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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Psychology2, 117:body) become vibrant and alive and intensely active, through service and meditation and rightPsychology2, 121:is frequently an indication of a busy and over-active temperament, or of a self-satisfiedPsychology2, 126:lay the emphasis upon soul contact and upon an active familiarity with the egoic life, and not uponPsychology2, 127:it in his brain consciousness and owing to the active impression of the mind, is to make the manPsychology2, 128:on real comprehension. The mind element is too active. When the personal lower self is subordinatedPsychology2, 130:of the coming age will be built up around the active rendering of service. We have used the wordPsychology2, 131:by the quality of harmlessness, and by an active refraining from those acts and that speech whichPsychology2, 136:with the working out of the server's part in the active work of the world, provided his vision isPsychology2, 137:in selfish coalition for the presentation of an active personality, or in dedicated selflessnessPsychology2, 143:these lines in every country today are more active than at any other time in human history. TheyPsychology2, 145:Life Ray VII This ray provides at this time an active and necessary grouping of disciples who arePsychology2, 147:This law works as a dispersing agent. When in active expression, it causes an active scattering orPsychology2, 147:agent. When in active expression, it causes an active scattering or rejection of the aspects ofPsychology2, 149:to indicate our development. Unless the mind is active, and unless we are beginning intelligentlyPsychology2, 193:groups, which form nevertheless, one large, active group. This central group force will then pourPsychology2, 197:must likewise be found and the server must be active along some humanitarian, artistic, literary,Psychology2, 206:world today. Their mind natures are alive and active but they cannot yet control them as theyPsychology2, 211:those of will or power, of love-wisdom and of active intelligence. The following facts must,Psychology2, 211:upon the moon chain, but that the egos of active intelligence constituted 75% of the total, thePsychology2, 211:75%, with the remaining 25% being the egos of active intelligence. Very few indeed, practically aPsychology2, 220:for individual effort, but providing the vital active trends beyond which no worker with the PlanPsychology2, 223:phrase should be noted. It is the result of the active work of the sons of God, the sons of mind,Psychology2, 236:of World Servers, as well as all intelligent and active aspirants, have today the responsibility ofPsychology2, 236:in the world today, which indicate the active presence of this trend, and foster it where we can.Psychology2, 255:and in which They call Their disciples to be active. The power of ideas is only today beginning toPsychology2, 280:power to make the needed approach. Through the active work and the guidance of the "presidingPsychology2, 285:a unit of energy. They make him essentially an active, intelligent, loving, living, human being.Psychology2, 305:this period all the centers are necessarily active in a slow and rhythmic way. All have a light inPsychology2, 305:petals in the centers below the diaphragm become active, but they are not dynamic in the essentialPsychology2, 307:The two head centers are becoming increasingly active. The petals are all vibrant, and the dynamicPsychology2, 307:centers above the diaphragm become dominantly active. The center at the base of the spine comesPsychology2, 3o8:At this stage, therefore, four rays are active in the man, four streams of energy make him what hePsychology2, 314:a difficult truth. The truth is that the soul is active on all the three lower planes, and that itPsychology2, 330:becomes (with each new appearance) increasingly active and alive and awake, and the stage ofPsychology2, 330:stages of man's development which lie behind his active appearance upon the physical plane are notPsychology2, 335:of consciousness takes place. Begins to be active in all the three personality vehiclesPsychology2, 337:alternating in their emphasis, or predominantly active in some one or other of these lower aspects,Psychology2, 337:a different sense than hitherto, and in a more active manner, its vehicles of expression and ofPsychology2, 339:The centers below the diaphragm become fully active, with the major emphasis in the solar plexusPsychology2, 339:activity. The ajna center also begins to become active, producing integrated and creativePsychology2, 339:The fifth kingdom in nature becomes creatively active [340] on earth. This will be characteristicPsychology2, 340:a mass of conflicting energies and an active center of moving forces with a shift of emphasisPsychology2, 340:of energy presenting a confusing kaleidoscope of active interrelations, interpenetration,Psychology2, 342:slowly conscious and consequently intelligently active in the three worlds of human evolution.Psychology2, 343:intervals, are Integrated into a functioning, active personality; Swept by the power of their ownPsychology2, 345:of the threefold lower nature into an active, conscious personality, prior to its fusion into aPsychology2, 349:their different states of consciousness into one active reality. He is then definitely aPsychology2, 358:that a man's egoic ray is the third ray of active intelligence or adaptability, and his personalityPsychology2, 358:ray is the second subray of the third ray of active intelligence. Then, in addition, there might bePsychology2, 365:development, in which low grade energies are active and the personality is