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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITIES

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Healing, 463:we are dealing with the reactions and activities of the soul which is deliberately recalling itsHealing, 467:of involution and evolution; it concerns those activities which produce a focusing or aHealing, 490:Healing - Chapter VI - The Art of Elimination Activities Immediately After Death Immediately afterHealing, 491:average man, what are his first reactions and activities after the restitution of the physical bodyHealing, 493:remain in their neighborhood, aware of their activities, though (unless highly evolved) they willHealing, 494:to the act or acts of elimination. These four activities cover varying periods of time - from theHealing, 512:as an instrument for bringing about still higher activities. The state of mind of the soul duringHealing, 538:of the laws of healing and who base their activities on a realization of a present (though usuallyHealing, 561:in their [561] technique. This renders their activities futile, except from the character angle.Healing, 571:the personality, and is bringing all the lower activities upon the physical plane under soulHealing, 617:the etheric body and control, consequently, the activities of the physical vehicle. This law bringsHealing, 624:The results of all previous lives and of all activities carried on during those lives have beenHealing, 630:seat of the trouble must be located. Both these activities concern the dense physical body. TheHealing, 668:is greatly weakened. Confound not evil with the activities of the gangster or the criminal.Hercules, 23:his way. The ancient motto that has governed the activities of all active disciples became his andHercules, 42:phrases can be piled up to express some of the activities of Sex in its various relations. Law, theHercules, 134:laws of karma may be considered as equilibrising activities that prevent the continuance of anHercules, 146:money is a master passion that lies behind the activities of people and nations. Ethical and humanHercules, 152:long-held ideas, dogmas, that have governed our activities until now have simply come to an end andHercules, 211:great creative processes. In the early stages, activities are directed toward the material side ofInitiation, 46:a group of Masters and initiates who direct the activities of these different schools of thought.Initiation, 52:with the sole intent of participating in the activities and occupations and truth dissemination ofInitiation, 61:it is to supervise the development of certain activities within the next fifteen years, work underInitiation, 89:has not already done so. He learns to direct the activities of the building devas, and at the sameInitiation, 110:too occupied with greater affairs and with group activities to have any relationship with a manInitiation, 157:itself felt on the physical plane. The three activities of the aspirant must parallel each other,Initiation, 203:investigated, and the correspondence between the activities of the microcosm, and the activeInitiation, 220:or intelligence aspect of deity in its five activities. Mahamanvantara The great interludes of timeIntellect, 17:the masses of the people, not capable of these activities, have been left in peculiar andIntellect, 52:life, especially of life manifested in psychical activities; the vehicle of individual existence,Intellect, 103:world, but have no inherent or self-initiated activities of their own. Intellect, 104:aware. This becomes possible when the old mental activities are superseded by the higher, and whenIntellect, 125:up to it many states of awareness. When these activities can be negated and the rich and sensitiveIntellect, 141:useful book, Mysticism, as the "lull between two activities." During this lull a new method ofIntellect, 179:and the brain, and governing most potently all activities in the world of human affairs. It feelsIntellect, 205:through meditation. Out of this sequence of activities, the interested investigator will awaken toIntellect, 207:begin to organize his daily life, regulate his activities, and become focused and one-pointed inIntellect, 208:their days and leave out the non-essential activities. They are the ones who are always too busy toIntellect, 208:of housekeeping, with a multitude of petty activities and pointless conversations that they fail toIntellect, 224:imagination and the use of the will are activities that are calculated to hasten the manifestationIntellect, 232:attitude is not for us. We inhibit other mental activities by an intense interest, not by a mentalIntellect, 240:the quality of the ideas which govern His [240] activities in the world of phenomena, and that theIntellect, 244:the Guides of the race are too busy with group activities and with the training of the advancedMagic, 9:the forms of the kingdoms of nature and the activities of the evolutionary process. All becomeMagic, 20:some of the laws and principles which direct the activities of "God in nature" - a phrase,Magic, 27:utilizes the mind to control the physical plane activities through the medium of the brain. InMagic, 29:terms of energy and its effects, and all their activities in connection with the work of theMagic, 50:- by the will force drives them into certain activities. This coherent unified body of light andMagic, 64:cyclic response to soul impulse lies back of the activities of a morning meditation, noondayMagic, 96:divine