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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVE

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Rays, 615:therefore brings the astral plane within the active sphere of His influence; this involves theRays, 617:the ability and status of the disciples found active in the chosen field. More, I may not suggest.Rays, 628:values. Once her soul ray of pure knowledge is active, it will dominate her personality or materialRays, 628:will dominate her personality or material Ray of Active Intelligence, once the most powerful of allRays, 628:United States, this fourth energy is peculiarly active, because of the conflict of races, nations,Rays, 629:beautiful and the true, to the expression of an active humanitarianism and an invocative spiritualRays, 634:The Jews are governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence, the energy which permeates andRays, 639:of evil. The Principle of Conflict is today active in all nations, in all religions, in allRays, 642:dealing, therefore, with Ray I. - Will or Power, active in connection with the 5th Initiation. RayRays, 642:with the 5th Initiation. Ray II. - Love-Wisdom, active in connection with the 7th Initiation. RayRays, 642:connection with the 7th Initiation. Ray III. - Active Intelligence, active in connection with theRays, 642:7th Initiation. Ray III. - Active Intelligence, active in connection with the 6th Initiation. TheRays, 654:[654] initiation is governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence. The only reason that I amRays, 669:sacral center (the center most implicated and active at the time of the first initiation) has to beRays, 671:ajna center (the center between the eyebrows) is active and is coming under the control of theRays, 671:avoided. Simultaneously, the head center becomes active as a result of the aspirant's mentalRays, 671:centers in the head then become correspondingly active; the negative and the positive elementsRays, 676:Ray of Idealism or Devotion was predominantly active. This is the ray of one-pointed determinationRays, 683:factor in lifting both physical and emotional active energies from below the diaphragm into theRays, 688:VII. The second Ray of Love-Wisdom is here active, as the major planetary ray. The application ofRays, 708:the background; they may even appear to be less active outwardly, and so be misjudged, but theirRays, 724:of Those Who are conditioned by the third Ray of Active Intelligence (and this is ever the caseRays, 743:Perhaps a clear statement of that which the active spiritual Forces are seeking to bring about mayRays, 743:may prove helpful. If the Forces of Evil are active and organized, the Forces of Light are equallyRays, 743:and organized, the Forces of Light are equally active, but not so well organized. The basic goal isReappearance, 44:The general staff of the Christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers;Reappearance, 64:upon the Cross and not to the living, working, active, present Christ Who has been with us inReappearance, 73:planning, swinging the disciples of the Christ, active on Earth, into the same condition ofReappearance, 87:of the spiritual Hierarchy and, therefore, active, working disciples). When He was in Palestine,Reappearance, 91:and civilized reactions. These forces are active now in every land, frequently producing increasedReappearance, 91:in May 1945, the forces of enlightenment became active, and light began to stream into the minds ofReappearance, 96:reappearing, though He will not be involved or active during the entire period of Christ's coming,Reappearance, 96:during the entire period of Christ's coming, active work on earth. As you know, He, too, has notReappearance, 98:and the Aquarian energies to be generated and active on Earth during the next two thousand years,Reappearance, 100:the time when His Brother, the Christ, would be active in the Great Service - as it is called. InReappearance, 105:perception of mankind came into increasingly active use. The asking of questions, to which thereReappearance, 111:Servers will be able to work successfully. This active energy of loving understanding will mobilizeReappearance, 135:control. The moment that the hearts of men are active, that moment sees the termination ofReappearance, 150:a God Who is creating, sustaining and creatively active, but at the same time outside His CreationReappearance, 170:of Men;" it is for this coming forth to outer active service that They are already - one by one -Reappearance, 181:from which it can draw all that is needed for active, spiritual work. The group provides a field ofReappearance, 181:stature and to fit themselves to be the active, directed disciples of the Christ. The appearance ofSoul, 41:that it is related to brain growth and that its active functioning [42] causes intellectualSoul, 49:of combat. They produce that immediate and active response which men exhibit in times of danger orSoul, 57:union of life and substance, there flames forth active energy. Thus we have a single reality,Soul, 59:with energy, - but as only three planes are active, and four dormant, so only three force centersSoul, 79:is interesting, for he defines it as a simple, active being, revealed to us through experience. TheSoul, 98:of that principle... We may consider it as the active principle of life - Vital Force, if youSoul, 119:certain types, the solar plexus center will be active or dominant, in others the heart, in stillSoul, 119:throat. In very few as yet, is the head center active. Speaking largely, in savage people and theSoul, 122:it is simply the life force, prana, which is active and registers. This nurtures the animal lifeSoul, 124:the self or soul becomes more and more [124] active and dominant in man and in his corporealSoul, 124:Through this fusion of energies he becomes an active expression of God, - spirit, soul, body,Soul, 140:forward for the sake of the group and not on the active sex life of the man concerned. The energyTelepathy, 10:Upon which of your three bodies is the most active; thereby is indicated where you liveTelepathy, 18:because the solar plexus is still exceedingly active. What we have today is a mixture ofTelepathy, 19:and the three centers which will be rendered active in the process are the head center, which isTelepathy, 23:however, the head center is also awakened and active, the soul is not able to control, and thisTelepathy, 24:mental plane, to the activity and play of more active and powerful minds? The written and spokenTelepathy, 25:in the world today. Essentially, energy is active substance. These two types of force are of aTelepathy, 28:more deeply upon the fact and necessity of active outgoing energy [29] when you are occupied withTelepathy, 29:occupied with the task of transmission, and with active receptivity when you are functioning as aTelepathy, 46:New Group of World Servers are impressed by the active INTELLIGENCE of God; they translate thisTelepathy, 49:as it is sensitive to the higher impressions and active in the mental creation of the neededTelepathy, 71:Universal Mind. They are, when fully related and active, the factors which engineer divine purposeTelepathy, 72:third initiation - of the esoteric sense. The active use of the esoteric sense in the occultTelepathy, 112:spiritual man; at the same time, he remains in active possession and use of his personality andTelepathy, 119:is found and the three planes which form the active arena for hierarchical work - the three levelsTelepathy, 125:Intelligence, Humanity. This is the energy of active Mind and makes humanity the macrocosm of theTelepathy, 127:can make these matters clearer to your avid and active intelligence. Telepathy, 132:The planetary center which we call Humanity is active and vibrant, and it is now possible toTelepathy, 135:energy of Love-Wisdom, whilst the third Ray of active creative Intelligence passes through andTelepathy, 135:is predominantly governed by the third Ray of Active Intelligence. This ray energy arrives at theTelepathy, 146:throughout the etheric body as it is interiorly active within the physical vehicle. The three headTelepathy, 169:attraction (commonly called love), and the active intelligence which will bring the livingness andTelepathy, 172:course, the energies are all fully developed, active and vibrant, and are therefore consciouslyTelepathy, 178:as the field of divine living activity, full of active intelligent forms, each placed in theTelepathy, 183:lesser centers, each of which is brought into active expression by one of the three major Rays orTelepathy, 185:by means of the energy of the third [185] Ray of Active Intelligence. Its major function isTelepathy, 185:intelligent life, conscious, intelligent and active wisdom, and conscious, intelligent and activeTelepathy, 185:active wisdom, and conscious, intelligent and active creation. In connection with the Hierarchy,Telepathy, 190:center only becomes creatively and spiritually active when the lower nature has been to some degreeTelepathy, 191:center is the first usually to be awakened and active; as soon as there is life in that center and
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