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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Astrology, 21:of astrological interpretation for those who are active and living souls at some one or other ofAstrology, 28:great constellations which are to be found active in relation to our solar system and which, fromAstrology, 30:A vast system of interlocking energies is in active and rapid circulation throughout the wholeAstrology, 34:Hierarchy is on the verge of liberation. It is active on the intellectual plane. [35] Astrology, 35:Tabulation II The Seven Creative Hierarchies in active planetary expression (The seven states ofAstrology, 37:of Attribute under the great major third Ray of Active Intelligence. Pisces is seen at the head ofAstrology, 37:is, in its turn, related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence. It was the product of the firstAstrology, 44:They had not finished their contacts with the active intelligent principle of the preceding kalpa,Astrology, 62:has ever to be translated into living active service, and desire has to demonstrate itsAstrology, 78:solar plexus (Pluto). This latter planet becomes active in the life of the man who is "becomingAstrology, 86:Jupiter Venus Moon (veiling a planet) Pluto III. Active Intelligence Cancer, the Crab Libra, theAstrology, 118:think. The latent soul is becoming interiorly active; a germination process is proceeding; theAstrology, 120:When the soul is, therefore, becoming more active, the effect of the Fixed Cross will be seenAstrology, 126:work out the qualities released by the planets active in Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini.Astrology, 128:combination. It is by achieving intelligent and active response to the energies released andAstrology, 135:selfish activity which changes into a deep and active intention to be active on behalf of theAstrology, 135:changes into a deep and active intention to be active on behalf of the Hierarchy. Self-consciousAstrology, 148:and of opportunity; it is exceedingly active today, presenting to the world disciple thoseAstrology, 160:two: Aquarius and Pisces. Their influence became active and effective and thus they formed part ofAstrology, 161:a sign in each of the three Crosses particularly active today in influencing the masses of menAstrology, 164:embodying the third major aspect of divinity, active intelligence plus that of its subsidiaryAstrology, 165:The third and fifth rays are peculiarly active upon the Path of Discipleship, just as the sixth andAstrology, 172:is concerned, Mercury is becoming increasingly active. A steady illumination is taking place andAstrology, 187:Harmony through Conflict. The Earth - 3rd Ray - Active Intelligence. Pluto - 1st Ray - DestructiveAstrology, 187:Harmony through Conflict is ceaselessly active and appears in both the orthodox and the esotericAstrology, 189:are exponents or expressions of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, and this ray relationshipAstrology, 194:for the expression of the third aspect, that of active intelligence. In that sign the highestAstrology, 196:upon the involutionary path, and is constantly active in its influence upon the man who is stillAstrology, 198:to teach you, for I may indicate some sources of active energy which may as yet be unknown to youAstrology, 199:and their seven groups as these constitute the active Hierarchy. The Fixed Cross - a fusion of fourAstrology, 200:the "star of intelligence." It was potently active during the previous solar system wherein theAstrology, 200:of the Trinity was peculiarly omnipotent and active, just as today the cosmic Christ, the SecondAstrology, 200:the Second Person of the Trinity, is peculiarly active in this solar system. The energies comingAstrology, 209:and Mercury control and Mars is particularly active, owing to the fact that Mars is both theAstrology, 211:It is Mars who brings the world Arjuna into the active fight. The whole man is then engaged and theAstrology, 221:of only one ray, that of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, [222] is missing. All the other raysAstrology, 222:all these ray energies express themselves as the active subrays of the ray upon which the soul ofAstrology, 228:place. Then Libra leads on to Scorpio and the active soul life (active through the medium of theAstrology, 228:leads on to Scorpio and the active soul life (active through the medium of the personality natureAstrology, 248:Knowledge or Science. Saturn - 3rd Ray - Active Intelligence. Neptune - 6th Ray - Idealism,Astrology, 253:of divinity, that of God the Holy Spirit, the active intelligent and nurturing principle of theAstrology, 258:hidden germ of spiritual life. The period of the active germ of spiritual life. Gestation in theAstrology, 264:is only the fourth among the seven which are in active or manifested expression. Nine is the numberAstrology, 268:planetary rulers (orthodox and esoteric unitedly active), the man upon the path finds himselfAstrology, 269:our Earth, Who is Himself upon the third Ray of Active Intelligence; of Him it is said that "whenAstrology, 272:principle of illusion and the expression of the active higher mind, has performed his mission andAstrology, 275:slow rhythm of mass life - either instinctually active or the reactions of an imposed consciousnessAstrology, 276:It is the planet Neptune which is predominantly active in bringing about such an activity in CancerAstrology, 280:and are, therefore, related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence which controlled the firstAstrology, 281:is therefore the agent of the third aspect (active