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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACT

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Soul, 51:denied. The best a man can do is so to act that he is happy and, also, to shoulder theSoul, 89:secret communications by means of which they may act on one another. The part where theSoul, 136:a man thinketh, so is he." Contemplation is the act of the soul in its own realm as it looks outSoul, 136:the fifth or spiritual kingdom in nature. This act is followed by the pouring down into the brainTelepathy, 10:When these streams are adequately strong, they act like a boomerang and return to the emanatingTelepathy, 27:force of the vital body. This energy, by an act of the will and under the pressure of the magneticTelepathy, 28:mental levels of consciousness. By a definite act of the will you lift your consciousness onto theTelepathy, 43:Who are chosen by Him at any specific time to act as recipients. These are the major enteringTelepathy, 44:of divine Contemplatives who are trained to act as an intermediate receptive group betweenTelepathy, 53:an invocative agent and produces evocation. All act as recipients and as transmitters, and all ofTelepathy, 69:"repudiate" as it is occultly called, and They act ever in response to a Law of Imminence or ofTelepathy, 71:that we call it the hierarchical Plan and can act upon it. Only when the initiate has attained,Telepathy, 93:of resultant invocation. It is an invocative act, an invocative way of living, which will find itsTelepathy, 119:available to those Masters of the Wisdom Who can act as the "impressing Agents of Sanat Kumara'sTelepathy, 122:must find those to whom he can personally act as an impressing agent. He has consequently to studyTelepathy, 128:will make it possible for humanity eventually to act as the major impressing agent in relation to
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