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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITIES

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Externalisation, 557:us. I have chosen to speak to you of these activities in which it is now possible for you to share,Externalisation, 559:will not at this time reappear. Their activities will still, for a long time, be retained withinExternalisation, 561:To that extent, humanity controls some of the activities of the Hierarchy and thus precipitatesExternalisation, 572:of certain spiritual qualities and effective activities which they believe signify that these menExternalisation, 573:time they come into control the old theological activities will have been completely broken;Externalisation, 573:bring about great and needed changes. All these activities, built upon the preparatory work of theExternalisation, 578:the new world religion. Paralleling these activities (and disciples on this ray are already takingExternalisation, 582:active or relatively inactive. The ancient activities of the Hierarchy will still persist - theExternalisation, 582:of the Hierarchy will still persist - the activities of preparing disciples and initiates forExternalisation, 584:acting as a directing agent in all the planned activities, the life theme and purpose which are hisExternalisation, 594:Hierarchy - it has given rise to certain activities in the Father's House. These will result in theExternalisation, 599:and Executives, of Their representative activities on behalf of mankind and of Their closeExternalisation, 615:the intelligent thinker adds the reactionary activities in every land, and the fight for oil whichExternalisation, 622:There are at the present time three great activities going on: First, the activity to be felt inExternalisation, 626:- coal, oil, etc., and also with the underground activities of the great Powers and of theExternalisation, 634:In this decade of my work, two major activities were inaugurated: the creation of the Triangles andExternalisation, 640:relation which I now hold to you and to all the activities which I have helped you to inaugurateExternalisation, 652:work of the new group of world servers, and the activities of men of goodwill everywhere prevail,Externalisation, 673:time. These energies were started on their activities in the very night of time; they established -Externalisation, 678:activity of the people engaged in the Triangle activities will magnetically draw out that whichExternalisation, 687:first step toward the externalization of Their activities. An intensive training process,Fire, VII:persons and organizations whose positions and activities were more Piscean and authoritarian. TheFire, 38:indicates the rule; the four arms, the four activities of cognition, etc.; the white resplendenceFire, 93:Where they are not found, then certain great activities become impossible, and disintegration setsFire, 122:in our planetary Hierarchy who presides over the activities carried on in the four minor rays andFire, 172:in the larger cycle; he is conscious of two activities within himself, symbolized by the rotatingFire, 214:thus: The third Aspect or Brahma aspect of the activities of those Entities who are His expression,Fire, 215:is governed by the Law of Attraction; the activities of the entities who embody this aspect areFire, 215:is governed by the Law of Synthesis, and the activities of the cosmic entities who are itsFire, 260:of Solomon for the Light of God, and turned his activities into altruistic helping of theFire, 281:is literally the form wherein His conscious activities and purposes are worked out - the solarFire, 383:with the first Logos, and utilizing the activities of the third Logos for purposes of manifesting.Fire, 392:it resulted in a temporary slowing down of His activities, and caused "lost time," if such anFire, 397:will be immediately apparent that karma, and the activities of the Lipika Lords, will be involvedFire, 443:aspect, demonstrating through His own activities within His own scheme. The effect of the same asFire, 485:different groups, and how interrelated are their activities. The work of the Hierarchy can beFire, 485:always in terms of alchemy, and Their activities deal with a threefold transmutation. This work isFire, 488:and produces results through the self-induced activities of the central life, subhuman, human orFire, 496:within that kingdom, and to stimulate the activities of those devas who work with flowers, fruits,Fire, 598:is some fundamental principle directing all the activities of the Logos in His system, and byFire, 612:Two types of force are represented in the activities of these two groups and it is theirFire, 612:a most important point to emphasize. These deva activities in relation to Self-Consciousness (whichFire, 618:the product of an earlier solar system; their activities date from there. That system stands to theFire, 642:in a triple coordination. Paralleling their activities along the line of consciousness (andFire, 644:these "devas of the shadows," perform certain activities of an interesting and varied kind, butFire, 662:are a potent cause of his physical plane activities. If man only realized it, the devas of theFire, 668:plane with physical substance. He transfers His activities to a higher level, and hence deals withFire, 676:different functions carrying out varying activities, and producing constructive results. They mightFire, 774:yet radioactive towards the Spirit aspect. Its activities are primarily internal