intelligence) from one point of view, and of theAstrology, 289:plan present, but also a consciousness of the active agent of the plan and action. Ponder on this.Astrology, 291:oriented during many aeons of time; behind this active form, as it steadily improves and becomesAstrology, 297:emotional plane of desire. When Neptune is thus active in the advanced Leo subject, thenAstrology, 298:Rays 2.4.6 and, where these three are dominantly active, you have the establishing of that "innerAstrology, 298:"the Messenger at the eighth gate"; Mercury was active at the time of individualization when theAstrology, 301:work. Several major triangles of force were active when individualization took place and theAstrology, 319:Such is the way of humanity. The human center is active. In Scorpio, the influence of the occultAstrology, 323:to sensitive emotion-feeling has played an active and an educational part in the awakening of theAstrology, 323:influences of the Cardinal Cross - begins its active conscious participation in the drama of life.Astrology, 334:each other and one which only becomes definitely active and effective after initiation. It isAstrology, 340:this is aided by the forces of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. Thus the stage is set for theAstrology, 345:Pisces - This is the life expression and active appearance [346] of the Christ consciousness inAstrology, 346:the millenia of years through which it has been active. Its present Jewish coloring is relativelyAstrology, 357:as it is now constituted you have: Ray 3 - Active Intelligence, under the influence of this thirdAstrology, 367:in the majority. It will, however, become active when "the immortal brother floods the mortalAstrology, 378:and producing a stage of powerful expression and active movement; the other demonstrates in a farAstrology, 392:initiatory crisis in His life) some definite, active undertaking which embodies that aspect of theAstrology, 394:ray of Concrete Knowledge. Ray 3 - The ray of Active Intelligence. Astrology, 402:both express or emanate the same basic energy of active intelligence in its higher and lowerAstrology, 411:humanity and are related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence and affect the personality. ToAstrology, 416:of seven energies, are connected with the active intelligent aspect of logoic expression, andAstrology, 423:Mercury Jupiter Venus The Moon Pluto III. Active Intelligence Cancer Libra Capricorn The Moon VenusAstrology, 425:the case even when other factors are present and active. Therefore, all approaches to truth and toAstrology, 427:Energy - Constellations Within this sumtotal of active, qualified energies, we have (working outAstrology, 427:beast" which is 666. This is the number of the active intelligent man and distinguishes his formAstrology, 427:I Line II Line III Will. Purpose Love-Wisdom Active Intelligence Spirit Consciousness Form 1. TheAstrology, 430:"light energy" which is necessarily peculiarly active when the sign of Taurus is dominant in anyAstrology, 434:or to those streams of vital energy which lie active and focused below the threshold of the wakingAstrology, 437:center called Humanity, involving therefore: The active intelligence of man, latent in the humanAstrology, 438:of the Logos. This death aspect is naturally active at the close of the Piscean age and isAstrology, 442:Humanity into a closer relation, via Capricorn, active through Mercury. At this point I would likeAstrology, 445:the laws for the transmutation of karma into active present good are clearly grasped. 3.HumanityAstrology, 448:a combination of the energies of Ray 3. - Active intelligence. Ray 7. - Ceremonial order or magic.Astrology, 475:forces of the two triangles predominantly active in the first two cycles are fused and blended inAstrology, 476:the five constellations which are peculiarly active in the life of the advanced disciple andAstrology, 485:Sagittarius, Aquarius - are today exceedingly active and working in close relation with each other.Astrology, 488:[488] to still another triangle in which Leo is active and to another of the great trianglesAstrology, 488:therefore, that Rays I and V are exceedingly active; it means, secondly, that the Sun's influenceAstrology, 489:which are related to these two rays will be very active and, therefore, that Pluto and Venus areAstrology, 491:inactive. [491] Ray VII - like Ray I is active through all three points, even though Aries is theAstrology, 491:points, even though Aries is the most potent and active. Ray VI - as might be expected, is equallyAstrology, 491:of the various triangles. Taurus (Ray IV) is not active exoterically as the fourth ray is not inAstrology, 492:the Mysteries. [492] Aquarius is not today the active point for the transmission of the energy ofAstrology, 495:Mind. It is the sign which brings the soul into active cooperation with the inner plan of God. ThisAstrology, 511:of mind plus the embodied soul, are related and active in this house. The light of matter and theAstrology, 523:phrases it. The sixth ray is either militant and active, or mystical pacific and at present futile,Astrology, 537:A.A.B.) In the earlier activity, the fourth active constellation was Gemini and in the AtlanteanAstrology, 539:evolution) these three constellations were active. The combination is seen demonstrating in humanAstrology, 547:their influence and which rays are consequently active, it should be possible to prove then theAstrology, 548:three of the sacred planets are peculiarly active. They are: 1. Uranus. This planet is the exoteric
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