neither integrated norPsychology2, 372:I see, the dream I dream, the truth I hold, the active form which meets my need, that which I graspPsychology2, 373:This relation and interplay only becomes active at a relatively high stage of evolution. ThePsychology2, 380:when rightly related to each other, produce one active force center, through which the Monad canPsychology2, 392:structure, and to identify himself with it in an active capable manner. The result of meditationPsychology2, 411:being, characterized by intelligence, comes into active expression. The focus of attention is stillPsychology2, 412:and the soul factor becomes increasingly active and prominent, dominating and disciplining thePsychology2, 443:field of energy in which all factors are active except the energy of the ego or soul. They havePsychology2, 459:to be ever on the move and thus constantly active. These sound fairly simple and usual types but IPsychology2, 474:plane, evokes the renewed and the reawakened active reaction from the lower powers. It is as [475]Psychology2, 475:plane with interest and attention. He may not be active on the plane himself or consciouslyPsychology2, 521:two - Love-Wisdom - Heart center. Ray three - Active Intelligence - Throat center. Ray four -Psychology2, 523:life: There is a period wherein the centers are active only in a sluggish and semi-dormant manner:Psychology2, 524:solar plexus center, in particular, becomes very active. As yet, all the real life of the man isPsychology2, 525:governs the integrated personality, becomes active and dominant. The life of feeling and ofPsychology2, 526:life. The centers below the head will all be active and functioning, but the centers below thePsychology2, 526:vivid and potent; the throat center is intensely active and the heart center is rapidly awakening.Psychology2, 530:at the center" becomes vibrant, potent and active: its forces can then penetrate throughout thePsychology2, 531:The throat center is not, at this period, active enough or sufficiently awakened to absorb andPsychology2, 536:expected. This gland must eventually become more active in the adult than is now the case, just asPsychology2, 536:understood and comprehended, but it will be an active and important part of man's equipment. ThisPsychology2, 539:The solar plexus center is, at this time, highly active among men and women everywhere. In everyPsychology2, 548:are caused by the energy of an awakened and active lower center being transferred into a higherPsychology2, 548:the energy of the lower center becomes intensely active prior to rising upward. This will producePsychology2, 549:conditioned by the intermediate stages of: The active radiation of the lower center. ThePsychology2, 551:and the solar plexus, therefore, becomes less active and less dominating, these forms ofPsychology2, 560:7th 6th 5th 4th 3rd Atmic plane 1. Beatitude 2. Active service 3. Realization 4. Perfection 5. AllPsychology2, 189:Psychometry. Planetary psychometry. Healing. Active service. The Third Sense - Sight. PhysicalPsychology2, 575:In Lemurian days, the sacral center was the most active and the brightest. In Atlantean days, thePsychology2, 575:and the Aryan. The throat center is now the most active in the majority of cases and the mostPsychology2, 587:too arduous a task. But, where the will is active and the peril entailed by continuing to work onPsychology2, 588:can he do if the solar plexus center is over-active and the door to the astral plane stands widePsychology2, 603:has only one idea in his head. His mind is not active, for his brain has become the instrument ofPsychology2, 607:center between the eyebrows is beginning to be active and awake. The problem of power, sensed byPsychology2, 607:When this takes place the ajna center is active and is synchronizing its vibration with that of thePsychology2, 611:is that the light of the personality is more active within the head than is the light of the soulPsychology2, 642:Group of World Servers is already a functioning active group. Every man and woman in every countryPsychology2, 644:Year by year there should develop much active work and much dissemination of the teachings uponPsychology2, 651:two parts: An inner nucleus, composed of those active servers who know themselves to be disciples,Psychology2, 656:Each phase of it constitutes a field of active service, and all men of good will everywhere and thePsychology2, 670:the same time we have the loud shouting and the active work of certain idealists, who seize uponPsychology2, 681:they can refrain from breeding hatred and from active antagonistic propaganda, and can regard theirPsychology2, 689:our planetary evolution, and Who seldom take an active outer part in the world activity, leaving itPsychology2, 692:can make. This falls into three categories: The active instruction and mobilizing of the knownPsychology2, 696:Magnetic Impulse or Polar Union which plays an active part here. This law governs the relation ofPsychology2, 709:The Hierarchy of Masters is exceedingly active today, and this is due to two things: The demand onPsychology2, 710:guiding group in the world today. They are found active in government and in churches. They expressPsychology2, 722:men and women in the world who are today active in world affairs. From the side of the HierarchyPsychology2, 728:as has been well and truly remarked, is the active principle of peace. And peace - not inertPsychology2, 739:and yet need in no way prevent his being an active part of the New Group of World Servers. TheyPsychology2, 741:It is a program of such simplicity that the over-active minds of many will reject it on the ground
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