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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Fire, 387:that Entities at Their stage of evolution are active love-wisdom and embody in Themselves the twoFire, 393:of manas, and we saw first, that it is the active will, intelligently applied, of an Entity, andFire, 393:applied, of an Entity, and then that this active intelligent will affects all lesser lives inFire, 393:cosmic Entity we call the solar Logos. He is the active, directing Intelligence Who is working withFire, 394:being is the manasic incentive and the origin of active, intelligent will to all the cells withinFire, 395:purpose of some Being, working out in active objectivity, and having touched upon the interrelationFire, 401:and purpose, driving the forms (built up of active matter) in a specific direction, and alongFire, 401:of an enquiry as to the point attained in the active working out of the purposes of the greatFire, 402:Manasaputras. They are Will utilizing matter, or active intelligent substance, in order toFire, 403:from another angle they are manas itself, the active creative force, the fifth and the sixth [404]Fire, 404:concerned, we have radiant electric substance, active, intelligent ether, ensouled by the devaFire, 406:spirilla within the atom of matter will become active. This fifth spirilla is beginning faintly toFire, 409:cohere. This is the ability of all intelligent, active Lives during evolution to conform to the LawFire, 413:lack of a better term) are vitally intelligently active; three are in abeyance and one is beginningFire, 422:sounding of the final mantric phrase by ordered active groups lies ahead in the sixth and seventhFire, 423:into the third Ray of Aspect, Adaptability, or Active Intelligence, are fundamentally concerned,Fire, 428:or Power. 2. Love or Wisdom. 3. Adaptability or active intelligence 1. Rays of Attribute: 4.Fire, 430:which we call matter, - of that energized active material we call substance, - to the life purposeFire, 435:The fifth spirilla will, consequently, become active and the electrical force, or the fohaticFire, 438:of the work of the Builders (deva forces) and of active intelligence (the human units) and the twoFire, 438:Solar Logos Heavenly Men. They energize and are active life. Deva Builders. They work in matter andFire, 443:force as it radiates beyond His own periphery as active energy and stimulating activity - beingFire, 453:the matter of the etheric levels into more active vibration, with consequent reflex action on theFire, 464:sixth spirilla (in the minor group of seven) is active. The consciousness of man is stimulated andFire, 468:are the qualities and attributes of matter, the active builders, who work consciously orFire, 489:groups subject to: Inherent impulse, or latent active intelligence. Orders issued by the greaterFire, 493:who are, in themselves (essentially and through active magnetic radiation), the external heat orFire, 512:causal periphery. It is in the direct line of active force emanating from the cosmic existence, andFire, 537:centers are recognized also as focal points of active force, manifesting to the vision [538] of theFire, 538:and their united manifestation making the active evolving solar system, the logoic ring-pass-not.Fire, 543:at it with conscious effort. The Ego takes no active interest in the development until the secondFire, 544:three aspects - will or power, love-wisdom, and active intelligence. [545] Each of these focalFire, 561:are built for the purpose of carrying out some active work, demonstrate under set rules and laws,Fire, 579:showing how the Law of Cohesion was specially active at these periods. A condition of nebulosity ofFire, 608:Love-Wisdom. Solar fire. Light. Spiritual Love. Active Intelligence. Fire by Friction. Heat.Fire, 608:Rays. The twelve-petalled Lotus. Conscious Love. Active Intelligence. Manas. Fire by Friction.Fire, 612:is substance in its totality, the intelligent active form, built for the purpose of providing aFire, 628:Sons of Fohat, the seven great fires, or the active heat of intelligent substance. These threeFire, 635:subplanes or states of activity. For purposes of active work, the devas of the system are dividedFire, 640:Thought, which would pervade the numberless active creating Forces, or "Creators," which EntitiesFire, 640:in, from and through that Divine Thought... Such active "Creators" are known to exist and areFire, 640:are raised and submerged; volcanoes are active or quiescent, and thus the world is purified byFire, 642:of a Heavenly Man which is not included in the active centers. Perhaps some idea of what I seek toFire, 644:emanating from the lower, or originating in the active desire of the lower to embrace or contactFire, 646:important group of devas, who are peculiarly active and esoterically dominant during this round;Fire, 647:of a great Existence, two petals are becoming active. In the third kingdom, the animal, the centerFire, 647:so that at individualization, the four became active, and His self-conscious activity was broughtFire, 678:for work. The Master Jesus is particularly active at this time along this line, working inFire, 686:As might be expected, they are characterized by active intelligence, achieved and developed byFire, 687:system nirvanis who will be, in very essence, "active intelligent love"; they will have to waitFire, 704:Lord of Love-Wisdom. 