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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Healing, 239:in the area wherein the cancer exists is over-active, with a consequent increase of energy pouringHealing, 241:therefore to energy running wild, to energy over-active and misdirected or insufficient and lackingHealing, 248:Law VIII Disease and death are the result of two active forces. One is the will of the soul whichHealing, 253:the earth? I think not. If no actual and active disease is present, nevertheless the condition ofHealing, 253:much to be desired; inherited tendencies and active predispositions cause grave concern, and to allHealing, 268:work of the third aspect of divinity - that of active intelligence, expressing itself throughHealing, 285:or of withdrawing energy, of making more active an allied center and thus abstracting attentionHealing, 314:dealt with before the fever can subside. An over-active mind which is ill-regulated, very busy butHealing, 315:he is far more prone to heart trouble. A full active life prevents such a disease as cancer, butHealing, 320:to is, in the last analysis, some form of active energy that forms part of the energy availableHealing, 385:healer when it is not their destiny to resume active physical plane living. The active cooperationHealing, 385:to resume active physical plane living. The active cooperation of healer and patient - aHealing, 416:great cosmic Entity, the solar Logos, manifests active intelligence with the purpose in view ofHealing, 420:life, the synthesis of will and love taking active form, is withdrawn. The partnership isHealing, 420:distributed again into its primal form) is active intelligent matter plus the gain of objectivity,Healing, 420:of the solar system, when undifferentiated, was active intelligent matter, and that is all that canHealing, 420:that is all that can be predicated of it. This active intelligent matter was matter qualified by anHealing, 421:matter of the solar system will be colored by active intelligence and by active love. This meansHealing, 421:will be colored by active intelligence and by active love. This means literally that the aggregateHealing, 421:for the greater Builders and Devas who are the active agents during manifestation, and who hold theHealing, 430:of Discipleship you have the following triangle active at the time of death: The soul The headHealing, 439:words. The focus of activity shifts from the active body to the active entity within that body, theHealing, 439:of activity shifts from the active body to the active entity within that body, the master of hisHealing, 444:passing out, and of the subsequent interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep.Healing, 447:his sleeping hours he has developed a field of active service and of learning. He now simplyHealing, 492:one of the seven centers which will be the most active and alive during the coming incarnation.Healing, 506:of conscience." However, as time goes on, the active intelligent life of the person is graduallyHealing, 513:is responsive to the soul ray, can become more active. The ajna center, through which theHealing, 517:itself, aware of no separation, instinctively active, spiritually obsessed by the plans of theHealing, 534:VI When the building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health, cleanHealing, 534:VIII Disease and death are the results of two active forces. One is the will of the soul, whichHealing, 566:stage of evolutionary unfoldment and when it is active and functioning? Yet, because of theHealing, 575:the third eye of the patient can also be active, and by this means two very potent streams ofHealing, 580:the astral body is quiescent and the mind is active as a transmitter of soul energy to the threeHealing, 580:but from the extent of its emanating rays of active energy which can reach the patient and energizeHealing, 583:seen and known as the informing essences and the active energies in all that is manifested andHealing, 587:any kind whatsoever. Disease itself is a form of active energy, demonstrating in forces whichHealing, 590:The planetary ray is always the third Ray of Active Intelligence because it conditions our EarthHealing, 591:importance to you. All these energies play an active part in the life cycle of every man and cannotHealing, 597:is the third ray. This planetary ray when very active (as is the case with very advanced personsHealing, 606:of a center already over-stimulated and over-active. In the last analysis the aim in the threeHealing, 607:VI When the building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health, cleanHealing, 613:influence of its own; it is not important in the active process, for it is a recipient and not thatHealing, 618:- that which corresponds to the third aspect of active intelligent substance; the other two latentHealing, 619:The energy of love. 3. Humanity The ray of active intelligence The third aspect The energy of mindHealing, 622:together and make it a coherent, energized and active whole. As you know, when death takes place,Healing, 633:Law VIII Disease and death are the result of two active forces. One is the will of the soul, whichHealing, 638:expresses itself as the will-to-be; it is only active, though ever present, during form life or theHealing, 665:imperfections and evil (one latent and the other active though retreating) will become increasinglyHercules, 3:and of endless distress. His attitude is one of active endurance until such time as he mysteriouslyHercules, 17:his mission, which