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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTION

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Fire, 86:us. Again in the solar system itself similar action will eventuate at the close of aFire, 88:more than in detailed adherence to a specified action at any given time in evolution. All that itFire, 89:not recognized, to study the effect of the action of the glands, and their relation to theFire, 93:Forms that are the result of the united action of the three Logoi, and comprise the strictly devaFire, 104:was not submerged but was destroyed by volcanic action, and afterward sank." Fire, 106:matter of the body a certain rate of vibratory action that leads to the necessary activity of theFire, 107:of the planet in connection with its rotary action, some of the group rules of health may beFire, 124:result of this merging leads to a change in the action of the centers. They become "wheels turningFire, 124:rotary movement become fourth dimensional in action, and manifest as radiant whirling centers ofFire, 124:body is gradually cleansed and purified by the action of the fire till all "dross" (as theFire, 125:matter (controlled and directed by the conscious action of the fire of mind) produce correspondingFire, 127:a man persists from life to life in this line of action, if he neglects his spiritual developmentFire, 132:the form should gradually dissipate. The reflex action here is interesting to note, for the greaterFire, 139:up all the three - with simultaneous action and at uniform vibration - is the true kundalini fireFire, 142:by active intelligence; His mode of action is that which we call rotary, or that measuredFire, 143:and needs of the Spirit. [143] His mode of action is rotary, or, by the revolution of matter, toFire, 144:to remember that on the Path of Involution, the action of Brahma is primarily felt, seeking theFire, 145:to be His instruments of experience. His mode of action is cyclic and spiral, the revolution of theFire, 145:or the law governing the interplay or the action and reaction. Between the Sun and its sixFire, 145:Logos is the Ray of Cosmic Will. His mode of action is a literal driving forward of the solarFire, 149:prison," as the Christian puts it. His mode of action is a driving forward; the will that lies backFire, 151:angle of the subject, but will study the rotary action of the spheres of the system, and of itsFire, 152:is produced by rotary movement. By means of this action, all the spheres became differentiated, andFire, 154:but must now continue with the effect of rotary action. Fire, 154:matter. Repulsion is brought about by rotary action, and is the basis of that separation whichFire, 161:of these two results in fourth dimensional action or the wheel or rotary form turning upon itself.Fire, 162:in arousing the fires and in intensifying the action of the centers, but he will pay the price ofFire, 167:matter into activity of some kind. Because the action is rotary, the result produced in matter is aFire, 179:words to convey an occult idea) by the direct action of the centers, and of the centers above all.Fire, 179:in the macrocosm, and their union through the action of the will, the objective solar system, orFire, 182:time undergoing vivification [182] through the action of kundalini; it is consequently increasingFire, 184:it is aroused, steadily increases the vibratory action, not only of the centers, but of every atomFire, 184:content. This is but a reflection of the action of the Logos in sweeping into differentiation theFire, 184:as it is called. By its gradually increasing action it purifies that etheric form and cleanses itFire, 185:which can be brought about by the conscious action of the will. Fire, 188:are called 'Jnana-indriya' and the 5 used for action 'karma-indriya' - Theosophical Glossary.Fire, 188:the avenues inward. "Karma-indriyas" - literally action senses... those producing action. They areFire, 188:- literally action senses... those producing action. They are the avenues outwards. - Study inFire, 191:organs, the ears, the product of physical plane action and reaction. This would necessarily be so,Fire, 196:Tongue - Taste. Nose - Smell. The five organs of action - Karmendriya Mouth - Speaking. Hands -Fire, 196:which the Self makes to sensation. The organs of action are those through which effect is given toFire, 198:relationship to the centers, and their mutual action and interaction. That will then leave two moreFire, 200:needed in manifestation, or the reflex action of the Self and the not-self. Taste - Perfection.Fire, 202:and are therefore largely under the stimulating action of the solar plexus - that great focal pointFire, 203:thought we can therefore work out the reflex action of the centers and the senses from theFire, 205:The unifying triangles are produced by the action of the fire of mind, while the fire of matterFire, 210:along certain routes, or triangles, by the action of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner.Fire, 211:only this time it is recharged by the direct action of the Logos Himself, - the Logos of the solarFire, 215:and quality and their inherent rotary action. This Law of Economy causes matter always to followFire, 215:resistance, and is the basis of the separative action of atomic matter. It governs