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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Patanjali, 323:Psychometry. Planetary psychometry. Healing. Active service. c. The Third Sense - Sight PhysicalPatanjali, 330:or energy found in the top of the head becomes active and through its correct control and throughPatanjali, 334:III. Spiritual The Ether God the Holy-Ghost Active Intelligence. Plane of Union or At-one-mentPatanjali, 352:is naught else but vibrating energy, God in active motion. These five methods put him en rapportPatanjali, 369:the perceiver, is ever aware of the constantly active mind stuff, the effect-producing cause. 19.Patanjali, 409:the perceiver, is ever aware of the constantly active mind stuff, the effect-producing cause. WePatanjali, 410:physical plane. As each son of God brings the active mind stuff for which he is responsible intoPatanjali, 411:situation is apt to occur. The constantly active mind stuff can respond to the lower vibration,Patanjali, 418:and mastered and must now be brought into active use, and employed in three ways. As a vehicle forProblems, 6:process is over, a new humanity will be seen active upon the earth, a new race of men - new becauseProblems, 71:grasp upon humanity were, prior to the war, active in every land and though they went undergroundProblems, 118:to gather together into an effective and active world group all men and women of goodwill and to doProblems, 120:time reach solution; when goodwill is a true and active factor in human affairs, we shall then passProblems, 121:hundreds of thousands of the men of goodwill now active in the world and who can become still moreProblems, 121:in the world and who can become still more active if recognized, reached and organized. [122] Problems, 138:that the great Oriental religions are taking an active lead in producing a new and better world.Problems, 148:men know Christ, because the Christ in them is active while others are only struggling to bring theProblems, 174:when there are enough men and women of goodwill active in the world to force the issue. This is theProblems, 177:people of the world will become genuinely active, it can be done in twenty-five years. The worldPsychology1, xviii:formation and who can constitute one of the active units in the vast happenings that lie ahead,Psychology1, xxv:that needed progress which will fit you for more active and useful service. That none of you may bePsychology1, 22:the ether of space. The consequence of this active interplay of life and substance is that a basicPsychology1, 22:into manifestation and in the work of expressing active life, qualified by love and limited by anPsychology1, 23:is His body of manifestation. 3. The Lord of Active Intelligence. His work is more closely linkedPsychology1, 44:vegetable kingdom the second ray is peculiarly active, producing among other things the magneticPsychology1, 51:II - Love-Wisdom - Plane of the monad. Ray III - Active Intelligence - Plane of spirit, atma. RayPsychology1, 51:and its close relation to the third Ray of Active Intelligence might be regarded as a ray having aPsychology1, 51:time in particular. It is the ray which - when active, as it was in Lemurian times, - producesPsychology1, 53:fusion, of coordination and of blending which is active on etheric levels every time a soul comesPsychology1, 60:total of the universal mind; They are "awake and active." Their goal and Their purpose is such thatPsychology1, 67:its purpose. The Third Purpose of Deity Ray III. Active Intelligence or Adaptability Let the WardenPsychology1, 71:will facilitate His work when He is again in active manifestation. He is always, however, more orPsychology1, 71:in nature. His power is always consequently active. The Perceiver on the Way The Link between thePsychology1, 86:He makes Their work appear. He is the most active of all the rays in this world period, and isPsychology1, 86:It is almost as if He whirled in and out of active work under a very rapid cycle, and His closestPsychology1, 106:time is great, and the Masters are exceedingly active and profoundly concerned at this time withPsychology1, 106:own groups of accepted chelas, all of whom are active in the world work, or they would not be inPsychology1, 108:effort is to inspire these disciples, who are active in world work, to greater usefulness in thePsychology1, 108:through aspirants on the physical plane) are active working chelas of accepted degree who (livingPsychology1, 121:ray. The Being Who is the expression [121] and active force of the entire vegetable kingdom is toPsychology1, 127:rays. Will or Power - Red Love-Wisdom - Blue Active Intelligence - Yellow [128] We have then thePsychology1, 150:the qualities of Impulse towards activity. Active impulse towards organization. Active organizedPsychology1, 150:activity. Active impulse towards organization. Active organized impulse towards a definite purpose.Psychology1, 151:evolution, - towards an evolution which is active, organized, and which works undeviatingly andPsychology1, 155:God the Father, the love of God the Son, and the active intelligence of God the Holy Ghost, youPsychology1, 158:life, quality and appearance. Secondly, they are active in every form in every kingdom, and theyPsychology1, 159:Ray III constitutes the aggregate of the active building forces, and the Great Architect, with HisPsychology1, 162:Consciousness Ideals The Soul. Ray III Active Intelligence Appearance Idols Personality. They findPsychology1, 170:of force - whether manifesting objectively or active subjectively - have temporarily subordinatedPsychology1, 171:and intermediaries between the inner active Hierarchy and the thinkers of the world, and also servePsychology1, 