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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Magic, 28:and at a true understanding of the world of active phenomena by which we are surrounded and inMagic, 44:third creative aspect or the body nature, the active intelligence of the soul. The heart, the loveMagic, 48:use and control, not only the machine, but the active principle. The great symbol of the soul inMagic, 97:has contacted, and which he hopes to bring into active being through his own life and in his ownMagic, 106:the work of initiation and its interludes of active discipleship become possible. Before this timeMagic, 116:lower personal self, dealing with the actions or active life of that lower self. They embody theMagic, 116:thou shalt not steal, have to do with a man's active life, with the building up of character. b.Magic, 119:consciousness. Only as the man transcends his active personal life and substitutes the life of loveMagic, 119:many into the few, so the Monad deals with the active life of love shown in power through theMagic, 128:to those who seek to fit themselves for active work as disciples. I am a disciple and, havingMagic, 141:light and vibration to make his thought form active (embodying as much of the universal thought asMagic, 145:both blending to reveal a beauty and a power, an active liberating force, a wisdom and a love thatMagic, 150:the beatific vision. In the life of the active disciple it produces those interludes which everyMagic, 158:needs to relate if he ever aims to become an active and potent cooperator with the Hierarchy. TheseMagic, 162:expectancy he must substitute that placid, yet active, assurance of the ultimate objective whichMagic, 165:experience. Within his etheric body, he senses active forces. Sometimes he can localize them, andMagic, 186:to work through which would handicap him for active service in some particular life. This theMagic, 196:and in things separative and selfish. 3. That of active intelligence, or the energy which animatesMagic, 212:the kingdom of the soul, so only the fully active and dominant soul, in which the buddhic principleMagic, 226:on them. The physical plane is the plane of active experience in and through matter. It is theMagic, 227:mental plane as well, and becomes exceedingly active as the result of these two contacts. Out ofMagic, 237:field of service. Whether the man can become an active cooperator with the Hierarchy, able toMagic, 278:limitation, of vibratory interplay, and of active precipitation. The one concerns the life, theMagic, 283:engaged in forming organizations and groups for active service in the world. What, should theMagic, 301:his sleeping hours he has developed a field of active service and of learning. He now simplyMagic, 317:Does it cause my astral body to become active in such a way that those who are en rapport with meMagic, 324:etheric vehicle which are vitalized and become active in this work of contact and consequentMagic, 358:a little fire. The fire grows, and heat is then active within the tiny sphere and does its fieryMagic, 361:the Logos, which we call the Universal Mind, the active intelligent Deity. The lines of force fromMagic, 376:achieve a higher realization, and bring into active use a still higher factor, - that of theMagic, 399:ideal. They were not required to possess active mentalities, and their intellectual powers wereMagic, 405:minds of men must be made widely and generally active, and the entire level of human intelligenceMagic, 415:of soul-mind-brain must be in alignment and active. The brain has to be telepathically sensitive inMagic, 431:and the planetary Entity are the two forms in active manifestation which respond most forcibly toMagic, 450:and at a true understanding of the world of active phenomena by which we are surrounded and inMagic, 454:holding their stated and relative positions, active as independent and interdependent organisms,Magic, 465:In these groups, the ordinary feeling, active man is immersed, and out of this immersion he mustMagic, 495:passing out, and of the subsequent interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep.Magic, 513:mind during the interlude between the two more active stages of [514] experience. The inner life,Magic, 514:the outer life seems static and free from active interest. This he must do if he is to availMagic, 516:consciousness. The soul on its own plane becomes active and of this activity the mind and brain areMagic, 516:comes to an end; the waiting mind again becomes active and in so far as it has been rightlyMagic, 516:of Masters and to manifest this cooperation by active participation in Their work on the physicalMagic, 519:in the higher interlude wherein the soul is active, and the mind responsive. The intellectualMagic, 527:This "midway point" has to be seized by the active creating agent in some such manner as theMagic, 533:activity another law or the working out of an active principle which we call the Law of Cycles.Magic, 534:arrives when the Principle of Liberation becomes active and a transition is effected out of aMagic, 552:therefore, part of the work of the retro-active forces and the material element. They will be ofMagic, 574:of the spiritual Reality. He will be busy and active and his word will carry [575] truth, and willMagic, 593:of evolutionary development - are exceedingly active and highly organized, for they are theMagic, 594:in the head shines forth and the centers are