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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVELY

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Astrology, 69:intuition and sensitivity of the astrologer is actively present. 3.The capacity of the astrologerAstrology, 70:centers - solar plexus, heart and throat - are actively involved. At the third initiation, the MoonAstrology, 210:the activity of Mars which has not appeared actively in the intervening signs between Aries andAutobiographyof fatigue or pain. She chose to go out actively working and still on the job. This she did. EvenAutobiography, 6:against her will) by circumstances, by an actively intruding conscience, and by a knowledge of whatAutobiography, 251:purpose and a deep love of humanity who were actively working in many countries, either inAutobiography, 286:why we have students with so many loyalties actively associated with us as students, but at theAutobiography, 286:with us as students, but at the same time as actively working in other groups. You will findBethlehem, 29:for those who have eyes to see, they can be seen actively bringing changes in the race. AspirationBethlehem, 158:but have not attempted to become actively transfigured. But that must some day happen to us, andBethlehem, 272:becoming conscious of the larger whole, or actively participating in its unified life. However, itDestiny, 6:naturally committed. The energy of intelligence, actively displayed in creative activity. TheDestiny, 49:a particular nation and which are at this time actively working are very potent, either materiallyDiscipleship1, 29:be an accomplished fact and is already much more actively present and potent than you think. ADiscipleship1, 53:rarely) some one isolated individual, responding actively and consciously. He thus became a tinyDiscipleship1, 53:work (to which I am personally pledged) you are actively cooperating and should cooperate. But itDiscipleship1, 109:the fact afterwards. You have for years worked actively upon the mental plane both with and inDiscipleship1, 135:effective. NOTE: This disciple is still working actively with the Tibetan. [136] Discipleship1, 163:you can know nothing; these are also working actively and under the new impulses, frequentlyDiscipleship1, 165:a close and intimate work to do because they are actively associated with the New Group of WorldDiscipleship1, 173:do not work alone. NOTE: This disciple is still actively engaged in the Tibetan's work. Discipleship1, 186:is all you need. NOTE: This disciple is still actively cooperating with the Tibetan. Discipleship1, 225:his mastering of it. NOTE: This brother is still actively cooperating with the Tibetan. Discipleship1, 226:group of disciples and why also you are working actively and fruitfully in its executive andDiscipleship1, 291:remains intact with all its members affiliated, actively or inactively. Discipleship1, 321:yours, my brother. NOTE: This disciple is still actively cooperating with the Tibetan. Discipleship1, 341:as to people and their values; this will actively aid you in the dissipation of glamor. You areDiscipleship1, 344:This seventh ray personality enables you to work actively in many ways upon the physical plane,Discipleship1, 433:to work in the Tibetan's group and is there actively engaged. Discipleship1, 517:servant for so long. Will you not become more actively the participator [518] and the activeDiscipleship1, 551:1935 MY BROTHER: You have for some years been actively and consciously working at your spiritualDiscipleship1, 571:apparently still remains distorted. She is not actively working in the Ashram. She still is anDiscipleship1, 577:drifting into a semi-tranced condition, but actively becoming aware of that inner center ofDiscipleship1, 620:asked to resign. For some years, he was not actively working in the Ashram. His acceptance of theDiscipleship1, 642:in healing. [642] It will be found, when we come actively to work, that some of you will beDiscipleship1, 783:purpose and deep love of humanity who were actively working in many countries, either inDiscipleship2, 28:over to the other side of the veil but are still actively cooperating with the group, and receivingDiscipleship2, 80:is that four or five of you will be working more actively, and eventually more consciously, in theDiscipleship2, 80:in the Ashram of your own Master and less actively in mine; you must remember, however, that theDiscipleship2, 100:R.V.B., P.G.C,, R.S.U., and R.S.W.) are actively working in relation to my plans, though thoseDiscipleship2, 124:not omitting yourself. 9. Then see this wheel as actively moving and scintillating, and thusDiscipleship2, 128:chela," so will grow your power. Use the formula actively as far as you can and do not restDiscipleship2, 138:to impression, and cooperate thereafter actively; through the alignment exercise you endeavored toDiscipleship2, 219:(the Ray of the divine Destroyer) is already actively working, destroying the old and outwornDiscipleship2, 244:and the radiation today of the Christ spirit, actively present in the hearts of all disciples isDiscipleship2, 443:I would not have you cease planning and working actively but I would have you more discriminatingDiscipleship2, 515:with the group meditation, you will be working actively upon the solar plexus, the head, the heartDiscipleship2, 568:of recognition" which I am giving to all who are actively affiliated with my Ashram. TheDiscipleship2, 623:of humanity is not, at present, thinking but is actively feeling. The quality of mind, which isDiscipleship2, 678:thousands of goodwill movements so ardently and actively working in the world today? This