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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTING

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Problems, 33:not inculcated those methods of thinking and acting which will lead to right human relations -Psychology1, 53:it is nevertheless one Soul that is functioning, acting through vehicles of varying capacities, ofPsychology1, 127:ray has its subsidiary rays which it dominates, acting as the synthetic ray. These seven rays arePsychology1, 386:and so live up to the motto, "I serve," by acting as a mediator. A careful analysis of the idealismPsychology2, 348:duties and purposes. These, when combined and acting in unison, we regard as constituting a livingPsychology2, 350:stand at this time upon that Path, and are acting, feeling and thinking simultaneously, making ofPsychology2, 363:and the three lower kingdoms of nature, thus acting as a clearing house for divine energy. ThePsychology2, 434:listed as follows: The outer response apparatus, acting under impulses received from the outerPsychology2, 434:direction. The endocrine or glandular system, acting under impulses entering the physical body viaPsychology2, 557:the star part; he is always conscious of his acting and of the reactions to that acting. When manPsychology2, 557:of his acting and of the reactions to that acting. When man was little more than an animal, when hePsychology2, 557:of his universe - living, loving, planning, acting, conscious of his audience and his [558]Psychology2, 686:three Masters on Their particular Ray who are acting as the ray intermediaries. The service is newRays, 119:this the dual activity of the mind is a symbol, acting as it does as the common sense and soRays, 183:by the life of God. The work of the initiate, acting under hierarchical inspiration, is to changeRays, 245:is created and brought into being by humanity, acting as the medium for ideas from the superhumanRays, 298:all creation. This he does, first of all, by acting like a clear sheet of glass through which allRays, 432:applied, becomes wisdom. The Spiritual Triad, acting as the intermediary between the Monad and theRays, 509:of the personality, then the self becomes the acting agent, aided by the ray of the lower self. TheRays, 573:needed "reforming." Soul-infused personalities, acting under this ray influence, will create theRays, 649:in its third and destructive aspect which is acting upon certain members of the human family andRays, 726:possible, and They also fulfil the need of acting as a protecting factor. This protection is neededRays, 742:and spiritual workers of the world are not acting in full concert with the Hierarchy. They areReappearance, 64:of Him and of His work. It is the living, acting, thinking Christ with whom we must deal,Soul, 38:group, whose duty is to contribute fluids which, acting in concert with each other, control andSoul, 69:form constituted of etheric matter and acting as a conductor of the life principle of energy, orSoul, 70:can now take control, and, through the mind, acting on the vital or etheric body and having itsSoul, 75:Egyptians held the soul was a divine ray, [75] acting through a peculiar, fluid-like compound,Soul, 104:by the Purusha (Spirit aspect - A.A.B.) and acting on matter." "All the energy of animals isTelepathy, 13:telepathy which is shown by a flight of birds, acting as a unit, or that animal telepathy whichTelepathy, 17:apparatus of the solar plexus received it (acting like a magnet) and drew the "feeling impression"Telepathy, 85:of trained invocatives made the mind a positive acting factor and tuned out all tendency to
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