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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Astrology, 300:of the soul upon the personality. Hence the activity of the seventh ray, which is - from one angleAstrology, 302:is connected with soul intention, the vibratory activity of which (under impulse from the Monad)Astrology, 304:revelation and producing, through their united activity and interplay, the six-pointed star ofAstrology, 307:during the process of manifestation, plus the activity of the mediator. You have, therefore, theAstrology, 307:is itself developed and unfolded through soul activity; he must be a developed mystic, capable ofAstrology, 313:substance of manifestation awoke to renewed activity under the impact of divine desire, impelled byAstrology, 314:the One Life, as that Life reveals, through its activity, the perfect will of the Logos. Astrology, 318:particular interplay. They are only called into activity during the return half of the wheel ofAstrology, 319:of Shamballa claims the initiate as its field of activity and the dualism of soul and spiritAstrology, 327:usefulness of classifying and isolating group activity and character down the ages. When the majorAstrology, 333:germinating energy The creative force The Christ activity The Mother The Protector The Light 7.Astrology, 335:at the significance: Of disciples. Of group activity. Of the second initiation. The aboveAstrology, 338:nature, synthesized and directed, controls all activity. Cancer-Capricorn The urge to incarnateAstrology, 339:is one-pointed soul effort, spiritually directed activity and a demonstrated readiness forAstrology, 340:plane) and of the third ray (producing intense activity in matter) you will note how in this signAstrology, 345:incarnation. Sagittarius - Is the energetic activity of the life force, demonstrating at the sixthAstrology, 348:the same thing can be said of balanced activity and consequent fusion in all the signs. ThisAstrology, 351:of these Crosses. [351] In the expression of the activity of this sign of duality, it is subjectiveAstrology, 351:Cancer - physical Sun - 3rd aspect - intelligent activity of the Whole. Gemini - heart of the Sun -Astrology, 351:forms; in Aquarius, you have the results of the activity of Cancer and Gemini, producing a higherAstrology, 353:is much to be learned from the study of the dual activity - higher and lower - of the etheric bodyAstrology, 355:in the relationship [355] (established by the activity of these two rulers) between the thirdAstrology, 355:Sagittarius to Gemini and vice versa. It was the activity of Venus - under the influence of GeminiAstrology, 356:for Rays 3, 4, and 5 produce a synthesis of activity and of [357] eager potencies which areAstrology, 358:Cross are thus related, and the result of the activity of Mercury as it rules Gemini is to produceAstrology, 361:lead to true service in Aquarius. All this activity is intensified by two facts: one is that theAstrology, 363:and conditioning Gemini (through out-drawn activity, though not through their own influence) are inAstrology, 365:in synthesis" of soul and spirit. Through the activity of Mercury, the man whose Sun is in GeminiAstrology, 365:the synthesis of soul and form; through the activity of Jupiter, the man whose rising sign isAstrology, 366:of the blood, leading as a result to life activity and to the free interplay and circulation of theAstrology, 366:organism. Hence you have, in this sign and its activity, the tendency to the eventual control,Astrology, 367:Then the heart center, with its correlating activity of consciousness (group understanding andAstrology, 367:This is brought about through the constant activity, the ceaseless movement and the unendingAstrology, 377:the glamor contacted, however, this group activity and life becomes twisted into the imposed willAstrology, 381:one of universal movement, of great and constant activity under the impulse of material desire orAstrology, 382:- Hierarchy. The Mutable Cross - Form - Activity - Humanity. The initiate is one who is in processAstrology, 383:other constellations may come into pronounced activity in conjunction with the controlling sign andAstrology, 386:the individual, inner, spiritual man; in his activity we find the key to the soul's task upon theAstrology, 388:of light. This constitutes the final radiant activity which consummates the play of the TaurianAstrology, 392:of the depths of the mineral kingdom and of the activity of Vulcan, the fashioner), raises His eyesAstrology, 396:make a Master; twelve energies make a Buddha of Activity." During this process of "fashioning,"Astrology, 397:Aspiration eventually gives place to intelligent activity and the acceptance of the will emanatingAstrology, 397:the region whence must emanate the creative activity of the man who is upon the Path. The throat isAstrology, 399:aims and desires are the motives bringing about activity. The Moon and Taurus activity. TheAstrology, 399:bringing about activity. The Moon and Taurus activity. The processes, self-applied by the awakeningAstrology, 400:irradiated and glorified. The Vulcan and Taurus activity. The exaltation of the form, ruled by theAstrology, 400:of the planets which were produced through their activity, were all focused in and transmitted byAstrology, 401:attained. Mars is in detriment in this sign. Its activity adds constantly to the naturally warlikeAstrology, 402:both here and elsewhere. Form life, intelligent activity, and intense struggle summarizes theAstrology, 414:expression and the result of their successful activity. In the