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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTION

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Discipleship2, 558:upon the physical plane and the needed action has been taken, two possibilities are presented,Discipleship2, 566:Ashrams deal with the ray qualities in action and in service, whilst the major or senior AshramsDiscipleship2, 566:senior Ashrams concern in all cases the will in action through the ray qualities. This is possibleDiscipleship2, 566:picture: Sight - Vision - Illumination. Action - Plan - Purpose. Self-will - Goodwill -Discipleship2, 567:is here that you must seek to learn the direct action of the will of the soul as you face theDiscipleship2, 571:a way of escape from direct and practical action on behalf of humanity. They employ a forcedDiscipleship2, 582:which comes from understanding as the result of action. Once this fact is grasped, you can begin toDiscipleship2, 585:I am asking is an intensification of present action. I have therefore nothing spectacular orDiscipleship2, 593:are blended with love, wisdom and skill in action and speech. My strength is yours, and theDiscipleship2, 601:sees clearly, he can then take intelligent action. You have not really liked my reference to racialDiscipleship2, 632:and his Master, these stages are concerned with action and with the results of his expandingDiscipleship2, 633:of its activities; he knows that here are action, contacts and relationships - within the ashramicDiscipleship2, 637:planes, and they then present opportunity for action, but mostly for action connected with theDiscipleship2, 637:present opportunity for action, but mostly for action connected with the personality; or they canDiscipleship2, 657:brought about an exoteric interlude in spiritual action on earth. It is also causing (and this mustDiscipleship2, 736:and indecision, arriving apparently at no action. They are lives of apparent futility butDiscipleship2, 736:indecision ends and the soul begins to determine action; karma then comes under the processes ofDiscipleship2, 753:is probably true, but with the results of right action (carried wisely and not fanatically forward)Discipleship2, 754:steady practice (with belief, plus skill in action) may cause almost dramatic changes in your life.Discipleship2, 759:and mind; he must understand what motivates his action. When also there is a karmic tie as well asEducation, 45:and Culture In the field of education united action is essential. Surely a basic unity ofEducation, 53:unfolded, and the Buddha accelerated the rapid action of this happening. Now the love petals of theEducation, 53:of this occurrence being the result of Christ's action. Can you understand the significance of whatEducation, 62:not as events or circumstances but as energy in action; by this means he learns to find his wayEducation, 109:(in its later stages) responsibility and right action. We shall consider, on broad lines, theEducation, 110:of the plans and ideas controlling hierarchical action I will seek to lay before you, leaving themEducation, 123:spiritual values, evoking in its turn reciprocal action from Those Who are the citizens of thatEducation, 149:will emerge as a result of the purificatory action of the World War. There are steps which humanityExternalisation, 5:but only differ over problems of "skill in action") over the present world condition. Some believeExternalisation, 20:or produce misunderstanding, and which does no action which could hurt the least of his brethren -Externalisation, 54:necessarily dependent upon the "skill in action" and the willingness of the group members andExternalisation, 55:much need for caution and considered action. I have already indicated to you the form that theExternalisation, 61:the world disciples (of pure motive and skill in action and tried responsibility) that which isExternalisation, 78:does his share of understanding, love and right action. This he does not yet do, speaking racially.Externalisation, 97:realize the urgency and the need for immediate action which is demanded at this time. There are twoExternalisation, 113:will do. It can and does stimulate to right action; it can and does indicate possibility andExternalisation, 117:the first steps taken in initiating any line of action, pondering upon and deducing the probableExternalisation, 118:and thus the great Law of Duality came into action, bringing about the "fall of the angels," asExternalisation, 129:people to a particular line of thought and of action. To make the world safe for democracy, to gainExternalisation, 135:is for humanity itself to do. Humanity must take action and will do so, when the right time comes.Externalisation, 138:and unavoidable changes in human thought and action. This must be consciously offset. It has notExternalisation, 140:we could do served to arouse them to powerful action or to sacrifice personal temporary values toExternalisation, 147:of developing human will and human freedom of action, motivated by group consciousness, theExternalisation, 161:Messenger of Peace to lead the nations to right action; perhaps some happening will take place ofExternalisation, 165:a spirit of invocation which is basically an action, producing reaction. This demonstrates as theExternalisation, 173:all men have been separative in both thought and action; all have been and many still areExternalisation, 177:involved are preparing for some form of action and for defence - defence against the dictatorExternalisation, 178:other, fighting to preserve its own liberty of action, the preservation of its integrity, the rightExternalisation, 178:goodwill to take their stand on the side of such action as would release humanity through theExternalisation, 180:motive is wrong. It can be sacrifice and right action, where the motive is right. The slaying of aExternalisation, 185:Even