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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACT

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Healing, 650:healing. This term applies to the direct act of laying on of hands upon the patient's physicalHealing, 651:the healer may employ both alternately in the act of healing, or he may use the mode of magneticHealing, 651:ajna center, and from thence directed - by an act of the will - to the soul. The healing force isHealing, 652:be aiding the patient by hastening normally the act of dying. The old proverb is basically not trueHealing, 657:unto release," as the Old Commentary calls the act of dying. When it becomes evident that it is theHealing, 658:people are in a coma prior to death. When this act of the withdrawal of consciousness has beenHealing, 661:decision; it must not come as an arbitrary act, or as an escape from life and its consequences uponHealing, 686:in his consciousness and become one great act of living faithful service; he is then at the pointHealing, 691:frustrated form is that which performs the final act), bringing complete liberation. The "LunarHealing, 696:to the second ray (for which all the subrays act as channels) is the one through which the healingHealing, 697:is related to the primary triangle by an "act of deliberation." This is a part of the techniqueHealing, 697:about some definite relation by a deliberate act of faith and by the firm statement of his fixedHealing, 697:fall into three parts, prior to the conscious act of healing: [698] Process One. The healer willHealing, 698:energies, channeling along the line 2-4-6. By an act of the will he will then relate the soulHealing, 698:three. He then, with deliberation, performs the act of linking the two triangles; once this isHealing, 702:both are along the line of 1-3-5-7 or 2-4-6 and act upon that general assumption. To possessHealing, 702:the line of love or of the will, and then to act accordingly. The problem then is whether theHealing, 713:door of the tomb bursts wide open) and in the act of dying, when the imprisoned soul finds release.Hercules, 18:two serpents, again emphasizing duality. In this act he forecast the future in which heHercules, 27:And thus the Labor started and the first great act of service was begun. The story that they tellHercules, 49:a man is led to believe that the physical sex act is his highest point of spiritual opportunity andHercules, 52:and right use of spiritual energy, the soul will act as the controlling factor and the whole bodyHercules, 71:and will say no more. It is for the disciple to act upon the hint as best he may and to follow upHercules, 100:he undertook his labors and which was his first act of service. Through that act he demonstratedHercules, 100:which was his first act of service. Through that act he demonstrated that he was ready for testingHercules, 114:his previous deed of death. For such is life: an act of death, a deed of life, and thus the sons ofHercules, 117:sorrowing and bereft of leadership and love. The act of death; then a deed of love when, at theHercules, 131:the least meritorious; that the worldly wise may act like fools, and fools may stumble uponHercules, 134:artistic beauty of the feminine component should act [135] as a complementary influence. The LibranHercules, 177:myths, Hercules then had to pause and perform an act of service before he could advance uponHercules, 179:a world savior. One remembers that the last act of the Christ on his way to Gethsemane and CalvaryHercules, 188:to love not only those who think as he does and act as he desires. Hercules, 193:they think as they do, understanding why they act in a particular way under a particular condition?Hercules, 200:The work of the intelligent sons of God is to act as transmitters, via the mind, of [201] spiritualHercules, 219:down and worshipped it, thus reverting in this act to ancient forms and sacrifices. Their sinInitiationwhen you believed of your consciousness, then to act accordingly and abundantly." - SecretInitiation, 1:the inadequacy of the personality of the writer act as a deterrent to the open-minded considerationInitiation, 15:necessitates the aid of a Master, a definite act of initiation is performed, which (acting on aInitiation, 23:To transmit the Will of the Planetary Logos They act as the transmitter to men and devas or angels,Initiation, 23:cannot be trusted to work, think, plan, and act for the group. Man is as yet too selfish, but thereInitiation, 111:centers of the sponsors, being transmitted by an act of will to the initiate. Enough has been saidInitiation, 128:of power, and at the stated seasons, they act as transmitters of electric force from very highInitiation, 133:They receive it in turn, and circulate it by act of will through their hearts, thus passing it toInitiation, 133:passing it to the Sponsors. They again, by an act of will, prepare to transmit it to that center inInitiation, 151:forms out of their own substance. Third. They act as a stabilizing factor, and as long as the forceInitiation, 219:of moral action, or the moral effect of an act committed for the attainment of something whichInitiation, 221:body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of will for use in the three worlds. It has noIntellect, 8:- both active and passive. Active thinking is an act of the will; passive thinking is anIntellect, 40:forth by the urgency of the quest and by the act of his will. This soul is always latent in theIntellect, 45:the subjective