personality, it is the physicalAstrology, 415:- soul - Qualificatory fire. Fire by Friction - activity - personality - Purificatory fire.Astrology, 417:periphery or sphere of influence and vibratory activity. It is useless for students to attempt toAstrology, 424:or manifestation) can be seen in definite activity, producing solar, planetary and individualAstrology, 425:technically, perception and response or the activity of the perceiving, observing consciousness -Astrology, 425:This is true of a man galvanized into activity through his seven centers, of a planetary LogosAstrology, 425:through an aggregate of solar systems. Upon this activity and its understanding depends the wholeAstrology, 426:seven principles and of the life expression or activity of five planes. In this 7 + 5 is to beAstrology, 436:in nature; thus Mercury institutes the threefold activity of this center in the body of theAstrology, 437:man, latent in the human center. The initiatory activity of Capricorn. The illumining radiance ofAstrology, 437:combination of energies produces a triplicity of activity of supreme importance today. Astrology, 437:those units of energy which (as a result of the activity of Capricorn, Mercury and Humanity itself)Astrology, 437:which has produced such a potent vibratory activity in Humanity that it can successfully andAstrology, 444:of the process until the time comes when activity and response is evoked. This then leads toAstrology, 444:endorsed by the Heavens and corroborated by the activity of the stars, and thus feel sure of theAstrology, 447:at the same time entering into a major cycle of activity on the Earth, there is then present theAstrology, 451:to the response so will be the evocation of the activity of the centers, or a center. But - andAstrology, 452:of the centers in the human being to the activity of the planetary centers under systemic andAstrology, 461:plane. Producing manifestation, quality and activity. Forming a reservoir of descending andAstrology, 469:the threefold energies which lie back of the activity of the center at Shamballa concern theAstrology, 483:the material expression of manifestation. Their activity and united influence in the realm ofAstrology, 483:- the two poles of divine expression - will and activity. We come now to another triangle, theAstrology, 483:activity. We come now to another triangle, the activity of which produces the manifestation ofAstrology, 485:world service on a large scale, producing group activity and that living usefulness which is theAstrology, 486:types in the different kingdoms in nature. This activity has only been felt since 1835; the potencyAstrology, 489:the plausibility of the premise as to the activity of Leo as a major force in the triangle atAstrology, 490:Virgo: This constellation produces the increased activity of the Christ principle in the heart ofAstrology, 494:pairs of opposites as they swing the man into activity and evoke his mental perception. With theAstrology, 495:point of balance achieved, prior to a secondary activity and the period of assimilation by the mindAstrology, 495:evoke the intuition and this brings into activity what is called the supermind which is theAstrology, 495:to the Mind of God. Aquarius - expresses the activity of the mind which has been initiated into theAstrology, 496:reaction gives place to conscious, intellectual activity. This dual activity in turn gives place toAstrology, 496:to conscious, intellectual activity. This dual activity in turn gives place to the group awarenessAstrology, 496:which is the gift conferred by Aquarian activity; the superconscious divine man then transcends hisAstrology, 506:into one unit of conscious response and activity, the higher divine aspect, that of the Monad, theAstrology, 507:speaking, Mars is the alter ego of Pluto; the activity of Pluto at this time and in this lesserAstrology, 508:an expression of the third Ray of Intelligent Activity. Aries, the first house, and Mars and theAstrology, 509:never an exoteric ruler and only comes into real activity when a man is on the Path, whilst UranusAstrology, 511:The head. Brain - The head center. Personal activity - Soul expression. Mannerisms, etc - Ray typesAstrology, 515:be focused in the throat center, and by indirect activity affecting the sacral center and - underAstrology, 516:the ability to arrive at knowledge through the activity of some innate sense, apart from theAstrology, 516:reasoning or logical processes. It comes into activity when the resources of the lower mind haveAstrology, 522:Geneva the origin of the Red Cross - that world activity which works impartially with and for theAstrology, 527:receives its impact so will be the reaction and activity and so will be the type of consciousness,Astrology, 537:or the Vishnu Purana. A.A.B.) In the earlier activity, the fourth active constellation was GeminiAstrology, 538:Rulers of these constellations which move into activity at this time are those listed in one of theAstrology, 539:the precipitation of inner forces, an increased activity of the lower mind and an outpouring of theAstrology, 540:seventh ray sweeps into organized and directed activity the world of forces upon the outer sphereAstrology, 544:The earthly influence of Capricorn made their activity possible; they themselves have been evokedAstrology, 547:The type of conscious response and resultant activity is - as the occultist well knows - dependentAstrology, 557:attainment" the three strictly human levels of activity and the two superhuman, i.e., the lower
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