and self-centeredFire, 777:the activity of the solar Angels. These three activities are the main work of the solar PitrisFire, 870:and stored up in the [870] ego during the activities of the personal life, a form of initiationFire, 873:which are those which energize and produce the activities of all atoms. Another type deals with theFire, 892:lives frequently protect their dense physical activities through the agency of glamor, and cast aFire, 905:the fifth, there will be a recapitulation of the activities of this round, until, in the fifthFire, 959:to the physical in its two sections. Their activities are energized by mind and not by desire, asFire, 960:to pour through, thus energizing all human [960] activities upon the physical plane, and vitalizingFire, 1054:Evolution is the sumtotal of all the lesser activities. [1055] We might consider this point inFire, 1055:atom has, as all else in nature, three main activities: First. It rotates upon its own axis,Fire, 1090:otherwise - the karmic seeds of earlier logoic activities. Our solar Logos has not yet attainedFire, 1094:and the triple result thereby produced; the activities resulting from this stream of dynamicFire, 1096:influences which are the result of His earlier activities in System 1. The dense physical forms areFire, 1105:in course of time from the physical brain. The activities of the astral body. The thought currentsFire, 1132:might now deal more specifically with the final activities, or modes of motion, in these variousFire, 1133:kingdoms first and pass later to the methods and activities of a human being, of a planetary Logos,Fire, 1165:that of the whole revolution. Finally, these two activities are increased by the appearance of aFire, 1213:in the two kingdoms (the physical body with its activities and purposes) and that which should beFire, 1217:certain basic discriminations, and guides its activities through a knowledge of the laws of its ownGlamour, 37:and cities and if successful in their personal activities, could play a most useful part. SuchGlamour, 38:in his own personal life, but functions and activities differ. Yours is the work of the trainedGlamour, 42:is made. As these realizations and inner activities become practical parts of the disciple's lifeGlamour, 45:can judge, to set forms and standardizes men's activities, regimenting their lives [46] and work.Glamour, 48:conditions which are the rules governing their activities. As he learns to travel with them uponGlamour, 60:of the mental type is pride, and that colors all activities in the early stages. The cure is theGlamour, 62:and he interprets it as belonging to a range of activities with which it may have absolutely noGlamour, 89:the process and apply wrong motives to right activities. All these points we shall later take up inGlamour, 133:part of him; they condition his reactions and activities; they feed his desire nature andGlamour, 146:strong a word) that any of you may feel for the activities of the German Government, and for theGlamour, 147:refusal to recognize any justification for the activities and attitudes of the other. LikeGlamour, 192:should be remembered, only use the mind for two activities: [193] To reach the minds of TheirGlamour, 213:these three stages are established as related activities, habits and automatic reactions, and whenGlamour, 244:obvious to you, therefore, that in these three activities of that Reality which is not identifiedGlamour, 244:brings death to the physical world. All these activities are evidences of the will or of the firstHealing, 46:(as a carrier of the life principle) governs the activities of the man - conscious, subconscious,Healing, 95:psychological life and the consequent resultant activities: Disease is a form of activity. MentalHealing, 176:this center will be controlled and its activities will be carried forward intelligently and as theHealing, 200:the personality. The personality directs the activities of the physical body. [201] The spinalHealing, 275:these factors are, in their turn, the result of activities initiated and carried through inHealing, 313:is rendered relatively futile, and its normal activities are affected. As to the cure and theHealing, 324:are the precipitation on earth of certain inner activities on the astral plane of a most definiteHealing, 350:on the physical plane by the earlier scientific activities which are right in motive but which areHealing, 362:he becomes aware of these deva forces and their activities, via the Christ and through theirHealing, 364:back, or are sidetracked in their aim by the activities involved in assuaging pain and deadeningHealing, 369:effects and through interference with their activities, are rapidly moving particles in relation toHealing, 380:reactions. Even in connection with the uncertain activities of mankind, the Masters can usuallyHealing, 395:The Art of Elimination. This refers to two activities of the inner spiritual man; i.e., theHealing, 402:is likewise a future entirely dependent upon the activities of this present life episode andHealing, 428:familiar a [428] technique and process as those activities, (rhythmic and cyclic in nature) whichHealing, 437:but realize it, is one of our most practiced activities. We have died many times and shall dieHealing, 445:disciples they are increasingly unaware of the activities and reactions of their personalities,Healing, 454:expressing the purpose of the soul in all the activities of daily living. Death, therefore, is
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