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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Externalisation, 38:the past half century has it become definitely active. This became possible because the wholeExternalisation, 41:(always existent in manifestation) became active factors in the consciousness of advanced humanity.Externalisation, 41:discrimination was opened, and humanity became active upon the field of Kurukshetra. Where there isExternalisation, 43:and cause such a violent increase of the active energies that death may occur before so very long.Externalisation, 47:life of the mind (note that phrase) is now more active and potent than ever before. For this thereExternalisation, 48:The instinctual nature of animal-man (found active among those who had not reached the stage of anyExternalisation, 53:the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and of Active Intelligence. 4. Government byExternalisation, 88:energies of the creative process are exceedingly active at this time in preparing what I might callExternalisation, 92:of man. Quality of Separativeness. 3rd Ray Active Intelligence. [93] These can be linked up withExternalisation, 107:Lucifer. Son of the Morning. The Prodigal Son. Active Intelligence. Planetary Throat center. ThisExternalisation, 112:you to infer from the above that the period of active combat and conflict must necessarily beExternalisation, 114:agencies within the form itself will become active and eventually death will take place, resultingExternalisation, 117:Return. Ponder on this. They are all peculiarly active at this time, and in their activity lies theExternalisation, 130:think. This selfishness may show itself through active aggression or an active neutrality. ThoseExternalisation, 130:may show itself through active aggression or an active neutrality. Those nations who participate inExternalisation, 132:At the same time, the Shamballa force is active in all of them, for it produces federation andExternalisation, 138:With this we might now briefly deal. As regards active participation in the work to be done inExternalisation, 138:of goodwill, there is little to be done of an active exoteric nature at this time; it is necessaryExternalisation, 143:people who can be prepared by each of you for active effort when the right time comes. To this taskExternalisation, 143:of you. Later you can swing these people into active goodwill work and to effort which will tend toExternalisation, 148:agents, with the consequent evocation of active agents and responsible energies of some kind orExternalisation, 158:Civilization, the expression of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. [159] This knowledge isExternalisation, 168:humanity as whole. This center begins to become active and to function dynamically, governing andExternalisation, 172:the forces of materialism. These forces are active in every country; the Hierarchy in itsExternalisation, 172:as elsewhere. The Masters of the Wisdom are active in dispelling the depressions and terrors whichExternalisation, 176:which are not actually belligerents are equally active in the task of endeavoring to preserve theirExternalisation, 179:by the allied democracies. On the basis of an active will-to-good, the men and women of goodwill,Externalisation, 191:The new world order will be founded on an active sense of responsibility. The rule will be "all forExternalisation, 211:goodwill, the dynamic effect of intelligent and active understanding, and the potency of a trainedExternalisation, 216:assign responsibility, but who refrain from any active participation in the processes ofExternalisation, 223:an Energy which will inform it and give it active potency; it can then become a vital link betweenExternalisation, 243:must preface every attempt to bring down into active being the new world order. This new world willExternalisation, 249:forth the work is widely spread abroad. The Active Aid of all who know the truth is also here. ComeExternalisation, 256:works is dead." It is only when faith finds active expression upon the physical plane in rightExternalisation, 257:His every act and which would drive them into active, selfless service to the Forces of Light. TheyExternalisation, 275:physical plane, though it has been for some time active upon the mental plane. Though it is a blendExternalisation, 278:the appearing and the disappearing of great and active energies which pass in and out ofExternalisation, 280:the wish life of the aspirant, goodwill becomes active in expression and in tangible deed upon theExternalisation, 296:and aspirants, plus their desire, their active participation in the task of clearing the way forExternalisation, 321:things, Lay the foundation for a stable peace - active and positive because the result of activeExternalisation, 321:- active and positive because the result of active and positive action - after the Forces of LightExternalisation, 334:the new group of world servers - let love be the active force among the senior members of theExternalisation, 366:growth of world goodwill, for goodwill is the active principle of peace. I sought also to stressExternalisation, 381:they fancy that their health could stand no more active work, or that they require time forExternalisation, 397:will bring to humanity that stimulation and active desire to participate in the expression ofExternalisation, 398:instead of death and the love of God play its active part in the reconstruction of world affairs.Externalisation, 423:in this period the Lords of Karma are unusually active; the Law of Cause and Effect is bringing theExternalisation, 456:[456] They will do through the medium of Their active, working disciples in the world. Thus TheyExternalisation, 458:intensity that the Hierarchy will be called into active response and will [459] immediately releaseExternalisation, 459:and their