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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTION

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Psychology2, 103:and its unfoldment, we are taught to "perform action without attachment," and thereby lay thePsychology2, 118:understanding, there will necessarily be right action. It has previously been pointed out that thePsychology2, 142:understanding, and the wise use of slow action, based on love, do the servers on this ray work.Psychology2, 145:potent and necessary and calls for much skill in action. This is the ray that is coming into power.Psychology2, 195:of energy which produces that aspect of cohesive action which demonstrates as tribal, national orPsychology2, 223:wise participation in the Plan and skill in action. On the form side, it manifests as the tendencyPsychology2, 290:and are the result of the direct and intelligent action of the Soul, prior to incarnation. The soulPsychology2, 305:or the "heart of the lotus" comes into dynamic action and the whole inner force-body becomesPsychology2, 352:of significances, and of the results of action but, at the same time, unalterable and undeviating,Psychology2, 352:qualities in all walks of life and spheres of action, and is a destroying force in his home,Psychology2, 414:of discovering the future or of determining action. This aspect of astrological interpretation willPsychology2, 418:of centralized control and no capacity to direct action or to provide in any way a life program orPsychology2, 460:may work out on the physical plane as powerful action and even violent action, and may lead a manPsychology2, 460:plane as powerful action and even violent action, and may lead a man into much trouble, intoPsychology2, 463:is the keynote of his life, or, secondly, by the action of a man's own soul. The first method takesPsychology2, 463:of Jericho to fall. This task of evoking soul action of a dynamic character on behalf of anPsychology2, 491:to him in the form of a positive command, any action which he should take. But many people tune inPsychology2, 537:the two are closely allied and have a reciprocal action for a long time in the mystical experience)Psychology2, 547:accidents which are the result of injudicious action or unwise habits in this life and definitelyPsychology2, 563:needed in manifestation, or the reflex action of the Self and the not-self. Taste - Perfection.Psychology2, 591:making sensitivity possible and producing that action and reaction which converts the mechanism ofPsychology2, 594:or the whole mechanism into coordinated action. The disciple has now reached the point in hisPsychology2, 596:the majority of [596] my readers negate any such action. The old rule that aspirants must findPsychology2, 608:activity" can swing into each other's field of action and a unified magnetic field can be set upPsychology2, 617:and could - given right opportunity - take right action. Where the criticism is voiced andPsychology2, 633:can be controlled by fear, and thus aroused to action by emotional appeal. Knowing no better andPsychology2, 633:which impresses them and impels them into action (usually of a violent nature), but the desire toPsychology2, 645:the [645] practical application of good will by action in the affairs of every day life, in everyPsychology2, 656:and if they demonstrate adequate skill in action, they [657] will eventually achieve much power. ItPsychology2, 660:do this, we need to combine wise and deliberate action with speed, owing to the urgency of thePsychology2, 661:of world power, will call forth that skill in action which comes from true dedication and rightPsychology2, 665:need to be very sure, however, as to their right action from the angle of time. Skill in action isPsychology2, 665:right action from the angle of time. Skill in action is their main problem and not accuracy ofPsychology2, 667:and that they may evidence the highest skill in action will be true if things progress as desired;Psychology2, 672:peace and plenty? Only in one way. By the united action of the men and women of good will andPsychology2, 673:in the simplest terms and made practical in action. Thirdly, the general public must be educated inPsychology2, 674:the technique of right thought, non-aggressive action, and the elimination of antagonisms of everyPsychology2, 674:the name of the New Group of World Servers. Such action would continue the old methods andPsychology2, 675:on world thought. If, however, there is skill in action and an adherence to the principles ofPsychology2, 676:is no mystical dream which waits for God to take action and which relies on the future toPsychology2, 681:service, in kindly effort, and in non-aggressive action. A positive harmlessness will bePsychology2, 692:judgment and the expression of a real skill in action must be your attempted demonstration, as youPsychology2, 713:to us which provides a needed momentum for action, and which will also give to the working disciplePsychology2, 714:in thought, and therefore frequently backed by action - which lead them into the impasse of war andPsychology2, 725:for our consideration and for clear and skillful action in the immediate future. As onePsychology2, 750:of World Servers. The responsibility for right action and for the effort to reach the public restsPsychology2, 751:have said. Everything now depends upon the right action of the men of good will. Rays, 26:group activity, group procedure and united action. Earlier I said that