was to manifest forth in active work on the physical plane the glory and theHercules, 23:motto that has governed the activities of all active disciples became his and his soul enjoinedHercules, 24:know". He had a mind and used his intellect in active work and service. So, doing and daring, inHercules, 60:in the sign Gemini, concerning predominantly the active work of the aspirant on the physical planeHercules, 60:to an understanding of himself. Before this active work becomes possible there must be a cycle ofHercules, 110:we shall have a personality rounded-out and active, self-controlled, with pronounced mentalHercules, 150:[150] the energy of cruelty into that of active compassion still remains. In two tests HerculesInitiation, viii:Will or Power - The Father Love-wisdom - The Son Active Intelligence - The Holy Spirit and is onlyInitiation, 22:human kingdom he shows forth the third aspect of active intelligence. In the fifth kingdom, whichInitiation, 37:have been, nor to consider in detail who the active personalities have been during the pastInitiation, 39:of Activity. These four are the embodiment of active intelligent loving will. They are the fullInitiation, 40:life, so one or another of these Kumaras will be active. The three Buddhas of Activity change fromInitiation, 40:the King persists steadily and watchfully in active physical incarnation. Besides these mainInitiation, 47:major rays of: Will or power. Love or wisdom. Active intelligence, or adaptability. The four raysInitiation, 114:plane the three aspects - will, love-wisdom, and active intelligence - of the Deity. Therefore: AtInitiation, 114:the third, or lowest, aspect of the Ego, that of active intelligence. He is brought face to faceInitiation, 115:Not only is the Self known to be intelligent, active love, but it is revealed also as a fundamentalInitiation, 115:future naught, but only serve as a sphere for active service, wrought out in love towards theInitiation, 138:that initiation is taken, the centers are all active, and the lower four (which correspond to theInitiation, 138:the three higher are commencing to be similarly active. By the application of the Rod of InitiationInitiation, 138:central spokes of the wheel brought into more active radiance. These spokes [139] of the wheel, orInitiation, 153:who, in his work of Energy-provider, links in active intelligence, spirit and form, or the self andInitiation, 160:ensouling Life, that of the triple Logos, is active, intelligent Love. 9. The Great Word of ourInitiation, 182:time wherein the occidental races (with their active, concrete mind, and their vast businessInitiation, 203:between the activities of the microcosm, and the active manifestation of the macrocosm will beIntellect, 8:It is an apperceptive activity - both active and passive. Active thinking is an act of the will;Intellect, 8:apperceptive activity - both active and passive. Active thinking is an act of the will; passiveIntellect, 41:and self-conscious in the highest sense and active in its environment, manifesting its true natureIntellect, 52:through the processes of self-discipline, an active will towards spiritual Being, unselfish serviceIntellect, 58:being and activity, and gradually assumes an active and natural control. Like the physical andIntellect, 58:result of their work, he is now an intelligent, active, high-grade human being. But, as BrowningIntellect, 78:the "ordered process" (such as self-control and active service) it will fail in its objective.Intellect, 109:The mind remains focused and is continuously active during the entire meditation period. Moreover,Intellect, 126:called "the content of the subconscious," on the active memory, and on the environment, for what isIntellect, 134:vibration and states of being. He is positive, active and self-reliant, and the brain and theIntellect, 137:oneness with Deity. The Higher Self becomes active, and the lower or personal self is entirelyIntellect, 137:and laws. Whilst the true spiritual man is thus active in his own nature and in his own world, theIntellect, 140:becomes simply a question of focus. The brain is active in practically a subconscious mannerIntellect, 141:It is the interlude wherein the soul is active. This soul activity is preceded by what we mightIntellect, 144:of, and knows himself to be at one with that active world of becoming... Hence though he has brokenIntellect, 151:the perceiver, is ever aware of the constantly active mind stuff." "Because it can be seen orIntellect, 164:This process is in turn repeated by the active mind, which throws down into the receptive brain theIntellect, 182:stands revealed to them. They can enter into active participation with it, and become conscious andIntellect, 207:be carried forward instinctively and call for no active use of thought, we can choose a line ofIntellect, 214:and the brain consciousness is all that is active on the physical plane. The withdrawal of theIntellect, 237:outline will help to produce the condition of active attention. Many such outlines are available,Intellect, 258:animal nature is very strong, who have led an active and ill-regulated sex life, or whose thoughtsIntellect, 258:out for many who would otherwise lead an unduly active mental life where sex is concerned. It isIntellect, 265:save the world? May it not be the emergence into active being of a group of practical mystics, who,Magic, 15:are always present, and these laws are ever active, but only as the mind is trained and developed,
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