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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Discipleship1, 699:impelling the animal instinctive nature into activity. These necessarily parallel and produceDiscipleship1, 699:the pranic energy becomes automatic in its activity; the shift of the consciousness is into theDiscipleship1, 699:control of mental energy and his physical plane activity is not then so much implemented byDiscipleship1, 700:web galvanizes the automatic physical body into activity. The energies, controlling the physicalDiscipleship1, 702:the latter is thus enabled to demonstrate soul activity upon the physical plane. I would like toDiscipleship1, 702:service purposes. It is a blending of individual activity into one whole - a whole which is unitedDiscipleship1, 703:field of service. The mode of this instinctual activity is called occult obedience and this isDiscipleship1, 711:You can then facilitate (as it is called) the activity of the Master by a profound and deepDiscipleship1, 715:- Part IV When the four aspects of interrelated activity are present, then what might be calledDiscipleship1, 728:they can throw themselves out of the sphere of activity, though not out of the group. It is theDiscipleship1, 729:to work consistently on levels of spiritual activity, wherein the fire of the will-to-love mayDiscipleship1, 730:ray at work upon humanity was the first ray. The activity of this ray culminated in the declarationDiscipleship1, 730:1945 when the seventh ray will swing slowly into activity. You will then have three rays producingDiscipleship1, 730:The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order, coming into activity in combination with the other two - theDiscipleship1, 730:reaching out towards a period of the intensest activity. The destiny of the world lies in the handsDiscipleship1, 731:which will materialize it. Thus the entire activity of the Ashram is coordinated. Newly acceptedDiscipleship1, 739:effective is my work in relation to my sphere of activity? How effective is my thinking andDiscipleship1, 739:for intelligent and spiritual reconstruction activity. What results can I recognize as the fruit ofDiscipleship1, 744:of awareness or two points of concentrated activity: The point of spiritual tension wherein he isDiscipleship1, 745:and constant. [745] The focused sphere of activity in the three worlds, through the medium of whichDiscipleship1, 745:Ashram needs no protection from his vibratory activity: he [746] never exacts from the Master anyDiscipleship1, 746:world religion is built around the work and the activity of the world disciples and knowers, thenDiscipleship1, 747:spiritual realization. It is a center of group activity, swept by energies which [748] (when givenDiscipleship1, 750:that the Ashram is preserved from all disruptive activity. It is only when the chela has achievedDiscipleship1, 752:defined as the quality of a sphere of radiatory activity. Very little is as yet known about auras,Discipleship1, 752:recorded is the quality of a sphere of radiatory activity; this he does when his own individualDiscipleship1, 752:does when his own individual sphere of radiatory activity is of the same nature and quality as thatDiscipleship1, 753:of vibratory impacts, emanating from spheres of activity; these range all the way from the earlyDiscipleship1, 753:major initiations. These spheres of radiatory activity are ever present even when unregistered andDiscipleship1, 753:with the fact of a Master's sphere of radiatory activity and its peculiar quality and ray coloringDiscipleship1, 753:the disciple to the periphery of the sphere of activity of such an Ashram, gradually intensifyDiscipleship1, 754:to an ever higher rate of [754] vibratory activity. Just as soon as there exists, in theDiscipleship1, 754:intensified and purified. His own radiatory activity is enhanced as the ashramic life plays uponDiscipleship1, 754:through similarity of quality and vibratory activity enriches and intensifies the group with whichDiscipleship1, 754:one radiant center, for the radiatory activity of each of these Great Lords is such that they areDiscipleship1, 756:Sun. The line along which this vibratory activity of the Master reaches the disciple and draws himDiscipleship1, 756:Will. This aspect of the Master's radiatory activity is of so high a nature that only the advancedDiscipleship1, 756:at the base of the spine, which is aroused into activity in response to the vibratory radiation ofDiscipleship1, 756:is to put into words the nature of the vibratory activity of the Master. All I can do - in defaultDiscipleship1, 756:of the Master, as it expresses his planned activity and sphere of "influential emanation" is thatDiscipleship1, 757:kingdoms in nature are evoked into responsive activity. Discipleship1, 757:as it is called, in response to the radiatory activity of his threefold spiritual nature. They workDiscipleship1, 758:are responsible to the Master for all ashramic activity, who are in his closest councils and whoDiscipleship1, 763:plane and the receptivity of his centers to the activity engendered by the soul, under impressionDiscipleship1, 763:transmit energy, the energy of intelligent activity, to the throat center, again in the sameDiscipleship1, 764:process, you have a hint as to the structure and activity of the Heart of the Sun, the organ ofDiscipleship1, 766:galvanize these points of force" into dangerous activity. For this reason I am not dealing with theDiscipleship1, 769:partial aspects of the call and their consequent