matter, theFire, 216:As said before, this is the Law swept into action by the sounds as uttered by the Logos. The SacredFire, 232:or planetary schemes. Their magnetic field of action will include the planetary radius of one andFire, 241:of the Ray striking through matter, for the action of electric fire is ever forward, as earlierFire, 251:activity on the three higher planes. The action and the interaction between the life animating theFire, 258:stellar centers, and controlling largely the action of our system and its movements in space inFire, 274:- Introductory Questions 2. Repetition of Cyclic Action is Governed by Two Laws Perhaps it is moreFire, 276:to be exercised on every plane, and again cyclic action is the law, and hence rebirth again andFire, 276:be of such a uniform vibration as to set up action on the next cosmic plane, the astral. [277] Fire, 292:adjusted and controlled by the Law of Action and Reaction. It brings within His control not onlyFire, 304:making of karma, or the setting in motion (by action) of causes which necessitate certainFire, 305:carry the concept further still, and predicate action of a similar nature by the solar Logos. TheFire, 317:means of the Intelligence He is - coherency of action, simultaneity of purpose, and syntheticFire, 322:and its Nature Evolution, wherein, due to the action of manas, these negative atoms becomeFire, 326:types of ethers is available, as the vibratory action of these ethers is realized, and as theFire, 334:earlier system; it is to Him as automatic in its action as is the subconscious activity of a man'sFire, 338:forms till each and all show a unanimous line of action and express simultaneously the will of theFire, 345:third factor, the intelligent will, purpose and action of an Entity. By the approximation of theseFire, 353:acts as the manasic principle, and the spring of action, to all the units included in our threeFire, 355:he is but expressing the purpose and the will in action of the planetary Logos in Whose body he isFire, 358:that: The type of electrical force The vibratory action The purpose The evolutionary developmentFire, 362:of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action. Again within the chain, the globe at presentFire, 372:radiant whorls of fire, fourth dimensional in action, and allied with each other and with someFire, 383:the great work of developing buddhi or corporate action, (for buddhi is the unifying principle ofFire, 394:intelligence, and his the source of all action and endeavor within his periphery, and, like hisFire, 395:power, world within world, fact within fact, action within action, duty within duty, sin withinFire, 395:within world, fact within fact, action within action, duty within duty, sin within sin,Fire, 396:law whereby the Lipika Lords govern all Their action) is better comprehended, then - and then onlyFire, 401:all forms and driving those forms to certain action and achievement. The fire of matter earlierFire, 401:It is likewise the result or the effect of this action in time, and only as the Triad comes intoFire, 427:functions, that of making or creating goes with action and belongs to Brahma. Again, "that whichFire, 427:from its object and casts it off. It precedes action, or Brahma, as longing for manifestation; andFire, 441:of the fifth spirilla and the consequent reflex action of the seventh, we may look to see the mindFire, 442:plane is its quality and coloring. By the united action and work of these two Entities all isFire, 450:and can drive the life within to definite action. Hence the extreme danger - as has been frequentlyFire, 453:more active vibration, with consequent reflex action on the eye of man. Increased mental activityFire, 472:- The Theosophist, Vol. X, p. 235. 55 Karma (action) is of three kinds: Agami: - The bodily actionsFire, 472:56 Karma. "It must be remembered that in every action of man the influence of his prior karmaFire, 472:element. For the accomplishment of every action, says, Shri Krishna, we need five essentials: TheFire, 472:into 2 groups in the Mahabharata: man's present action (including the first four essentials) and,Fire, 472:four essentials) and, the result of his past action (which forms the fifth essential). "At the sameFire, 472:during innumerable previous existences. Each action may in itself be as slight as can be conceived,Fire, 492:worlds - different groups of devas coming into action according to the nature of the formFire, 495:great world cataclysms, wrought through volcanic action. Every volcano is sounding forth this note,Fire, 496:it will be recognized that the outcome of such action would cause deterioration of the standard,Fire, 502:and the discriminative power which guides all action relating to His own planet, and the two othersFire, 516:physical is the result of consequent automatic action in deva essence, for it must ever be borne inFire, 528:atoms, is simply a force center produced by the action of positive force and its interaction withFire, 545:and the spokes of the radiatory fire come into action. Bear in mind here, that the permanent atomsFire, 545:are proceeding simultaneously, and have a reflex action the one upon the other; it is this whichFire, 547:ego; many lives given to a particular line of action, resulting in the setting up of a strong
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