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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Destiny, 14:ray personalities into the theatre of world activity. These people are in direct contact with thisDestiny, 15:and passing through one of its rare cycles of activity we read that they butchered and slaughteredDestiny, 19:to see the irrefutable evidence of constructive activity and of true creative work. The temple ofDestiny, 20:happening. Most of the response to the Shamballa activity is characterized by fear and terror, byDestiny, 20:concentrated (for purposes of hierarchical activity) in the New Group of World Servers. This groupDestiny, 21:which we shall touch here is that of intelligent activity - the potency of the third ray. ThisDestiny, 24:centers can ever come into true functioning activity. Little is known of Shamballa except byDestiny, 27:chaos; the other is potential and holds in its activity the seeds of the future. This is a fact ofDestiny, 29:a long time been stimulating and enhancing the activity of all fifth ray nations. If you bear inDestiny, 31:no human being has the slightest authority. The activity of human beings themselves, working on allDestiny, 32:and determine the current culture. [32] The activity of the fifth principle, that of the mind. ThisDestiny, 32:If I might put it symbolically the vertical activity of the mind which has affected individualsDestiny, 32:the leaders of humanity. Today, the horizontal activity of the mind, embracing huge masses of theDestiny, 39:characteristic of the lower sixth ray activity) can be seen [40] nowhere more potently than inDestiny, 44:point of view. This must change and the mind activity be rapidly enhanced or else true spiritualismDestiny, 45:minds in relation to the initial and immediate activity of these two rays - the sixth and theDestiny, 49:ray must be evoked into an increased functioning activity by the New Group of World Servers, forDestiny, 53:that Great Britain will emerge into renewed activity for her personality ray and India's soul rayDestiny, 79:rules and which governs Berlin. This tremendous activity of the destroying agent as far as GermanyDestiny, 81:the past distinguished Great Britain's political activity. Gemini people are often distrusted, andDestiny, 86:the inner straight line of foreseen and planned activity will hold Italy true to the objective. TheDestiny, 90:States in order to escape from the personality activity of Germany as it expresses itself throughDestiny, 96:Geneva the seat of the Red Cross - that world activity which works truly [97] impartially with andDestiny, 102:receives its impact so will be the reaction and activity, and so will be the type of consciousnessDestiny, 109:if we compared very briefly the two systems of activity. I would ask you to remember that bothDestiny, 110:objectives. Let us take the sixth ray methods of activity and its major characteristics first ofDestiny, 113:New Age Because of the potency of the sixth ray activity, owing to the long period wherein it hasDestiny, 114:goal of all disciples. The methods whereby the activity of the sixth ray and its objectives haveDestiny, 115:of reality you have the history of the activity of the sixth ray and of its relation during theDestiny, 121:upon the three modes of the prevalent ray activity. Let us follow the same procedure now, thusDestiny, 127:the outer tangible forms. When a form and an activity is what you call evil, it is only so becauseDestiny, 127:energy behind the form and responsible for the activity is wrongly oriented, selfishly impulsed andDestiny, 129:which has been constructed with the potency of activity and persistence. The energy thus employedDestiny, 129:correct esoteric teaching the higher impulsive activity is called energy and that which isDestiny, 129:and that which is conditioned by and swept into activity through its agency is called force. TheDestiny, 131:achievements and creations, producing group activity and the appearance of certain forms ofDestiny, 133:of the seventh ray disciple is "Radiatory Activity." Hence the emergence in world thought ofDestiny, 133:of radium. All this connotes seventh ray activity. Destiny, 133:body and their aliveness or their lack of activity are indicative of the [134] condition of thoseDestiny, 134:in diet and in the handling of daily life activity. This will produce great changes in the mode ofDestiny, 134:brings to our attention the three methods of activity as employed by all the ray workers and whichDestiny, 134:methods of daily living. These three are: Group activity for the scientific relation of substanceDestiny, 136:the intellect as it expresses itself as ordered activity upon the physical plane. It is alsoDestiny, 136:major cycles there are periods of intensified activity which are like the beat or pulsation of theDestiny, 137:throughout every part thereby. The coming into activity of the throat center and (because the thirdDestiny, 137:The third great world center - humanity. The activity of the third ray - active intellect. TheDestiny, 138:and the steady growth of widespread creative activity, both in the individual and the race, will beDestiny, 138:look for an increasing expression of Saturnian activity as that great divine Life continues HisDestiny, 138:the Hierarchy as a planetary center and to the activity of the second ray. This initiation willDestiny, 139:which are based upon the coming into activity of an awakened heart center in the race. This is theDestiny, 139:The second planetary center - the Hierarchy. The activity of the second ray - love-wisdom. TheDestiny, 140:with