and objective realms. They will act as the pioneers of the New Age, when men will beIntellect, 86:unbiased seekers. According to Plotinus, the act of contemplation which essentially constitutes theIntellect, 87:to the world of the soul, and its capacity to act as an intermediary between the soul and theIntellect, 99:as follows: [99] Concentration. This is the act of concentrating the mind, learning to focus it andIntellect, 101:for impressions of all kinds, upon which we act, or to which we refuse admission if we do not likeIntellect, 104:but also the world of souls. Its function is to act as an intermediary between the soul and theIntellect, 108:recollecting his thought. Therefore, an act of prolonged concentration gives opportunity for theIntellect, 108:concentration gives opportunity for the mind to act upon whatever object lies within theIntellect, 109:and the mind is, therefore, left free to act in its own right. The result is a clarity of thoughtIntellect, 132:Underhill defines this faculty as follows: "The act of perfect concentration, the passionateIntellect, 136:until thou art drawn out of thyself without any act of thine'." - Bennett, Charles A., AIntellect, 139:century puts it most beautifully. He says: "This act (contemplation) is also more perfect thanIntellect, 139:in reasoning the soul speaks, whilst in this act it enjoys. Reasoning... convinces the soul by itsIntellect, 141:and contemplation together as a synthetic act. The knowers in both the East and the West thinkIntellect, 150:as aberrations..." But he says "these men do not act after the manner of men suffering from anIntellect, 162:interposed intermediary; it is the only act by which the knowing faculty models itself, not on anIntellect, 165:in contemplation, equipped themselves to act as interpreters of the Universal Mind and asIntellect, 187:the will as well as the intellect. It is an act of intuition born of the will... The BuddhaIntellect, 190:the object on which his thought dwells, the act of meditation itself, make but one thing..." -Intellect, 205:merges into meditation (which is the act of prolonged concentration) the imposition of the will ofIntellect, 220:the nervous reactions. Meditation is an interior act, and can only be performed successfully whenIntellect, 228:mechanism can be controlled. Then a definite act of concentration, calling in the will. ThisIntellect, 231:cannot play up to the Ego and continue long to act the part before men. The end of that is diseaseIntellect, 237:step upon the way to meditation, which is the act of prolonged concentration. The outline will helpIntellect, 238:its quality and aspect can be omitted, and the act of concentration, having become (throughIntellect, 239:and highly developed minds, and fine brains (to act as sensitive recorders of the higherIntellect, 252:destruction who do not see as they do, or do not act as they feel they should, placing them outsideMagic, 30:man, manifesting as the will to live, to be, to act, to pursue, to evolve. In its lowest aspectMagic, 68:is only to do the right thing; the intent is to act in the highest possible way and to take thatMagic, 90:Dominion over all forms, and the power to act as transmitters of that spiritual energy we call loveMagic, 90:enable a man to live ever at the center, but to act as a distributor of divine energy in anyMagic, 103:for the love aspect of the soul. Harmlessness in act. This will produce poise, skill in action andMagic, 108:all three in the head at will. Then, by the act of the will and the knowledge of certain words ofMagic, 112:recognizes the other acting as he himself would act. But when (added to the egoic similarity ofMagic, 114:by the punishment that follows an ill-judged act. Their superiors stand by to turn to good accountMagic, 151:paralleling activity of breathing. Then by an act of the will, resulting in a "breathing forth",Magic, 151:on the plane of soul life, and then again by an act of his will, he breathes forth his spiritualMagic, 164:so will his creation fulfil his intention and act as his agent. Just so long as he can focus hisMagic, 169:and controls his thoughts so that no overt act, unnecessary word or unkind [170] thought will breakMagic, 174:It is necessary that they should be enabled to act accurately and adequately as transmitters andMagic, 176:vision. It is necessary for those who want to act as true transmitters and intermediaries betweenMagic, 177:[177] aspirant or chela. Some have brains that act telepathically as transmitters. I deal withMagic, 186:consciousness which would hinder usefulness and act as obstacles. These conditions are likewiseMagic, 192:center, the ultimate governing factor, and by an act of the will of the indwelling ruling soul,Magic, 206:of the Will, must the disciple in incarnation act as the agent of his soul in the three worlds. 6.Magic, 214:animals by a look, and through steady gazing can act magnetically. Force flows through the focusedMagic, 216:and swept into right and specific activity by an act of the will. In the above sentence I haveMagic, 225:plane is that whereon the pairs of opposites act and interact, and whereon the pull of the greatMagic, 246:or focused in his form aspect, - each act of focused attention being brought about through aMagic, 246:out of the body" is a matter of no moment. The act of service to be rendered will determine theMagic, 251:the work to be done. This is not a sequential act, but the finished completed work of magic is
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