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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITIES

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Rays, 537:the service activities of the disciple. These activities become the major motivating potency in theRays, 545:tension or in a crisis (related to his service activities), there may occur a momentary fusion ofRays, 571:Christ life - as a result of the presence and activities of the second divine aspect of love - willRays, 586:as He seeks to find, influence and direct the activities of workers in the political fieldRays, 587:certain groups of workers who are engaged in activities connected with the deva or angel evolution,Rays, 587:of those initiates who remain - in their activities and aims - related to humanity and to theRays, 598:of value to the student to consider these three activities of the mind. The transmuting agent inRays, 600:to circumscribe His freedom and to limit His activities. [601] This curious freedom from successiveRays, 614:this capacity and these habits, these unselfish activities and these spiritual habitual attitudesRays, 616:This outpouring will come as the result of three activities: The work and the teaching of theRays, 621:and this has had a definite bearing on their activities. In the world at this time the two aspectsRays, 621:relations is slowly coming into recognition. The activities of mankind, and particularly ofRays, 622:greatness [622] is not expressed through such activities as those of Alexander the Great, JuliusRays, 623:energy which is conditioning their personality activities or that which conditions their soulRays, 626:questioning the wisdom, the capacity and the activities of both groups and slowly deciding thatRays, 634:can be more clearly seen because of their activities. Very few lands today are in the possession ofRays, 643:Master - had purposed to do can be seen in the activities which I have been enabled to accomplishRays, 643:for me and by the establishing of the Service Activities, associated with the Arcane School. TheRays, 681:to world peace and human development and their activities have been endorsed by the expediencyRays, 681:power of money to purchase governments. These activities run counter to all the plans of theRays, 681:of the forces of evil. I am emphasizing the activities of these two countries because through theRays, 694:controls the attitude, the awareness and the activities of the Master. You can see, therefore, howRays, 735:a still larger group of them participate in the activities of the two final initiations. ThisReappearance, 18:static conditions will come under the realistic activities of the Hierarchy which He supervises. HeReappearance, 18:the sphere of implementing intelligently those activities which come under the department ofReappearance, 20:under direction, are closely related and their activities most intimately synchronized. They areReappearance, 23:His unique work - within which all His other activities will have their place - will be the outcomeReappearance, 40:Hierarchy - it has given rise to certain activities in the Father's House. These will result in theReappearance, 46:and executives, of Their representative activities on behalf of mankind and of Their closeReappearance, 64:endeavor to get a truer picture of Christ's activities and life and - consequently - of our futureReappearance, 71:things are done, situations are brought about, activities are instituted and plans are worked out,Reappearance, 78:falls into the following parts, functions or activities: The production of a human synthesis orReappearance, 89:of energy, lead to the spread of energy and to activities which are all expressions of energy andReappearance, 89:and their words (spoken or written), plus their activities, produce wide effects and momentousReappearance, 96:in it (besides many things unknown to humanity) activities connected with the work of the Christ,Reappearance, 99:primarily that of laying the foundation for the activities which will follow His reappearance, plusReappearance, 120:we shall then gradually learn to govern our activities by its just and restraining power. The LawReappearance, 159:in a pronounced sense, a [159] channel for the activities of the Christ, the world Teacher. TheReappearance, 169:There are, at the present time, three great activities going on: First, the activity to be felt inReappearance, 175:- coal, oil, etc., and also with the underground activities of the great Powers and of theReappearance, 185:body of men and women whose numbers and range of activities are entirely adequate to bring aboutReappearance, 188:that which is new and opening the door to the activities [189] of the New Group of World Servers inSoul, 17:and is proceeding in its many branches and activities upon hypotheses which, correct or incorrect,Soul, 19:call Life. Life, body and soul emerge from the activities of the magic ooze of their silentSoul, 22:"a complex integration and succession of bodily activities which are closely related to or involveSoul, 28:little world of mental, emotional and physical activities, or the great Self, in whom all lesserSoul, 34:and outgoing nervous energy there are parallel activities in the system of ductless glands (and theSoul, 39:system and the nervous system pursue their own activities, but are closely linked to the endocrineSoul, 73:life, especially of life manifested in psychical activities; the vehicle of individual existence,Soul, 74:especially in man's volitional thinking activities; it is the subject of the experience meditatedSoul, 78:united with the body is the real source of all activities." - Hollander, Bernard, M.D., In SearchSoul, 80:make comprehensible that complex continuity of activities which we call life, mankind created theSoul, 115:centers in the spinal column concern the varying activities of the organism as the man demonstratesSoul, 120:and spiritual life and bring about those activities in which man demonstrates that his status isSoul, 130:type and [130] also the tenure of his body. His activities on the physical plane are entirelySoul, 142:of this the sex organs and their reproductive activities on the physical plane are the outerTelepathy, 35:group formation as well as individually. All the activities mentioned above must constitute groupTelepathy, 56:a generic term covering all the responses to the activities of the eye of the mind, the eye of theTelepathy, 67:prevalent and allied to many of the surprising activities of forms of life other than the human, i.Telepathy, 80:of known good, and mass movements and mass activities which are temporarily not progressive in timeTelepathy, 101:and, therefore, cover a much wider range of activities. The Processes of Registration are foundedTelepathy, 110:unexplored [110] science, but the range of its activities is not astral and, therefore, related toTelepathy, 143:and his heredity) chooses to govern his daily activities. The etheric body has many centers ofTelepathy, 169:all experiences and all vibratory activities. It embodies the will-to-be, the quality of magnetic
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