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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Fire, 1001:builders through Its radiation or warmth, Its active vibration, Its sound or note, Its light. TheFire, 1009:before the "Eye of Shiva" becomes in any degree active, and it is this fact that has led writers ofFire, 1009:a little lower, the etheric center which is active in connection with the pituitary body, is added,Fire, 1010:the eye opens fully, the gland is fully active, and we have the "fully awakened" man. When this isFire, 1012:(in all true magical work of any kind), is the active agent. We have [1013] considered the rulesFire, 1042:terms. It resulted in the Primordial Ray of active intelligent matter, the basis of the presentFire, 1042:is latent love. The matter of the sheath is active intelligent substance. Fire, 1043:kingdom are occupied with the working out into active manifestation of the will and purpose of theFire, 1045:through the effect of the extra-cosmic active Lives who either attract or repulse it. These are theFire, 1046:subdivisions, cognitive desire, desire proper, active desire and summation desire. "The ruler ofFire, 1048:seventh principle of Brahma, or the aspect of active intelligent matter. Hence 'rejection' as it isFire, 1050:form which the divine Pilgrim uses. The united active motion produced by the unification of theFire, 1090:certain units or cells in the body are more active in space and time than others. He must also bearFire, 1094:of all atomic activity: The central point of active positive force - the hub. The negative streamFire, 1105:The forces and energies which become active or latent during different cycles. The interplayFire, 1107:which names convey [1107] the idea of the active enterprise which is their predominant function.Fire, 1108:and which (at the close of the cycle) is the active principle behind devachanic manifestation. TheFire, 1118:petals becomes, as evolution proceeds, likewise active, and revolves around the central Jewel, soFire, 1119:of this central fire in due time cease to be active; knowledge is superseded by divine wisdom andFire, 1120:begins to be felt when the petals are becoming active. It might be stated that the passing of theFire, 1120:the Pilgrim on the physical plane becomes more active and the egoic lotus is consequently unfoldingFire, 1122:is pulsating with life and color, and is in active movement, revolving with great rapidity and withFire, 1128:to demonstrate when the other three forms are active, thus utilizing them as a vehicle. We haveFire, 1128:in the etheric body, and which awaken and become active as the sheaths swing into rhythmicFire, 1129:make itself felt after the lower four are fully active. A second factor which works into theFire, 1157:through certain groups or centers, becoming more active and demonstrating with a freer flow as theFire, 1158:when the four lower centers are fully active. The sevenfold energy of the psyche, the consciousnessFire, 1158:each of these seven centers is not only fully active but is rotating as "wheels turning uponFire, 1183:halves. With this stream enters that group of active lives whom we call the "Lords of Karma." TheyFire, 1184:difficult to make clear. This particular set of active lives enter the heart shaped depression,Fire, 1202:They had not finished their contacts with the active intelligent principle of the preceding kalpa,Fire, 1218:Soul, the logoic physical body will become an active expression of His self-realized purpose. TheFire, 1232:worlds, man then becomes a conscious corporate active part of that Soul which permeates andFire, 1236:The Son - Love-Wisdom. III. The Holy Spirit - Active Intelligence. | The Seven Rays Three Rays ofFire, 1236:Attribute. I. Will or Power II. Love-Wisdom III. Active Intelligence. | 4. Harmony or Beauty. 5.Fire, 1236:Master. c. Master K.H. d. Master D.K. III. Active Intelligence. C. The Mahachohan. (Lord ofGlamour, 9:where the intuitional state of consciousness is active is that of the buddhic or intuitional plane.Glamour, 36:have the definite objective of providing the active means whereby the world glamor - today soGlamour, 63:disciples demonstrate this over-fertile, over-active mind, and arrive at no good constructiveGlamour, 69:awareness, and with the energies which become active through soul contact, is rapidly becoming anGlamour, 76:atomic structures (for an atom is a unit of active energy). This produces counterparts in the worldGlamour, 107:human types, and those who are little more than active animals, governed primarily by theGlamour, 107:subtle and the mind factor slowly became more active, then glamor and illusion developed veryGlamour, 115:both the astral body and the mental body are active and functioning, he himself becomes aGlamour, 122:individual and not a group way. The glamor of active scheming. The glamor of creative work -Glamour, 145:reaction may express itself as hatred, as an active dislike or as a voiced criticism - perhaps,Glamour, 156:through Conflict. This fourth ray is always active as it controls in a peculiar manner the fourthGlamour, 158:of the opportunity. This opportunity for active fusion has never been so true as now. The lines ofGlamour, 195:functions. Of this higher experience, the active life of the three worlds is a distorted expressionGlamour, 253:head reach a stage of organization and become Active and functioning mechanisms. Related andGlamour, 256:breathing