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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTING

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Astrology, 244:and is the source of the intelligent mind, acting either through desire (in the early stages) orAstrology, 508:interesting triangle with Venus behind the scene acting as the impelling soul acts towards aAstrology, 642:535) "The planets were not inanimate masses but acting and living bodies." "The planets wereAutobiography, 188:a very broad one. All this time Foster was acting as secretary to the Theosophical ofBethlehem, 202:orthodox sense of the term. To St. James, sin is acting against knowledge, and he says "To him thatBethlehem, 202:animals are regarded as free from sin, and men acting in equal ignorance should likewise be soDestiny, 5:numbers of first ray egos are also to be found acting as focal points for certain first ray forces.Destiny, 53:peace and live up to her motto, "I serve," by acting as an interpreter. [54] Discipleship1, 131:and adequate reason (not feeling emotion) for so acting. Will you remember this as you work in myDiscipleship1, 239:with my [239] instructions, then discontinue acting upon the instructions which have been going toDiscipleship1, 275:power to harmonize and to avert conflict, thus acting as a calm center in the whirlpool of activityDiscipleship1, 321:at present; it must be the lesson of selfless acting upon the physical plane. Go forward with theDiscipleship1, 520:that you act upon it and wait for the results, acting with the intelligence which outstandingly isDiscipleship1, 573:absorbed into its beams. Then imagine yourself acting as a lens or transmission point through whichDiscipleship1, 632:the faculty of regarding facts clearly and then acting upon what you discover or deduce. YourDiscipleship1, 653:unhappy, who is anxious or not anxious, who is acting wisely or learning frightfully drasticDiscipleship2, 46:If only more disciples would learn the value of acting "as if." There is no time for any of you toDiscipleship2, 137:has to be brought about on Earth by disciples, acting under instructions such as I now give you andDiscipleship2, 195:first creation of the soul-infused personality acting as a unitary being - is far simpler than thatDiscipleship2, 287:himself to stay for as long as may be needed, "acting as the Sun and light of the planet until theDiscipleship2, 519:by the focused intention of the Great Council, acting under the directing eye of the Lord of theDiscipleship2, 554:Therefore, simplify your remaining years by ever acting "as if." Through this living process youExternalisation, 10:and his positivity, and militates against his acting as a free intelligent human being. The man isExternalisation, 10:a free intelligent human being. The man is not acting in these cases as a channel for his own soul,Externalisation, 96:minds of the individuals - intuitional and acting as a cohesive element and a fusing factor betweenExternalisation, 179:will-to-good, the men and women of goodwill, acting under the inspiration of the New Group of WorldExternalisation, 193:life and the outer civilized and cultural way of acting; this is a definite possibility becauseExternalisation, 231:in other lands; it will come when the forces acting through the medium of a band ofExternalisation, 446:stands - no longer watching and waiting, but acting today with impelling wisdom and fixed decisionExternalisation, 464:of Love, presenting the demand of humanity and acting as the distributing Agent for the Forces ofExternalisation, 487:steadily oriented towards world salvation, and acting ever under the direction of that great divineExternalisation, 505:Externalization The Master Morya is at this time acting as the inspirer of the great nationalExternalisation, 508:to the possible. [508] He might be regarded as acting as the General Manager for the carrying outExternalisation, 584:he regards it as an activity of his own mind acting as a directing agent in all the plannedExternalisation, 685:under her own name to the public (in so doing acting under my instructions). For the first time inFire, 104:angle of providing a physical ring-pass-not, and acting as a separator between the physical and theFire, 247:its objective form. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon its subjective life. The united effect of theFire, 249:form, or pranic response. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon his subjective life. This emanates fromFire, 254:planetary radiation. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon His subjective life. This radiation emanatesFire, 258:to other constellations. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon His subjective Life, and emanating fromFire, 353:of us sways them to our will; we act, and by acting, force cooperation as we see fit. The LogosFire, 441:Earth. The fourth and the seventh interact, one acting temporarily as a negative force and theFire, 701:with their life the prepared forms, were acting under Law, and their opposition to incarnation inFire, 708:particular ones of the fivefold Dhyanis Who are acting upon it and Who form it out of Their ownFire, 882:enterprises in which our planetary Logos is acting as an intelligent cooperator. Thus is brought inFire, 892:substance by the aid of living manipulators, acting under the direction of intelligent architects.Fire, 906:with seventh ray (which is temporarily acting as the synthesis of the five types of energy overFire, 924:in all manifestation, is the result of desire, acting upon the creative faculties and producingFire, 976:find its way into the form, then it can be seen acting