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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACT

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Externalisation, 180:the motive is right. The slaying of a man in the act of killing, the defenceless is not regarded asExternalisation, 217:called neutrality upon earth - a neutrality in act, for there is never neutrality in thought. OneExternalisation, 236:world who think clearly, see the vision truly, act intelligently, and meet force with force, whichExternalisation, 247:above all else at this time - for them you must act. The work of reconstruction lies in the future.Externalisation, 253:conditions exist, there can be drawn forth an act of divine intervention. Natural law is todayExternalisation, 257:that real love which characterized His every act and which would drive them into active, selflessExternalisation, 271:by a sense of responsibility which will act as a protective wall; this will take place, not throughExternalisation, 288:in the Wesak Festival and who are anxious to act as transmitters of the spiritual energy whichExternalisation, 299:They had reached the point where They could act as Transmitters of certain cosmic principles whichExternalisation, 304:Lord of Civilization, the Master R -; He will act as the Coordinator between the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 307:of method, process and results. It is an act of free spiritual cooperation, for the good ofExternalisation, 319:no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor -Externalisation, 351:facilitated by the extreme readiness to act and to respond on the part of Those invoked byExternalisation, 352:- voiced or unvoiced - transmitting it in an act of spiritual intent to Shamballa. Externalisation, 353:and through this focusing to aid in the great act of invocation for which the Christ is at thisExternalisation, 393:servers must now prepare themselves for a great act of service at the time of the May and June FullExternalisation, 399:of the Full Moon gather people together for an act of fusion and of cooperation, thus aidingExternalisation, 400:servers and as a person of goodwill you can act as a mediating factor between humanity and theExternalisation, 407:as the Great White Lodge. From it come those who act as Messengers of the Wisdom of God, CustodiansExternalisation, 408:the work of all World Saviors and Teachers is to act primarily as distributors of divine energy andExternalisation, 438:men of goodwill on Earth. This requires a great Act of Absorption by the Hierarchy. The Buddha willExternalisation, 465:Moon of May. Those who can carry out this great act of invocation are the spiritually minded peopleExternalisation, 466:the spirit of wisdom and understanding, they can act as distributors of that light throughExternalisation, 482:with intensity today and preparing for a great act of spiritual cooperation at the time of the JuneExternalisation, 496:of all true meditation work. It is in this act of tension that the German people failed. This costExternalisation, 525:of certain extra-planetary forces and by an "act of determined direction," emanating from theExternalisation, 525:pressure upon the Hierarchy, and will also act as a great aligning antahkarana between the threeExternalisation, 538:of Love, as far as humanity is concerned. This Act of the Will is carried out by the three Heads ofExternalisation, 538:focus itself each coming Full Moon in a special act or demonstration of love. You will note alsoExternalisation, 539:mankind and whose potency of thought will act magnetically upon aspirants and humanitarians and,Externalisation, 553:there should eventually be someone who will act as Their Representative at the time of the twoExternalisation, 553:every country who can be over-shadowed, and so act as channels for the direct current of energy.Externalisation, 556:I would ask all to think imaginatively and to act as if they were accepted disciples or at least onExternalisation, 566:long way from any germination - of the final act of destruction which will take place when theExternalisation, 587:the three Ashrams and whose work is largely to act as the vanguard of the Hierarchy and precede itExternalisation, 633:books which would carry the new teaching, and act therefore as a selective agent for the discoveryExternalisation, 636:will in humanity - cannot foretell how men will act in times of crisis; the Hierarchy cannotExternalisation, 648:objectives of the Hierarchy in this [648] divine act of massed impression and stimulation areExternalisation, 673:are more prominent at one time than others; they act vitally and energetically in the neededFire, XVI:when you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordingly and abundantly." - Secret DoctrineFire, 60:vitalized by heat. This heat and matter together act as the mother of all that germinates, and asFire, 77:to be the force generated by a human center to act on the exterior world, and the reactionaryFire, 77:is in turn generated from the exterior world to act on him may be called karmic influence and theFire, 79:of its component parts. Other rays of the sun act differently, upon the forms and upon theirFire, 81:Yoga derived from the root Yuj to join means an act of joining. Now as the heart is the greatFire, 91:their organism and focalize them there. They act almost as a burning glass acts. These rays areFire, 93:of influence. (S. D., I, 179.) Man and the devas act on every planet as intermediaries, or asFire, 210:of power, and at the stated seasons, they act as transmitters of electric force