active, then the Master will take the man in hand. InMagic, 602:citizen) will be demonstrated by a life of active unselfish service and by the manifestation of anMagic, 609:him to be interiorly awake as well as exteriorly active. This is accomplished through developingMagic, 611:"Self-shining Light," or it can be known as the active form inherent in the one substance whichMagic, 623:is not in such danger as the more advanced and active disciple. He is in danger in three directionsMeditation, 10:is ever felt. Even when the mental body is active, no urge arises until the man has run throughMeditation, 27:atoms are functioning and the man is an active, feeling, thinking entity. He reaches theMeditation, 48:carries a menace. Hence, the man must be an active worker in some part of the field of the world,Meditation, 74:I - wherein the base of the spine is the most active in the purely rotary sense and not in aMeditation, 101:as the sun moves further away, into a less active condition. You have here a correspondence betweenMeditation, 116:the snare of pride. He takes, then, that active intelligence of his and lays it at the feet ofMeditation, 116:he is trusted with the power that follows from active love intelligently applied. He works with theMeditation, 131:free from that source of hindrance in active work. Glamor is another method used, or the castingMeditation, 170:the three groups, and the working out into active expression in the three worlds of the dueMeditation, 173:the ones - so apt to be despised - who are the active workers of the world may, in their place andMeditation, 182:plans of the Logos lies hid in the remnants of active cosmic Evil that had found their way intoMeditation, 210:and which stimulates and guides the life of the active personality. It is that light of reasonMeditation, 225:process of appearing: The Personality expresses active intelligence. [226] The Ego expresses loveMeditation, 239:into powers for use. Inherent faculty has become active characteristics carried to the nth power.Meditation, 245:it. All these methods of course entail the active conscious cooperation of the patient himself.Meditation, 282:methods of expressing one and the same thing, - active one-pointedness that expresses itself inMeditation, 292:entails good work in meditation coupled with active service for the race. These intervals are rareMeditation, 308:this way the occident will have its center where active instruction may be given according to theMeditation, 325:The transformation of potential faculty into active powers through practice. a. The Times of StudyPatanjaliidentified himself with his forms and with their active modifications. 5. The mind states are five,Patanjali, 11:identified himself with his forms and with their active modifications. These forms are thePatanjali, 12:nature of the lives which constitute these active versatile forms has hitherto proved too strongPatanjali, 13:The lower forms are constantly and ceaselessly active, endlessly assuming the forms of impulsivePatanjali, 21:of the I-am-I realization, the senses might be active yet the man be unaware of them. The man isPatanjali, 21:recognize the fact. By withdrawing himself from active sense perception, by no longer [22]Patanjali, 23:to work on high levels, preparatory to some active service upon the lower; The sleep of thePatanjali, 23:concerns several groups of realizations, either active or latent; it deals with certain congeriesPatanjali, 46:Heart of the sun Body Holy Spirit Personality Active Intelligence Throat Physical sun Ishvara isPatanjali, 69:of this type of vision, the pineal gland becomes active, and the third eye (in etheric matter)Patanjali, 69:of this vision the alta major center becomes active, and the thousand-petalled lotus unfolded.Patanjali, 142:This mental attitude has to become one of active mental meditation and one-pointed thought if thePatanjali, 145:in some part of the present or subsequent lives. Active Karma. Those seeds or causes [146] whichPatanjali, 146:this science of yoga can begin dealing with his active karma, interpreting each life-event andPatanjali, 154:being. His various sense organs slowly become active; first, the five senses and then when thePatanjali, 155:sees to it that those forms through which he is active in the world of phenomena are dulyPatanjali, 156:aspect of the Trimurti or Trinity, the aspect of active intelligent matter, out of which the bodyPatanjali, 157:for the real thinking man; they demonstrate his active reality and are the sum total of thePatanjali, 226:of the life currents can be either externally active, internally active or balanced. This triplePatanjali, 226:can be either externally active, internally active or balanced. This triple process brings thePatanjali, 230:and the brain consciousness is all that is active on the physical plane. The withdrawal of thePatanjali, 263:be remembered, however, that this is a very active mental state, for the perceiving consciousnessPatanjali, 288:all the servers of the race. It involves [288] active help, unselfish intent, wise judgment andPatanjali, 289:the fires of the body so that the centers become active, luminous, connected and coordinated.Patanjali, 307:moods, desires and feelings and hence is most active in all. It is through it that the lower bodilyPatanjali, 323:4th 5. Idealism 3rd Atmic 1. Beatitude 7th 2. Active service 6th 3. Realization 5th 4. Perfection
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