A.A.B.Education, 91:elapse before such a state of affairs will be actively present - but it will be decades and notExternalisation, 9:below the threshold of consciousness, but are actively used and functioning, it means that theExternalisation, 65:of the world aspirants. They, instead of working actively to bring about the accomplishment of theExternalisation, 102:of the fifth kingdom, and it is this latent, yet actively present, factor which leads unerringlyExternalisation, 130:of feeling and perception and mind, are actively and effectively working upon the physical plane.Externalisation, 134:in all lands as well as by groups which are actively working in every country for their own ends orExternalisation, 171:or a planned neutrality, as in America, or are actively fighting for that which is against theExternalisation, 177:and pestilence and the constant risk of becoming actively a part of the war faces every country notExternalisation, 195:a future of cooperation and of understanding is actively developed; it will make its presence feltExternalisation, 197:will require rebuilding; all will have to attend actively to the settlement of the future economicExternalisation, 209:only be satisfactorily determined if goodwill is actively present and consciously used, and whenExternalisation, 210:world order, the men and women of goodwill can actively aid the statesmen of all nations byExternalisation, 222:awaiting the opportunity to participate actively in the work of world redemption, readjustment andExternalisation, 234:in the questioning hearts of those who are not actively sharing in the struggle against evil. ThereExternalisation, 248:an interlude wherein it was not possible to work actively. The needs of the new group of worldExternalisation, 253:will and the will-to-good of humanity which must actively end the present conflict. One of these,Externalisation, 257:forces will be enabled to work also more actively on earth. Curiously enough, they are oftenExternalisation, 279:the suffering, and the oppressed, and will work actively and intelligently to bring about release,Externalisation, 288:right relationship, of loving understanding, of actively expressed Love. It is the foundation ofExternalisation, 297:human demand. All these people have worked actively upon the physical plane and seldom receivedExternalisation, 320:the relatively few who have vision and want actively to help the embattled Allies (the agents ofExternalisation, 327:at this time upon these problems; they are actively molding public opinion; [328] free minds in allExternalisation, 338:hidden. It is because all [338] these stages are actively present today that we have the dire andExternalisation, 367:war, to take the needed steps to ally themselves actively with the nations fightingExternalisation, 453:and materialistic selfishness are to be found actively organized in the churches in all continentsExternalisation, 504:and through Their grouped disciples are already actively engaged in the work of preparation. TheExternalisation, 506:destiny of Christianity. The Master Hilarion is actively occupied in the field of America,Externalisation, 640:which I have planted. Though I shall not be actively and outwardly working with you orExternalisation, 666:are prevalent in the world today are to be found actively working within this Ashram. Many of themExternalisation, 698:Their [698] disciples - are to be found today actively functioning in human affairs and struggling,Externalisation, 701:the Masters and Their groups of disciples are actively working to bring order out of chaos. YouFire, 125:of spirit, or the fire from the Ego, comes more actively downwards till a flame of real brillianceFire, 161:undifferentiated ovoids; they then become actively rotating or manifest latent heat; next theyFire, 172:cross. He is sensing the spiritual, though actively functioning in the personal life and theFire, 175:Centuries go by and the man becomes ever more actively intelligent, and the field of his life moreFire, 197:to aid in the due evolution of the sheath and actively to serve. A Lord of Compassion is one whoFire, 197:the inadequacies of the not-self and thus actively to serve the plan of evolution. We should studyFire, 199:till the Self, by means of these three, becomes actively aware of every form, of every vibration,Fire, 268:through the seven Heavenly Men, Who are [268] actively intelligent, inherently love, and areFire, 355:a purpose in view for every incarnation; each is actively following and intelligently working toFire, 393:evolution within the Body of that particular actively willing Existence. This is true of all BeingsFire, 422:self-interest, and therefore intelligently, actively, and with conscious purpose work for the goodFire, 464:causes specialized response from those who are actively and intelligently working at theFire, 785:and the law of Karma is demonstrating actively, for it should be remembered that it is the inherentFire, 791:As two of the centers are not functioning as actively as the other five, an ovoid is not formed asFire, 900:apparent, and the Great Mother will be seen actively engaged, under the influence of desire, in theFire, 1128:of the personal self, and which have also to be actively functioning before the triple egoic forceFire, 1216:to establish systemic [1216] relations, and be actively, and consciously, part of group work. TheGlamour, 70:the path you must, on the Path itself, work actively and intelligently with the surrounding glamor,Glamour, 81:as is the mind principle in the case of an actively intelligent person. The intuition, however,
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