from very highFire, 256:Second. Discriminatory capacity. His first act, as we know, was to discriminate or choose theFire, 268:or capacity of the logoic Existence to think, to act, to build, and to evolve in order to developFire, 330:Synthesis. The lower three planes or subplanes act under the Law of Economy primarily; the plane ofFire, 353:bodies. Each of us sways them to our will; we act, and by acting, force cooperation as we see fit.Fire, 413:earlier His day is about to dawn. Second. They act as transmitters of a particular type of force toFire, 472:determined will. Implements for committing the act, such as hands, tongue, etc. The exercise ofFire, 480:owing to the inability of the race as yet to act altruistically. Much misapprehension crept in,Fire, 559:as normal, as safe, and as unconscious as the act of breathing is now. When this is so (and theFire, 567:have accomplished their purpose by a conscious act of the will? Do I make forms which bring karmicFire, 592:in our system. In the fifth round this law will act as the divider, temporarily crystallizing andFire, 715:special work as required by the Great Ones. To act as a dynamo for the immediate group which allFire, 728:etheric bodies and incarnate among men. They act as focal points for the energy of the planetaryFire, 728:other kumaras, or the three Buddhas of Activity, act as similar focal points for the energy whichFire, 734:human and other would cease to be. By an act of will the planetary schemes persist, by an act ofFire, 734:act of will the planetary schemes persist, by an act of will the system is; by an act of the egoicFire, 734:persist, by an act of will the system is; by an act of the egoic will man appears. When the Will ofFire, 746:Creative power. Direction of energy, through an act of the will. Future constructive activity. ByFire, 754:probable happenings will be thrown. The vestures act in a dual capacity: They are very highlyFire, 754:and far-reaching effect when utilized. They act as a focal point for the force of the Lord BuddhaFire, 757:the unfolding of the sixth petal. By an act of conscious will he renders up his body, and standsFire, 758:suitable vehicle, or body. Direct creation by an act of will. This will be rare. The second, orFire, 758:and taken a Russian body in the desire to act as a peace center in that distracted land. CertainFire, 760:evolution itself, the other through a conscious act of the will). Desire for sentient existence isFire, 761:plays in producing appearance through an act of will. Let us briefly, therefore, reconsider what weFire, 767:and will demonstrate through a definite will to act. In connection with the Logos, the first stageFire, 789:of group force. It is predominantly marked by an act of an exterior force, and is lost in theFire, 798:consideration of karma in its relation to the act of reincarnation. As we are well aware, the lawFire, 828:in a new and special sense through the conscious act of the probationary disciple. Much of the workFire, 841:as they express themselves only through the act of physical creation on the physical plane, andFire, 841:they demonstrate on the physical plane in the act of physical creation, yet they are more swayed byFire, 843:Logos to turn His attention away from the act of creation on the systemic mental plane to the workFire, 859:of occult healing; through it the healer (by an act of will), absorbs prana and vitality from theFire, 859:it out again upon the object to be healed by an act of compassionate healing. In connection withFire, 869:of the experience in the Hall of Ignorance. The act of organizing and preparing for unfoldment isFire, 869:that with which man is the most concerned. The act of petal opening is of briefer duration, and isFire, 877:As it involves what is termed "a solar and lunar act of abnegation" it involves, therefore, a dueFire, 877:their vibration synchronized, so that the great act of sacrifice finds them ready [878] for theFire, 889:law of love, and not impelled to the creative act through selfish desire, or uncontrolled activity.Fire, 913:knows nothing as yet. Through this power they act as the protectors of the vegetable plant life,Fire, 922:the second plane, the energy of that plane will act as the head center to the succeeding planes,Fire, 934:etheric builders who, under karma, are forced to act in conjunction with human beings. These areFire, 976:will, therefore, find physical expression in an act of kindness or a physical caress. When the actFire, 976:act of kindness or a physical caress. When the act is over, the caress consummated, the interest ofFire, 986:the Below must be brought together and made to act harmoniously. - S. D., II, 538. Magic is theFire, 988:solar plexus) synthesizing their energy by an act of the will and directing it to the center at theFire, 1002:consolidation. This is brought about by an act of will emanating from the man, and he gives theFire, 1014:particularized idea, and [1014] the greatest act of conscious magic is to be seen. All otherFire, 1103:and wishes of the solar Angel, and should act as the agent for the Triad. The goal for the astralFire, 1144:will inevitably affect its appearance, and act as deflecting or directing agents. The Law of CyclesFire, 1155:body, and having a definite use. This use is to act as transmitters of certain forms of energyFire, 1213:and also the development of the power to act as the transmitter of energies from greater lives thanFire, 1248:the medium of a purified lower nature which can act as a perfect transmitter. He has learnt also
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