independently, for the individual Ego of theGlamour, 6:to destroy, when prompted by group love and acting under the Will or first ray aspect. DestroyersGlamour, 6:ray aspect. Destroyers have to learn to build, acting ever under the impulse of group love andGlamour, 42:be struck by the New Group of World Servers, acting under the direction of Christ and HisGlamour, 145:the individual or the race or nation which is acting under the influence of glamor to call in theGlamour, 231:that is what all symbols and symbolic ways of acting are capable of doing; they thus serve to keepHealing, 154:through the throat center, with the ajna center acting as the agent of all three. Then will takeHealing, 201:by the intelligent, integrated personality, acting under the conscious direction of the soul. IHealing, 208:and the corresponding endocrine glands, and acting as the agent for the distribution of energy, isHealing, 212:pure life [212] of Christ in every day life, and acting as consecrated servers of their fellowmenHealing, 366:sense of futility. Beyond these three classes, acting as the opposite pole to the strugglingHealing, 477:[477] body awaits the final "tug" from the soul, acting under the Law of Attraction. 5. The ethericHealing, 517:the jewel in the lotus, are no longer acting [518] as veils to that jewel. I am here speakingHealing, 615:the Christ; Christianity has presented Him as acting as the intermediary between an angry God and aHealing, 615:between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, acting in this capacity once a year; the Hierarchy itself isHealing, 701:work, let him confine himself to the task of acting as a channel for the energy of love to theHercules, 29:form meet in Hercules, the personal self, who, acting under the influence of the soul, theHercules, 35:sign is Mars, the god of war, and so Hercules, acting under the right direction of thought andHercules, 147:These illusory shapes perplex and frighten them, acting as shackles on their feet and a millstoneHercules, 189:rarefied the forms through which the life is acting, the more rapid the reaction. That is why weInitiation, 15:definite act of initiation is performed, which (acting on a particular center) produces a result onInitiation, 57:with the Christ, thus saving him much and acting as his intermediary wherever possible. No one soInitiation, 98:initiation, by means of the Rod of Initiation (acting as a subsidiary transmitter and as a powerfulIntellect, 30:posits an alive and functioning creator, acting with intention and utilizing the creativeIntellect, 52:may see." Thirdly: When the life of the soul, acting under the Law of Rebirth, has brought theIntellect, 57:form constituted of etheric matter, and acting as a conductor of the life principle of energy, orIntellect, 60:the mind, feeling through the emotions, and acting consciously. As this consciousness stabilizesIntellect, 105:which is in its turn impressed by the mind, acting as the agent for the Thinker, in order to conveyIntellect, 178:of the form nature, and which constitutes the acting personality in the physical world. This can beMagic, 54:constant review of the life.[54] Secondly, I am acting upon the assumption that all have lived longMagic, 99:and with harmful results. Later when acting under the influence of the soul, force is rightly andMagic, 112:in each other, for each recognizes the other acting as he himself would act. But when (added to theMagic, 185:in his sphere, and when he is molding and acting upon the minds and hearts of other men. Until thatMagic, 202:place in an environment of a similar nature. Acting as the positive nucleus in these energy bodies,Magic, 216:focused attention of the soul in contemplation acting through the head center, focused in theMagic, 235:and constructive desire of the white magician, acting under the instruction of his own soul andMagic, 268:instead of remaining detached from it, and acting solely as the directing agents. Learn to work onMagic, 278:let him study the pattern and the blue prints, acting as the agent of the Divine Mind. Let him useMagic, 282:of the cells to the call of other cells, acting under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. It isMagic, 292:Emanating from: The physical Sun. The Sun, acting as a transmitter of cosmic Rays. [293] Magic, 415:forward through the medium of this equipment, acting under the direction of the soul. They areMagic, 434:mark upon every form in every kingdom in nature, acting as a retrograding or a stimulating force.Meditation, 62:and in a still louder tone the final time, acting then upon the physical vehicle. The effect uponMeditation, 102:undesirable character, or be a vivifying factor, acting as a [103] stimulating and awakening agent.Meditation, 140:follows the point emphasized, and finds on thus acting that further light pours in, another stageMeditation, 186:think, wield or manipulate mental matter, and, acting as a stimulant to the causal body, fit itMeditation, 192:and personal, - if I might so express it - or acting directly in a stimulating sense on the centersPatanjali, 189:about force emanations from the human being, or acting upon the human mechanism, that what may bePatanjali, 316:of that knowledge which Patanjali deals with. By acting upon this knowledge and by conforming toPatanjali, 391:of actions grows by means of causing pain to, or acting kindly towards others." It becomes apparentPatanjali, 392:to hold him to the form side of manifestation. Acting as he does from the standpoint ofProblems, 16:trends, to renounce the old ways of thinking and acting if humanity is not to descend to greater
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