these rules are the resultRays, 27:the clear cold reason, the buddhic principle in action and the focused attitude of the SpiritualRays, 28:Motive, however, presupposes purpose leading to action, and hence in the group-life task of theRays, 31:emotional life, as the result of its destructive action. "If you will only think," "if you willRays, 38:due and set rules and yet with full freedom of action. You will see, therefore, why ever the needRays, 43:works, he finds that there is a reciprocal action on the part of the Presence, the Monad - theRays, 46:involves the determination to take the intended action (always of a creative nature and based onRays, 50:the average intelligent human being and put into action as a way of life. The stage wherein theRays, 57:the distinction between soul activity and the action of matter, between emotion and love, betweenRays, 72:point of tension as a result of its effective action. The door closes behind the initiate, who isRays, 81:the life aspect (which has brought his soul into action through the medium of form) and vibrates toRays, 99:death, but death as beauty, as joy, as spirit in action, as the consummation of all good. It willRays, 100:expression - they are nevertheless automatic in action, sure and inevitable. The first sentence inRays, 159:of the race. But there has been no reciprocal action and no free flow. Humanity has taken theRays, 168:use of the will which is divine synthesis in action; also, the group referred to is not the AshramRays, 176:of difference, leading inevitably to separative action. The dualities are then resolved inRays, 211:recognition, to see others claim the reward of action taken, and even to be unaware that theRays, 217:or of the fire has to be the result of united action, taken by the group when full interior unityRays, 237:This time, the Hierarchy refrains from outer action, but simply inspires and transmits the neededRays, 268:has been called in the Bhagavad Gita "skill in action." Hence Their name, the Buddhas of Activity.Rays, 268:the disciple and the initiate. They represent in action: The concrete or lower mind of theRays, 292:the revelation which must precede esoteric action. In contradistinction to this, the words for theRays, 294:of humanity may be so sound that right action can duly be [295] taken. Hierarchical workers mustRays, 299:produces the motivating impulse of all action. What is the immediate revelation which the initiatesRays, 300:for this is that life is loving synthesis in action, and of that there is little today inRays, 335:impulse which is impelling hierarchical action in two directions but involving one unifiedRays, 335:is being almost violently stimulated through the action of the Lords of Liberation Who have sweptRays, 337:anent them and their processes, but by the action of certain processes, carried out within theRays, 349:which brings loving magnetic attraction into action and which we call true group consciousness andRays, 375:our planetary Logos. Nevertheless, magnetic action is more closely allied to first ray functioningRays, 375:"a Shamballa recipient." There is, in magnetic action, more of the element of the will and of anRays, 393:is complete, and humanity has begun to take action of some kind, then the full attention of theRays, 411:way mankind will go, nor may They interfere by action or thinking in humanity's decision. It wasRays, 453:expressing itself; wisdom used is energy in action. In these words you have the expression of aRays, 466:and cooperation with the soul. Intelligence. Action. Expression. The influence of the consecratedRays, 480:manifestations. It is the result of reflex action, and is based on the force of the group ofRays, 512:The active picture-forming energy brought into action by the mind of the builder. Projection. TheRays, 553:- is destroyed. With this destructive action Humanity is today occupying itself - mostlyRays, 562:and reactions are brought about by the action of the ray potencies during the period of initiation;Rays, 592:awakened and brought into activity through the action of the five senses which are the conveyors ofRays, 607:you watch the effect, in your own lives, of the action of the strains and stresses, the points ofRays, 609:the liberation brought about by their inherent action is finally tested: 1. The Initiation ofRays, 613:even though frequently without much skill in action. Such a clear line of demarcation between theRays, 614:but definitely developing as a possible mode of action upon the far horizon of man's thinking. TrueRays, 623:priesthood) as to right attitude and right action to be followed without questioning; and in theRays, 634:attitude is perhaps the culminating aggressive action of the age and marks a climaxing point; itRays, 640:of its conflict and in the taking of right action, a great step forward in human liberation willRays, 640:adjusted, but men decide for themselves direct action; they make their own choices and exertRays, 640:are too acute, humanity will decide upon right action eventually. Emotions are, however, runningRays, 641:to be seen, men will know of themselves what action they should take. In the war raging todayRays, 641:to a close with this thought and this indicated action. Rays, 642:can of this information; it concerns primarily action within the Ashram - action which is, however,Rays, 642:it concerns primarily action within the Ashram - action which is, however, concerned with human
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