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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTED

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Astrology, 246:fruitful of result if interpreted correctly and acted upon from right motive, in group formationAstrology, 599:by the soul to the personality and then acted upon in conformity to the divine will by theAtom, 38:follows: "I do not believe that matter is inert, acted upon by an outside force. To me it seemsAutobiography, 14:used to quarrel. Also, I have definitely acted as an intermediary in the sense that certainAutobiography, 78:two of the men I was with when they were dying acted differently. One, in Lucknow, died cursing GodAutobiography, 83:of formalism in me. This old bearer looked and acted like a saint and probably was a disciple.Autobiography, 184:I am not at all sure that I reacted well or acted wisely and it is perhaps simply my good luck thatAutobiography, 207:and found it often coincided with hers. I acted as a safety-valve. She knew she could tell meBethlehem, 56:warranted an expression of divinity. So God acted. Dean Inge, when writing upon the works ofDiscipleship1, 603:has it been clearly understood by me? Have I acted simply and sanely and with wise direction? [604]Discipleship2, 557:What, in your life, would happen if you really acted as if the soul were sounding the 0M? If youDiscipleship2, 557:mechanism or personality demonstrate if you acted as if you were anchored in the Ashram and notExternalisation, 121:upon the earth as the priest-kings and they acted as focal points of attractive energy, drawing toExternalisation, 297:mention only four who so lived and thought and acted that they conditioned after events in someExternalisation, 564:- in which the three Leaders have unitedly acted as a Triangle of transmission between the CouncilFire, 85:miniature of the essential duality of all things acted upon by Fohat. [86] There is a closeFire, 159:is liberated from the sheath which has hitherto acted as a prison; and he can escape from anFire, 434:is not by chance. His was the power that acted via certain schemes, chains, and globes, andFire, 674:- dense, liquid, and gaseous - and each is acted upon directly from the corresponding cosmic plane.Fire, 936:three kingdoms. The etheric deva substance is acted upon in two ways: It is awakened into aFire, 1048:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The Monad, acted upon by the Heavenly Man, intelligently forms hisFire, 1210:are not included in the list of hierarchies, are acted upon by the sixth and seventh groups and byHealing, 74:vehicles of the soul and of the personality have acted as "doors of entrance." Incidentally, inMagic, 29:is a truism and an occult platitude but when acted upon leads to a revelation which makes theMagic, 157:creating agency, of response from the material acted upon by the force generated in meditation,Magic, 410:personal right to know. These latter groups have acted largely under the influence of the sixth andMagic, 451:is a truism and an occult platitude, but when acted upon leads to a revelation which makes theMagic, 478:the thought-forms thus energized and expedited acted inevitably like a boomerang, and returned toMagic, 537:have illumined the way of humanity and have acted like searchlights, thrown out into the greatMagic, 627:based on fear have (because man is divine) acted as a tremendous stimulation of his entire nature,Meditation, 140:elucidate. These things, if duly assimilated and acted upon, will lead to further enlightenment. InMeditation, 336:In the old days the Rod of Initiation acted actually as a conductor of this force to the centers ofPatanjali, 218:body had no independent existence but simply acted as it was swayed and motivated by the ethericProblems, 73:which we have to contend. The war has, however, acted like a purge. It has opened the eyes of menPsychology2, 148:condition. This angel acts in love, and has so acted down the ages, for that state of realizationPsychology2, 598:have made were accepted as valid hypotheses and acted upon. The result would open the door to a newRays, 30:or in any of the expedients which have acted in the past as interceptors of the truth. This wholeRays, 196:top to the bottom." This He could do because He acted as the World Savior, outside and independentRays, 597:principle. In this connection, the mind has acted as an organizer of astral reaction and as a [598]Rays, 647:manifestation made possible. Shamballa having acted in this manner, it is nevertheless theSoul, 49:of the consequences. The object attacked acted like a red rag waved at a bull - it had stimulated aTelepathy, 17:area from which the information was sent out acted as a large general distributor; the area which
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