idealistic America can only be aroused into action by an appeal to her self-interest andExternalisation, 195:recognition of mistakes, by sorrow for wrong action in the past, and by restitution, if possible.Externalisation, 203:being precipitated by Germany into the arena of action; they are evoking enquiry everywhere; theExternalisation, 207:and lays the foundation of right corporate action. These are the basic beliefs of the men and womenExternalisation, 207:and provide the incentive to all service and action. These three practical and scientific truthsExternalisation, 208:and ruin. The great need will be for slow action, leaving time for the needed healing processes andExternalisation, 209:factor is ever dangerous. Wise and slow action will here be needed and proper consideration ofExternalisation, 212:which clear thinking, wise speech and skill in action should play in the attitude of the worldExternalisation, 214:throw the weight of their influence and of their action on neither side; theoretically, they mayExternalisation, 218:on around you, and to take right and cooperative action. The whole world problem will be clarifiedExternalisation, 220:which there is no escape except through right action and wide vision on their part; to this worldExternalisation, 220:of the clearly defined banners, their immediate action is clear - participation in the nationalExternalisation, 220:will lay a foundation for the increasingly right action as time elapses. This will involve rightExternalisation, 220:action as time elapses. This will involve right action on the part of those who are fighting underExternalisation, 220:right and just peace; it will involve also right action upon the part of those who have been sweptExternalisation, 220:by an interlude of clear thinking plus right action as a citizen. The problem of those living inExternalisation, 221:or reservations in your consciousness. That action has to be taken, at times, which hurts orExternalisation, 224:all its potencies of love, wisdom and skill in action, or for ages humanity has suffered [225] fromExternalisation, 226:upon, leaving you to take right and appropriate action and to follow, with all other disciples andExternalisation, 226:thought. See to it also that when taking right action in the conflict against the forces ofExternalisation, 229:such rapidity at this time, as humanity takes action or refrains from action (which latter courseExternalisation, 229:time, as humanity takes action or refrains from action (which latter course is just as determiningExternalisation, 229:of you, and with its detail I need not deal. The action taken by the combatant nations, or withheldExternalisation, 230:much questioning but refrained from positive action or the use of any influence. A few resented theExternalisation, 232:constitutes a basic test of wrong or right action. It is phenomenally clarifying if applied at thisExternalisation, 232:is over, but at present insulated from all action and simply waiting till the dust and clamor ofExternalisation, 232:of free speech, the death of freedom in human action, the death of truth and of the higherExternalisation, 233:unavailing when divorced from right and potent action. Your prayers and petitions may reach theExternalisation, 235:the spiritual issues at stake to take positive action. And we, the teachers on the inner side, whoExternalisation, 237:and in an effort to enable you to choose right action. The first great contrast might be called theExternalisation, 238:and a great responsibility both in thought and action will rest upon our people. We, not less thanExternalisation, 239:contrast between freedom of speech, thought and action which distinguishes the democracies, and theExternalisation, 245:be afraid of any results of right and positive action. Fear lies behind much of the dissentingExternalisation, 245:kills truth, hides the vision and arrests right action. The great Leader of this Christian era hasExternalisation, 246:fact. Sympathy which does not produce positive action of some kind becomes a festering sore. Thus,Externalisation, 246:out on the wings of love, through understanding action, selfless service and the willingness to dieExternalisation, 247:it; your thought will then be anchored in right action, soul directed. On the emotional side ofExternalisation, 252:and a consequent release from definite action and responsibility, by saying that what is todayExternalisation, 254:it concerns right choice and consequent correct action for the group and is determined every timeExternalisation, 260:The stimulation of certain people to phenomenal action, and the instigation of others to emerge asExternalisation, 267:be possible for the Lords of Liberation to take action. They cannot be moved by prayer, demand andExternalisation, 267:a large scale) to the attention of mankind. Her action, under the influence of the enemies of humanExternalisation, 271:lands, so that there may be potent, simultaneous action in line with the purposes of the Rider fromExternalisation, 272:to invoke Those Who can inspire to right action, thus bringing succor, and call forth the One WhoExternalisation, 275:The Rider will receive this energy and take such action as will express it, plus the motivatingExternalisation, 275:nothing. It has never before appeared in action on the physical plane, though it has been for someExternalisation, 278:or because of those who know and who take right action, the progress of evil can be arrested." ThisExternalisation, 281:minded, and in stimulating humanity to right action without encroaching upon man's growingExternalisation, 295:belief that human effort towards righteous action will be supplemented by the emergence of a divineExternalisation, 296:and His appearance. Demand without paralleling action is useless, just as faith without works is
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