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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACT

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Psychology2, 66:Agent in the head, deliberately and by an act of the will, raises the accumulated energies at thePsychology2, 89:His idea and purpose to appear. The creative act then took place, and the process of manifestationPsychology2, 90:no reason for the choice made by Deity thus to act. We do not know His ultimate purpose or plan;Psychology2, 112:Then, under obedience to this law, humanity will act as a transmitter of light, energy andPsychology2, 121:in order ourselves to be comfortable again. The act of thus helping releases us from our misery,Psychology2, 149:forget that unless there is a thread of light to act as [150] a channel, that which this law canPsychology2, 151:that unless there is a thread of light to act as a channel, that which this law conveys will remainPsychology2, 180:as a group and attempt a world task. They can act as an intermediate group between the world of menPsychology2, 189:those channels of communication which will act as the mediators between the world of light and thePsychology2, 190:eventually be carried forward by groups which act as the intermediaries between the plane ofPsychology2, 190:patients. 4. Other groups of communicators will act as transmitters of two aspects of divinePsychology2, 190:ray in their constitution. Their work is to act as channels of communication between the departmentPsychology2, 191:development of etheric vision. These groups will act as channels of communication or intermediariesPsychology2, 192:of men so that alignment can take place. They act primarily as channels of communication betweenPsychology2, 213:enabled a new kingdom to emerge. A creative act is ever the result of inspiration being seizedPsychology2, 213:thing is thus produced. The instinctive creative act of the physical body is not here discussed. InPsychology2, 221:planetary and systemic. It is the result of an act of the will, and is caused by the impulsion ofPsychology2, 234:forces which I have written are intended to act as sign posts, and as beacon lights upon the way toPsychology2, 283:divine impulsion and human aspiration, and both act equally under: The Law of Karma. The Law ofPsychology2, 284:to our solar system at all, except through an act of appropriation, performed by our planetaryPsychology2, 285:or divine movement. [285] The impulse to act, to be energetic, under the Law of Economy. The energyPsychology2, 310:animal kingdom. In this process, human beings act as the agents of discipline (as the Hierarchy inPsychology2, 330:the taking of a dense physical body which will act either as a complete prison for the soul or as aPsychology2, 333:in the three worlds impossible, except as an act of the spiritual will. The significance of thePsychology2, 354:with civilizations and who can be trusted to act as agents of destruction under the Plan. It isPsychology2, 374:other minds; he welcomes all dreams if they can act as incentives to his fellow men. He shares inPsychology2, 384:at the base of the spine. It is awakened by an act of the will, which really means by the mind,Psychology2, 395:points of force and focal points of energy which act as power and light stations within that WholePsychology2, 428:innate in that imaginative creature, man, to act "as if", holds the solution to the problem. By thePsychology2, 448:which has made marriage, and the consummating act of marriage, the great mystical symbol of thePsychology2, 528:spiritual will. This is the final raising, by an act of discriminating determination, of thePsychology2, 612:They will "know what is in man" and can then act wisely and work constructively. They will be ablePsychology2, 619:carried forward as a whole and is not the act of one individual or a small handful of individualsPsychology2, 644:They will endeavor to speak no word and do no act which can separate and breed dislike. These arePsychology2, 646:for a repetition upon a far larger scale of the "act of appeal" which took place on May 6th, 1936.Psychology2, 652:and the ability of the disciples of the world to act in unison, and so to influence public opinionPsychology2, 669:race to swing back to a point of equilibrium. To act as the interpreters of the new attitudes andPsychology2, 685:spiritual forces are banded together to act as a group channel of service on the day of the WesakPsychology2, 686:world and for the New Group of World Servers to act as the medium of transmission and communicationPsychology2, 686:given the opportunity to focus in their turn and act as a channel of transmission. We have also thePsychology2, 687:following and preceding it, work and think and act in group formation, and function as a silentPsychology2, 696:Then, under obedience to this law, humanity will act as a transmitter of light, energy andPsychology2, 703:is the achieved success of the soul to move and act, and manifest with freedom in the three worlds,Rays, 76:destruction could have been brought about by an act of God, such as a great natural catastrophe orRays, 89:in the Christ, seeks to express itself in some act of peculiarly useful service to humanity. ThisRays, 89:to mankind, and seals this service by some final act which becomes the historical nucleus wherebyRays, 89:both to Shamballa. This He does through a great act of evocation, seeking to bring about a closerRays, 91:nature of the work of Christ, after His final act of service as God-Savior, can they understand theRays, 136:and