3. The cosmic Lord of Active Intelligence 1. 4. The cosmic Lord of Harmony 2.Fire, 710:form of the man in the three worlds, or his active intelligent personal self can be developed andFire, 721:persists today in matter. It is evidenced by the active intelligence and the discriminativeFire, 727:now again take the opportunity to effect (in an active sense and through physical manifestation)Fire, 733:yet the greater Entity persists, and is still active. Let us take up the matter first from theFire, 741:substance which is essentially distinguished by active intelligent love. This is necessarilyFire, 755:on the physical plane in the formation of active groups in every city of any size, and in everyFire, 764:self develops, or the personality becomes more active and intelligent, results are produced in theFire, 765:results, the egoic body becomes equally more active and its manifestation of energy is increased.Fire, 767:of Attraction and Repulsion [767] becomes more active, and conscious will and purpose areFire, 768:the planetary Logos wherein His centers become active in a particular manner; this is coincidentFire, 774:occultly understood, and means the appearance in active manifestation of some form of energy. OnlyFire, 774:in the next round will the fifth spirilla be an active functioning unit in a sense incomprehensibleFire, 777:who form the nine petals are always the most active. They work in connection with the lower groupFire, 777:the middle and lower group of Agnishvattas are active. In the others the higher group and middleFire, 777:who are on the Path, and who are therefore group-active. In connection with Uranus, Neptune andFire, 783:and of a planet. The Pitris of the Mist are then active as one of the many subsidiary groups of theFire, 784:and throughout the system, are literally the active agents in the building of the dense physicalFire, 785:macrocosmic and microcosmic. It is marked by the active cooperation of another group of Pitris,Fire, 790:fact that only five centers primarily are really active in average man [791] up to the thirdFire, 800:life is concerned - is nevertheless a potent and active factor in the imposition of rhythm upon theFire, 805:body. The physical permanent atom is more active than the other two. It is the aspect of "fire byFire, 821:The "outer knowledge" triad, or the lords of active wisdom. The middle "love" triad, or the lordsFire, 821:wisdom. The middle "love" triad, or the lords of active love. The inner "sacrificial" triad, or theFire, 821:The inner "sacrificial" triad, or the lords of active will. The first is the summation ofFire, 828:Now all that changes as the mental body becomes active, and two of the will petals are coordinated,Fire, 828:atoms have the four lower spirillae fully active (two groups of two each) and the fifth is inFire, 831:of Rhythm. All manifestation is the result of active energy producing certain results, andFire, 841:they represent on the physical plane the fully active intelligent unity, the man of small mentalFire, 843:and directed elsewhere, while the Pitris already active began to center their attention upon theFire, 860:head centers and the heart center - are fully active with their twelve petals completely unfoldedFire, 862:The first is that the etheric centers become active in a fourth dimensional sense (or become wheelsFire, 864:the converging point for certain fires, becomes active. This marks a definite stage in the processFire, 869:but when the three petals become sufficiently active and alive through the energy accumulated andFire, 886:head, and all the fires of the torso are then active. All that remains then to do is to centralizeFire, 889:the thinker), into forms, which are themselves active, vitalized and powerful. What man builds isFire, 924:responsible for three principal results, and are active along three main lines. They are the devasFire, 927:Work of evolution. The three groups of devas are active, and the archetypal form is in process ofFire, 927:syllabled Word The logoic etheric centers become active. The etheric body of the solar system isFire, 928:center to swell the efforts of those already active. The liquid body of the solar Logos appears,Fire, 929:All the fires are burning, all the centers are active, and every petal, forty-nine in number, onFire, 929:energy of his group, but will become a positive, active potent force, self-immolated throughFire, 931:and minerals, and with what are called active and radioactive substances. They are the custodiansFire, 946:of force centers set in motion, and kept in active vibration, by the pulsation of still greaterFire, 966:the spiritual regenerated man the third eye is active. - S. D., II, 458. Fire, 966:three physical head centers are simultaneously active. They frequently have to work with largeFire, 973:from no such high source, but find their active impulse emanating from either the solar plexus, orFire, 973:as we know, and the lower centers are the most active; when an atmosphere or environment ofFire, 978:space of time than is possible with a large and active body of people who may be sincere andFire, 999:The center in the physical brain which is active in meditation. This is also conditioned by the
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