182:energy of love, the energy of intelligence, of active experience, and that energy which producesPsychology1, 184:This urge on Their part to help is more active than ever before, as human beings demand more [185]Psychology1, 193:mechanism of contact (itself the result of active quality, determining the life of the unit cellsPsychology1, 195:and the realm of qualities. These two types of active creative energies must be controlled by thePsychology1, 217:Lives VI. Devotion to Ideas The Plan. III. Active Intelligence Creative Work. 7. Solar Lives I.Psychology1, 237:third initiation, the disciple has three rays active in him, for the ray of the Monad begins thenPsychology1, 246:of discipleship, and hence Saturn and Mars are active. The influence of the latter planet is to bePsychology1, 251:The Animal Kingdom Influences: The third Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent inPsychology1, 260:or of service. The ray impulses which are active at any time. These are, amongst others: The ray ofPsychology1, 261:Knowledge. Fifth Ray. The Throat center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray. The Heart center -Psychology1, 262:world. I refer here to certain centers which are active where the physical and material life of thePsychology1, 300:race is equally guilty, and all must be equally active in the process of creating the correctPsychology1, 317:in the sixth race. The third Ray of Active Intelligence leads from the latent mental awareness ofPsychology1, 319:Two rays of divine energy are peculiarly active in bringing this kingdom into manifestation. ThesePsychology1, 320:on the fourth globe, the Earth, are extremely active. It is their close interrelation and interplayPsychology1, 321:of humanity as a whole. Results: Through the active work of the two rays above discussed, we findPsychology1, 329:love type - full of love and fusing power. The active type - full of action, and manipulatingPsychology1, 337:particular planetary Logos. This is the Ray of Active Intelligence, and of selective Adaptability.Psychology1, 338:in all types of phenomena. This tendency to be active will go on increasing and intensifying untilPsychology1, 339:ray of the planetary Logos, the Ray of Active Intelligence or Adaptability. Man might be defined asPsychology1, 354:enough, in Lemurian days the first ray was active. This was because of a special dispensation orPsychology1, 369:Radium has always been present, but not always active in such a manner that we were able to detectPsychology1, 370:planet, and at that time the fifth ray was not active as it now is. Therefore scientific knowledgePsychology1, 370:this seventh ray activity becomes increasingly active, and the result of their influence will be toPsychology1, 377:which indicate their relation to humanity. When active in the other kingdoms of nature theirPsychology1, 383:for by the interplay of the third Ray of Active Intelligence with the fifth Ray of ScientificPsychology1, 386:magical work, some forces are present and active in Russia which need most careful handling by thePsychology1, 390:the fifth ray of intellect are potentially very active at this time, as they are all inPsychology1, 403:Logos of our planet, which is the third Ray of Active Intelligence. All are therefore upon a subrayPsychology1, 419:principle, seated in the head. [419] Ray III - Active Intelligence or Adaptability Planet: Saturn.Psychology1, 421:Consciousness Ideals The Soul. Ray III Active Intelligence Appearance Idols The Personality. [422]Psychology1, 423:6. Planetary Lives 6. Devotion to ideas. 3. Active Intelligence. The Plan. Creative Work. 7. SolarPsychology1, 425:The Animal Kingdom Influences: The third Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent inPsychology1, 428:Knowledge. Fifth Ray. The Throat Center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray. The Heart Center -Psychology2, 17:as it is occultly called, begins to become more active; in the brain of the man who is a developedPsychology2, 17:the battle continues to rage, he becomes a more active factor, and drops the attitude of thePsychology2, 24:called a personality. There is simply a living, active physical body, with its wants and desires,Psychology2, 27:stages of the Path of Initiation he becomes active fifth-dimensionally. As we consider thesePsychology2, 37:Naught could be seen but that which veiled, and active motion. Within the veil was latent thought.Psychology2, 57:Consciousness is literally the reaction of active intelligence to the pattern. Today, it is as ifPsychology2, 69:energy of the soul begins to be increasingly active, and the man seeks consciously to use his mind,Psychology2, 74:only recognizes the process, but is alert and active in its fulfilment, then the work proceedsPsychology2, 81:within our universe. Ray Three - The Energy of Active Intelligence Just as the grasping andPsychology2, 88:age. This law has always been functioning and active in the world, for it is one of the first ofPsychology2, 88:laws to express itself consciously, and as an active ideal, in human life. The theme of all thePsychology2, 97:is an aspect of desire, but it is the dynamic, active side and not the feeling, sensuous side. ItPsychology2, 100:is a quality of the soul. There is, finally, the active application and the complete sacrifice ofPsychology2, 101:ray Monads among the sons of men. The ray of active intelligence, expressing itself through thePsychology2, 101:the bulk of our humanity, and the ray of active intelligence expressing itself through Will,Psychology2, 111:to be found, it is difficult for us - with our active, discriminating minds - to understand its
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