its Members are [136] ready for a great "act of evocation," of response to the invoking soundRays, 136:and of a definite (though relatively temporary) "act of orientation." This will force theRays, 137:approach to reality terminates, and he begins to act with his group where all activity isRays, 153:the fitting of himself, as a personality, to act as the instrument of the soul and later of theRays, 163:with the life aspect, are set in motion by an act of the spiritual will, and constitute theRays, 195:the nature of opposing forces and energies which act as inhibitory factors to the aspirant as heRays, 223:blow has to be struck also from without, by an act of the united will; this corresponds to theRays, 233:me ask you to take them in all simplicity and act upon them. To receive and transmit illuminationRays, 233:there is no vision, the people perish." To act as an intermediate group between the Hierarchy andRays, 267:is no longer a part of Their consciousness; They act as advisors to Sanat Kumara where His initialRays, 268:had run a long course) brought about the act of individualization and thus brought the humanRays, 268:Buddhas of Activity are responsible for: The Act of Individualization. The work of the particularRays, 268:from two constellations: Cancer and Gemini. The Act of Initiation. I would call your attention toRays, 268:I would call your attention to the word act; I am not here referring to process. His work onlyRays, 269:the constellations Capricorn and Aquarius. The Act of Identification. This involves what has beenRays, 316:body, the Temple of the Lord, is destroyed by an act of the will and because even the soul isRays, 334:is for the Members of the Hierarchy an act of sacrificial service, but it is also a symbolicRays, 395:are the agents of His will. Through them He must act, and they thereby limit necessarily the visionRays, 398:or Planetary Saviors or Spiritual Regents; They act at the request of Sanat Kumara, given on higherRays, 408:offered to function as a planetary Logos, by an act of sacrifice which confines Them indefinitelyRays, 411:- via the three Buddhas of Activity, to act in order to tighten up on requirements, to make theRays, 432:of ordinary living, thus enabling the mind to act as the "common sense." The soul, and thusRays, 443:This enables him at the very beginning to act as if he were capable of thus creating; then, whenRays, 451:of the egoic Lotus, being carried forward by an act of the will. Advanced humanity is in process ofRays, 480:of group force. It is predominantly marked by an act of an exterior force, and is lost in theRays, 487:to buddhic or intuitional impression and an act of the creative imagination. A process of energyRays, 508:their fused or blended potency must perform the act of projection. The energy of the Monad can beRays, 509:towards its [509] working agent and it is not an act of projection per se. The act of projection isRays, 509:and it is not an act of projection per se. The act of projection is the work of the "shadow and theRays, 512:Triad, which that intention, propelled by an act of will from a point of tension has evoked.Rays, 514:In the completed silence which results, the act of projecting the antahkarana is performed, [515]Rays, 520:in manifestation and in time and space to act and react in conformity to His Will. He thus enablesRays, 567:or Power. This dynamic electric energy has to act in a new and different sense if the four higherRays, 655:form a protecting wall around the Christ, and act as liaison officers between Their great LeaderRays, 669:thereby transforming the physical creative act into the creative process of producing the good,Rays, 681:is the Zionists who have perpetrated the major act of aggression since the formation of the UnitedRays, 696:of the fourth kingdom. First of all, this great act of renunciation marks the moment when theRays, 705:human form, doing so instantaneously and by an act of the will, when required. The majority of theRays, 710:the antahkarana. Even that has meant for him an act of faith, and he proceeds in the early stagesRays, 726:the Major Initiations It might be said that They act like a lens through which the living lightRays, 732:Lodge to subjective levels, their first great act of distortion was to implant in human beingsReappearance, 6:God; Christ is believed by countless millions to act as the divine mediator between humanity andReappearance, 7:are therefore divine Intermediaries. They can act in this fashion because They [8] have completelyReappearance, 9:such a specific principle or quality They can act as channels for its transmission from the centerReappearance, 22:bring Him forth. Those who carry out this great act of invocation are the spiritually mindedReappearance, 75:His energy is directed, but the Christ will act and serve as the channel for His directed potency.Reappearance, 89:all such forms - great or small - use energy and act as distributors of energy is a well-known andReappearance, 148:as the Great White Lodge. From it come those who act as Messengers of the Wisdom of God, CustodiansSoul, 16:waiting for it to rise and reveal the next act, in which humanity can participate intelligently. ItSoul, 19:of cells, manufacture special substances, which act upon the other cells of the body, and so startSoul, 35:outputs of energy cooperating in the complete act or behavior of the organism." - Leary, Daniel B.,Soul, 49:there is more than instinct. There is an act of volition, a display of will. Admitting that without
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