fixed determination are far more active and their plans better laid because both theirExternalisation, 465:term) is being mobilized and can be brought into active service at the Full Moon of May (Taurus) ifExternalisation, 469:the great religions, should be [469] regarded as active. The Christian view of the Christ is builtExternalisation, 492:with the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence, and are concerned with theExternalisation, 494:the obstacles to this fusion, owing to the active tension of the dark forces, seemed at that timeExternalisation, 504:One of the English Masters is also exceptionally active, and the Master in America is laying HisExternalisation, 504:Master in America is laying His plans toward an active participation in the work. These consecratedExternalisation, 505:Who will be the next world teacher, is already active in His line of endeavor. He is attempting toExternalisation, 506:community. He controls and transmutes the great active movements which endeavor to strip the veilExternalisation, 507:altruism; He occupies Himself with those who are active in the laboratories of the world, withExternalisation, 508:of the Masters. The angels have ever been active in Biblical history, and will again enter into theExternalisation, 508:on the four etheric levels will be especially active and they will work in the four main groups ofExternalisation, 523:who are an integral part of the Hierarchy and in active communication with some Ashram can profitExternalisation, 575:the stage where the forces of resurrection are active, when the Lord is with His people and ChristExternalisation, 581:incarnating Monad, and not from the angle of its active Ashram. [582] Once the contact - inExternalisation, 582:certain designs, will an Ashram be prominently active or relatively inactive. The ancientExternalisation, 586:The intuition of the disciple is alert and active; the new ideas and the vital fresh concepts areExternalisation, 587:begin in the year 1975, if the disciples now active will do their work adequately. [588] Much hasExternalisation, 598:The general staff of the Christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers;Externalisation, 614:easily perceived), the Forces of Evil are still active; they may have been driven back, but theyExternalisation, 622:of Men"; it is for this coming forth to outer active service that They are already - one by one -Externalisation, 633:relation to the fact that she has resumed more active work as a disciple in the Ashram of her ownExternalisation, 643:energy, and they therefore will be peculiarly active in the coming period. Five of the Masters andExternalisation, 644:as it were, the liaison officer between those active and conscious disciples who are working in theExternalisation, 645:a visioning of the impossible. 3. The Energy of Active Intelligence. This third type of energy isExternalisation, 648:opposition of the Forces of Evil is still active and must be overcome; this may necessitate drasticExternalisation, 661:as a true duality. The energy of wisdom is active within all the Ashrams (on all rays and under allExternalisation, 664:therefore a third ray Master - upon the Ray of Active Intelligence. His Ashram is occupied with theExternalisation, 666:of gold (a basic symbol of the third Ray of Active Intelligence), the production of right attitudesExternalisation, 667:the Ashrams to be found upon the third Ray of Active Intelligence, upon the fifth Ray of ConcreteExternalisation, 673:manner. These energies are ever present and ever active, but they swing into activity sequentiallyExternalisation, 677:not possessed so clear a reasoning faculty or so active an intuitive perception and - whilstExternalisation, 677:extent, and the attempt to make him an active factor in our modern civilization is not too harmfulExternalisation, 678:are showing signs of life, and disciples are active in both places and along all lines of humanExternalisation, 678:human expression. The center in Geneva is also active, but not so thoroughly and inclusively; itExternalisation, 678:Subjectively, the first ray workers are already active, for the work of the first ray with itsExternalisation, 686:men. They subject Themselves voluntarily to an active stimulation from the senior "contactingExternalisation, 688:work. The energy which cosmic evil generates is active along three main channels: From the centerExternalisation, 692:needed to destroy the germs of evil, latent or active, thus eliminating certain materialisticExternalisation, 693:and in the seventh ray ashram, are peculiarly active along these lines, for the destruction of evilExternalisation, 693:it is now in manifestation. The rays which are active and in manifestation at this time and in thisExternalisation, 698:planet are a commonly recognized truth, and when active goodwill is recognized as a real nationalExternalisation, 700:Specifically, the externalized Ashrams will be active along four major lines: Creating andFire, xiv:dual form and will demonstrate through a life of active service, tending to amelioration ofFire, 4:(Body or Matter) 3rd Person - Holy Spirit, Form, Active Intelligence, Negative energy. Each ofFire, 5:Ray of Love-Wisdom - 2nd Aspect Ray III - Ray of Active Intelligence - 3rd Aspect (These are theFire, 38:which are the fires of the primordial ray of active intelligent matter; these constitute the energyFire, 42/43:atom of the chemist or physicist. Second, as active heat. This results in the activity and theFire, 42/43:plane the combination of these three factors (active heat, latent heat and the primordial substanceFire, 44:10, 11 It is the sumtotal [44] of that which is active, animated, or vitalized, and of all thatFire, 44:the manifested effect of the primordial ray of active intelligence. It would be well to ponder on
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