Shamballa as a planetary center and to the activity of the first ray. It should be borne inDestiny, 141:love and the desire of humanity for intelligent activity with combined power will gather all intoDestiny, 141:The first planetary center - Shamballa. The activity of the first ray - will or power. The thirdDiscipleship1, 8:individual endeavor there will be added a group activity and life which will become more clear asDiscipleship1, 12:all souls) must work out in some form of group activity. This should demonstrate at once in theDiscipleship1, 13:all the individuals involved. Group activity... resulting in the aiding of each other in specificDiscipleship1, 15:telepathy which is based upon the solar plexus activity). The lower psychic experiences can also beDiscipleship1, 19:is to be brought about by the renewed cyclic activity of the Great White Lodge and will be carriedDiscipleship1, 22:attempt is being set on foot to see if a group activity and interplay can now be set up upon theDiscipleship1, 28:is related to thought control and to the activity of the creative imagination. The HierarchyDiscipleship1, 29:your side. I indicate not the results of such an activity for the power of suggestion and theDiscipleship1, 29:out the prime importance of making this a group activity and not a personal contact. Enter upon theDiscipleship1, 32:of the fifth kingdom, as a result of the planned activity of the New Group of World Servers,Discipleship1, 38:in the other branches of this divine group activity. This work is largely first ray work. It willDiscipleship1, 38:is, in a pronounced sense, a channel for the activity of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, that of theDiscipleship1, 40:but they are themselves the product of an inner activity and of a subjective aggregation of forcesDiscipleship1, 42:- that they can only be brought into rhythmic activity by the imposition of stronger and moreDiscipleship1, 45:work which does not work out into objective activity upon the physical plane is wrongly orientedDiscipleship1, 47:collaboration) the plans for future group activity. These plans can materialize if you can make theDiscipleship1, 47:the diaphragm and to transmute solar plexus activity (which is so [48] dominant in the averageDiscipleship1, 48:in the average person) , turning it into heart activity and the service of your fellow men.Discipleship1, 49:it is that is keeping the group back from finer activity. That is well and good, provided that youDiscipleship1, 53:own disciples. Through the specifically focused activity of the Masters Morya and Kut Humi andDiscipleship1, 55:world today are standing together in a twofold activity: one activity is to sense and touch withDiscipleship1, 55:are standing together in a twofold activity: one activity is to sense and touch with greaterDiscipleship1, 56:stir the astral or emotional body into organized activity, based on ancient habits. For theDiscipleship1, 56:parts of his equipment. Often in the stress of activity in one body or another and on one plane orDiscipleship1, 64:not permitted to call into play and functioning activity the Will aspect of the soul, unless theyDiscipleship1, 64:trusted as yet with this higher aspect of mental activity. I would ask you to get clearly in yourDiscipleship1, 66:arousing and stimulating to a pronounced mental activity, the hitherto unconscious masses. TheDiscipleship1, 67:thinking produces construction; it is a creative activity and is the first real stage in our work.Discipleship1, 67:not in any sense be deemed to indicate separate activity or separate interests. All [68] will beDiscipleship1, 68:motion. This produces that thought-form-making activity of the mental world which is set in motionDiscipleship1, 71:which the group of disciples along this line of activity has to work is the Light of the soul,Discipleship1, 71:groups with which I am engaged as part of the activity of my Ashram are essentially Seed Groups.Discipleship1, 80:on to the etheric levels of consciousness and activity. This entails conscious work on those levelsDiscipleship1, 88:[88] automatically brought the heart center into activity. It is love of humanity which is theDiscipleship1, 91:the imagination form the first two steps in the activity of thought-form building. It is with theseDiscipleship1, 92:and the light from the open door and renews activity. The disciple either awakens suddenly to aDiscipleship1, 99:dual attitude which permits right personality activity and real interest in personality affairs andDiscipleship1, 104:Nature grows and progresses through cyclic activity and cyclic rest, and, before I can carry youDiscipleship1, 106:You will find this line of more quiescent activity hard at first, for well-organized is your mindDiscipleship1, 109:and sensitive contact and for an increased heart activity. This you are now acquiring and as aDiscipleship1, 109:up head and heart. When this is done through the activity of the will and when it expresses itselfDiscipleship1, 112:in its movement but could be easily aroused into activity and the heart center is rapidlyDiscipleship1, 112:It will soon bring into greater vibratory activity the quiescent ajna center. Should headache orDiscipleship1, 114:been an intensification of the heart center's activity, but this will eventually have a reflexDiscipleship1, 114:in this locality specially reinforced and the activity of the center more slowly generated. This isDiscipleship1, 115:but from a sense of duty and of rightness of activity. Nevertheless, I seek to commend you for your
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