exercises is the man whose will is active - his spiritual will and, therefore, the willGlamour, 257:is being carried forward, a clear line of active thinking must be preserved so that the breath (asGlamour, 258:are steadily vitalized and become extremely active and the point of tension from which the aspirantGlamour, 261:etheric body. Necessarily the physical body is active and potent but increasingly it should beGlamour, 262:is usually meant when the word is used. It is active repudiation without any concentration uponGlamour, 264:arresting or sidetracking of progress through active illusion, or glamor, he "detaches" himselfGlamour, 272:of life is my heart's desire for you. To more active and steady enterprise I call you. THE TIBETAN.Healing, 17:outer results. He is trained to be positive and active, and this is a great step in the rightHealing, 46:which the man has reached; they are vital and active or non-vital and inactive, according to theHealing, 63:many men and women, and is based upon a too active imagination, plus a powerful physical or sexHealing, 75:and unresponsive. Other centers will be fully active, and therefore predominantly attractive to anyHealing, 75:people, the centers below the diaphragm are more active than those above the diaphragm (I amHealing, 75:For aspirants, centers below the diaphragm are active and the heart and throat centers are slowlyHealing, 88:that the mental body is the transmitter (when active and rightly aligned) of soul energy and thisHealing, 92:state of settling down to a submissive non active life, but it is a positive acceptance (in thoughtHealing, 94:in all forms, and that this will be done by the active use by man of his spiritual will. We couldHealing, 129:instance, over-stimulated, and therefore over-active; he becomes unbalanced, and when I say this IHealing, 129:over-organized through the medium of some over-active center, or underorganized and inactive. He isHealing, 144:and the Spiritual Triad and their dual active relationship. In this statement is hidden the key toHealing, 145:is the pineal gland in the head. This remains active during infancy and until the will-to-be isHealing, 146:him to the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence. Thus the energy of will, ofHealing, 147:the energy of the third aspect - the energy of active intelligence. It is related to theHealing, 147:to the center at the base of the spine. An active interplay, once established between the ajnaHealing, 147:the part of the initiate. In the same way, the active interplay between the head center and theHealing, 148:body. The Left Eye - the throat center - Active Intelligence. The eye of the Mother - theHealing, 149:center is, but it embodies the idea lying behind active creativity, the subsequent act of creationHealing, 152:fact that the expression of the third aspect of active intelligence [153] has reached such heightsHealing, 153:the earliest period of all the sacral center is active. You have, however, one interesting thing toHealing, 156:of the physical organism can be brought into active and correct functioning, can be vitalized andHealing, 159:medicine, recognizes that this gland when over-active will produce the irresponsible and amoralHealing, 160:shall find the thymus gland becoming correctly active. At present, the general imbalance of theHealing, 160:of the spine. As the Spiritual Triad becomes active through the medium of the personality, theseHealing, 160:when the thymus gland similarly becomes active in the adult, goodwill will become apparent and theHealing, 160:organ of synthesis. As the heart center becomes active, the individual aspirant is slowly drawnHealing, 161:Thus the love aspect of divinity becomes active in the three worlds, and love is anchored on earthHealing, 165:third creative aspect or the body nature, the active intelligence of the soul. The heart, theHealing, 169:this time is the solar plexus center; the most active - generally speaking - in humanity as aHealing, 169:shoulder blades in the spine and is exceedingly active. In Atlantean days, it was brought to a highHealing, 171:energies and, because humanity is today becoming active in a group sense and is more inclusive thanHealing, 176:the generative processes must go on and remain active in order to provide bodies for incomingHealing, 188:The second ray of love-wisdom, The third ray of active intelligence, and also to the three humanHealing, 191:VI When the building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health, cleanHealing, 198:and with the centers below the diaphragm over-active, you have consequently, whole areas of theHealing, 212:then occur. Some of the glands become over-active; others are overlooked, and the entire glandularHealing, 214:externalization, the pituitary body, are also active, and the relation between the three centers -Healing, 215:rays and three subsidiary rays) have a definite active effect; karmic adjustments provideHealing, 215:is awakening and the disciple is consciously active in the work of directing the energies to theHealing, 217:begins to function, the centers then become more active. Definite trouble then ensues, largelyHealing, 217:The solar plexus center then becomes unduly active and this activity falls into four stages: TheHealing, 228:sacral center, which was at that time the most active and the dominant center. In Atlantean days it
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