purpose and proceed with their building activities "in the light". The point of egoic andMagic, 106:where the life principle has its seat. The activities of the body which are due to this stimulationMagic, 127:closest attention and the power to perform two activities simultaneously, with the mental attitudeMagic, 140:out. Students should strive to have these two activities in their minds as they use the Word inMagic, 150:stage of contemplation, that "lull between two activities" as it has been so aptly called. TheMagic, 160:failure of the disciple to carry on these [160] activities simultaneously. The second cause ofMagic, 161:into a frothy and boiling surge, through the activities of others. There are many disciples whoMagic, 163:beings, the lovely and beautiful and comforting activities of nature and of life in the threeMagic, 163:a manner that it produces those physical plane activities which cause the death of their creator.Magic, 200:easy to make clear the esoteric and paralleling activities which are the result of characterMagic, 202:in the personality, as it controls the life activities and subordinates the soul to the sheaths andMagic, 206:rhythm upon the life of every day. The two activities must go hand in hand. The effect of breathingMagic, 213:of the third eye the soul accomplishes three activities: It is the eye of vision. By its means, theMagic, 214:limitations to true soul activity. These three activities of the soul, through the medium of theMagic, 215:it can be noted that all these three activities are dealt with in this Rule. The third eye opens asMagic, 220:and swings the lower energies into forms and activities through the power of his mind impulses, andMagic, 222:the emotional history of the past, add the activities of the discarnate lives which are passingMagic, 226:and the relation of the disciple to its activities. Let us remember certain things about it. First,Magic, 226:the inner man, so will be the outer form and its activities. The astral plane is the plane whereonMagic, 227:The stage wherein the mind initiates its own activities, and wherein the intellect is a dominatingMagic, 241:be remembered that none of these names and these activities refer to the soul on its own plane butMagic, 241:"the souls in prison" who are subject to the activities of the forces of evil and only for a term.Magic, 252:exists then as the result of the previous two activities, but it exists in the place of the brainMagic, 261:process of carrying forward interior subjective activities in the face of and in spite of outerMagic, 268:orthodox methods of work and in physical plane activities. They wear themselves out by identifyingMagic, 288:of the Lord, responsive to the word, cease their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom. Let theMagic, 319:entails and the constant supervision of all the activities on the three planes of human evolutionMagic, 357:man has learnt to decide upon what to base his activities in all departments [358] of humanMagic, 378:its headquarters at Shamballa and directed its activities from there, it was found necessary duringMagic, 384:By them he is swept into certain major activities and life tendencies, according to his particularMagic, 405:of workers and thinkers who, through their activities, have so largely governed and molded ourMagic, 406:hidden depths of his own being. Through their activities we [407] now have a humanity in closeMagic, 407:all religious, political and educational activities are characterized by a world consciousness andMagic, 410:whilst the first ray has impelled the political activities which have brought such changes in theMagic, 416:life of theirs may work out in definite exoteric activities may be true, but they are first of allMagic, 418:If personal ambition seems to govern their activities, if their position is one of a determinationMagic, 424:its own life and its laws. Again what are the activities of the soul when the personality isMagic, 424:a common and ordinary condition. Where two activities can be registered at once, why not three orMagic, 425:realm is cultivated, and any necessary outer activities are handled from within outwards. Avoid aMagic, 451:terms of energy and its effects, and all their activities, in connection with the work of theMagic, 476:they constitute a part of the emerging activities of a humanity which is on the verge of realMagic, 488:must learn to save himself, and to avoid those activities; eventually this will make the process ofMagic, 492:temporarily at least, from all reactions and activities of an emotional nature. As long as theMagic, 494:but realize it, is one of our most practiced activities. We have died many times and shall dieMagic, 496:expressing the purpose of the soul in all the activities of daily living. Death, therefore, isMagic, 504:and love of being loved or admired? These two activities will result in the focusing of the lifeMagic, 515:contemplation as "an interlude between two activities". This period of silence succeeds upon theMagic, 525:of energy within the cosmos, capable of three activities. I. First of all, humanity is responsiveMagic, 527:is intended to be the medium wherein certain activities can be instituted. It is in reality theMagic, 544:sixth, and their end and the cessation of their activities will come about in that far distant aeonMagic, 556:same recognitions, on a lesser scale, govern the activities of the solar Angel as he proceeds with
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