the energy focused in theDiscipleship2, 123:plexus. This can be done, but it involves an act of slow concentration. 4. Then sound the OM twiceDiscipleship2, 137:endeavor to relate yourself to my Ashram by an act of faith and of will which is, in this case, theDiscipleship2, 144:yourself to the Spiritual Triad, through an act of the will and the imaginative use of theDiscipleship2, 177:work for ashramic service. The first definite act of this type of service was embodied for you inDiscipleship2, 195:which can be regarded as reflection - an act of reflection which, because the consciousness is heldDiscipleship2, 208:are three major groups of meditating agents who act as intermediaries between the three groups ofDiscipleship2, 212:they constitute the active creative group who act as the dynamic inspiration to the seventh group,Discipleship2, 230:Then, through the creative imagination and by an act of the will, see untold and unlimited sums ofDiscipleship2, 243:evoked, and the tension under which they should act and live from day to day is only as yet aDiscipleship2, 245:of [245] the crises of initiation. Unless they act upon the proffered instruction and haveDiscipleship2, 313:a process of penetration, carried forward as an act of service, with the intent to bringDiscipleship2, 330:are of equal development with the new disciple, act as a safeguarding group, and this is true, noDiscipleship2, 331:are recognized. If, however, disciples act or react in a way that brings attack upon the Ashram,Discipleship2, 333:"unfoldment of the ashramic Lotus." Every great act of sharing results automatically in theDiscipleship2, 357:teach the disciple to think of the Ashram and to act and serve, think and invoke, as a member ofDiscipleship2, 401:environment and experience. It can also act as a lens or a light-gatherer from the inner and higherDiscipleship2, 426:be the reappearance of the Great Lord, who will act as the lens through which the light can beDiscipleship2, 427:process at this particular time: The initial act of penetration which takes place "within the areaDiscipleship2, 446:therefore with those basic happenings which act as life-impulses, and initiates only thoseDiscipleship2, 449:with that which you do, away from that act of doing (which is in reality only an effect of anDiscipleship2, 465:aura of his Ashram and the aura of mine would act as a shield, and that the resources of bothDiscipleship2, 470:difficulty all separate attitudes and who ever act and think in terms of the one humanity and withDiscipleship2, 475:to make during the next twelve months please act with a positive belief in yourself and, withoutDiscipleship2, 479:soul in connection with their personalities. An act of service, wherein you flood the personalitiesDiscipleship2, 508:the mechanics of the work whilst you seek to act as a spiritual reservoir from which they can drawDiscipleship2, 509:This type of meditation constitutes a definite act of service and should - when done in the morningDiscipleship2, 515:the throat center. This can be regarded as an act of breathing in and breathing out and constitutesDiscipleship2, 541:you all the help you will need. But you must act upon these instructions and hold withDiscipleship2, 542:a sustaining mind other than our own. Will you act in that capacity with them? This will require onDiscipleship2, 554:that he comprehends, and must proceed to act upon the comprehended knowledge. That is definitelyDiscipleship2, 554:of fire is again appropriate at this point. Act in the future "as if" there are for you no moreDiscipleship2, 554:the Ashram, which is insulated from glamor, and act "as if" the consciousness of the Ashram wasDiscipleship2, 556:instruction to you I gave you the injunction to act as if the ideal which you have set beforeDiscipleship2, 558:of living energies within you will enable you to act as if you were the soul. This will be aDiscipleship2, 559:am going to ask you to do is in the nature of an act of service. It has little reference toDiscipleship2, 559:Earth. This book, if rightly distributed, can act as a great magnet, drawing people from all overDiscipleship2, 573:and do it with dynamic brevity. A quick rising act of alignment. A moment of poised attention. ThenDiscipleship2, 605:in all) and breathe them back again - by an act of the will - into the centers to which theyDiscipleship2, 615:K.H.'s Ashram and would normally be the one to act in collaboration with you. The situation is,Discipleship2, 641:the OM, retaining its force in the head by an act of the will but without any strain or pressure.Discipleship2, 702:day. I would ask you to do this with a definite act of the will. This triple exercise, carriedDiscipleship2, 712:the power of the creative imagination; you must act "as if"; you must see this energy pouring in,Discipleship2, 748:and at the point in evolution where they can act with potency and greatly help in the task ofDiscipleship2, 749:to register in their consciousness - by an act of the spiritual will - the very existence of thatDiscipleship2, 750:established light can dispel the evil [750] or act as a transmitter of the energy of theDiscipleship2, 762:I have given you since 1933. Ponder on them. Act upon them and then strengthen the Ashram andEducation, 33:of the egoic lotus, being carried forward by an act of the will. Many, too, are in process ofEducation, 81:with the information which will enable him to act as a good citizen and perform the functions of aEducation, 112:with no understanding of the life purposes, who act blindly and ignorantly, prompted by selfishEducation, 116:the race sees its problem with clarity, it will act with wisdom and train with care its ObserversExternalisation, 11:(as it is the brain of the animal) are forced to act as mediums to satisfy the love of sensation orExternalisation, 39:The second task of this group of disciples is to act as a bridge for forces which are seekingExternalisation, 40:task of dispelling the great illusion and can act also as a bridging group so that those who areExternalisation, 41:can nurture the germ of the future culture, act also as bridging units, and externalize certainExternalisation, 45:as effects in the physical body as disease, and act as barriers to the inflow of soul energy andExternalisation, 46:and that is the power to heal. Their ability to act as magnetic healers works out in various ways,Externalisation, 51:by a chain of developed men and women who will act as the intermediaries between the rulingExternalisation, 54:of the world), it will be found that they will act as a clearing house or a linking body betweenExternalisation, 113:do. At all costs, man must learn to stand and act alone. Instead, having done all that wasExternalisation, 118:into activity and progressive unfoldment by an act of His Will. At its inception, there took placeExternalisation, 130:of selflessness, expressed in a willingness to act always in the interests of all, thus promotingExternalisation, 157:the sending forth of the forces contacted by an act of the will in order that they may produce theExternalisation, 170:place in the life of the individual when - by an act of the will - the center at the base of theExternalisation, 171:II - The General World Picture Call to a United Act of Service November 1939 The situation isExternalisation, 173:you accept this premise and this statement, then act upon it. The Spirit of Peace is hovering closeExternalisation, 173:itself and it will be opened by a united act of the will, expressed through some formula of wordsExternalisation, 173:and disciples. The door will not open unless the act of invocation is backed by the focused will.
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