activity is spasmodic, based upon erroneousDiscipleship1, 778:to be a party to any such constantly recurring activity, for such is the history of practically allDiscipleship2, 4:lives, but the deep inner integration and the activity of the divine nature in each of you is moreDiscipleship2, 6:and upon the response depends the future activity of both the group and its Master and Teacher. ButDiscipleship2, 14:responsible. Each of you together initiates the activity for which the group is responsible and forDiscipleship2, 17:and of [17] visualization. This triple activity will test and tax your powers but will be goodDiscipleship2, 20:is the ultimate conditioning factor in the activity of the physical body. It is an initiator, forDiscipleship2, 20:It is an initiator, for there is no physical activity as we understand it unless impulsed by someDiscipleship2, 21:can be evoked into manifestation and subsequent activity, but it has no power of invocation. HenceDiscipleship2, 24:of balance which inhibits the spasmodic rushing activity of the intense devotee or the lazy movingDiscipleship2, 26:subjective work. It is an attitude more than an activity. Ponder on this phrase. It is a state ofDiscipleship2, 26:carried forward, no matter what may be the outer activity or interests, and it involves no outerDiscipleship2, 26:is carried forward silently by the creative activity of the imagination. Imagine or visualizeDiscipleship2, 27:and focus, to keep detached from brain activity, and yet at the same time to preserve the wakingDiscipleship2, 28:and only the pure heart, true love and mental activity can serve to pull the disciple through them;Discipleship2, 34:of proportion. This leads to right paralleling activity - the activity of the inner disciple andDiscipleship2, 34:This leads to right paralleling activity - the activity of the inner disciple and the work of theDiscipleship2, 36:world; it is aided also by the steady vibratory activity of the members of the Ashram who are notDiscipleship2, 37:but to that work I want to add another activity. Each month I will speak three words, forming oneDiscipleship2, 41:the scales between a static and retrogressive activity and a steadily planned moving forward intoDiscipleship2, 47:quality of divine Purpose, involving planned activity and a definite goal to be achieved. ItDiscipleship2, 49:will give you a fuller picture of the full moon activity and purpose with some of the implicationsDiscipleship2, 49:forward in preparation for the coming New Age activity. In some of the earlier instructions (ADiscipleship2, 50:idea or concept, a seed thought or germ of a new activity which (at some later date) will bearDiscipleship2, 51:Store up strength for increased dynamic activity for an ensuing period of service. Bring about aDiscipleship2, 52:has been essential. Its positive, attentive activity has been an essential factor in producing theDiscipleship2, 53:when you had worked for a year at this full moon activity, I began to widen the teaching and IDiscipleship2, 53:of Approach. The stages in the second year's activity were as follows: 1. The recognition by theDiscipleship2, 54:Approaches required one entire week of inner activity, divided as follows: The three days prior toDiscipleship2, 55:year's work, brought in a far more complicated activity than heretofore. I explained to you, if youDiscipleship2, 56:be employed, and thus we have an essential dual activity. The first stage of this dual activityDiscipleship2, 56:dual activity. The first stage of this dual activity took place millions of years ago at the timeDiscipleship2, 56:the objective was to produce a far more dynamic activity. A state of tension had to be achieved,Discipleship2, 56:of a dual kind: The group member fused his outer activity and [57] his inner orientation into oneDiscipleship2, 57:into one blended concentrated spiritual activity. He proceeded with his usual avocations, but at noDiscipleship2, 58:do something symbolically analogous in our group activity. A subsequent definite intensification ofDiscipleship2, 59:because it is the effort and the strenuous activity of the serving disciple which evokes the soulDiscipleship2, 62:the unalterable conditions brought about by the activity, the orientation and the emanated decisiveDiscipleship2, 69:galvanize the centers above the diaphragm into activity, and your lives will become simple andDiscipleship2, 80:the pool of thought that could be stirred into activity, and thus make possible the giving out ofDiscipleship2, 89:be considered [89] as one of the results of the activity of the New Group of World Servers. ThereDiscipleship2, 95:your hitherto thoughtless and undisciplined activity. I would here point out that at no time do youDiscipleship2, 96:and to your individual characters is past; group activity should take its place. By this I mean theDiscipleship2, 96:should take its place. By this I mean the activity of this particular group of disciples inDiscipleship2, 100:in your mind as your contribution to the activity of my Ashram? If so, what is it and how do youDiscipleship2, 103:all of them differ as to their planned activity - an activity which is all part of a carefullyDiscipleship2, 103:of them differ as to their planned activity - an activity which is all part of a carefullyDiscipleship2, 103:all part of a carefully formulated hierarchical activity. This you need most carefully to remember.Discipleship2, 105:this brain reflects the impacts of telepathic activity, the sensory perceptions and the knowledgesDiscipleship2, 107:form a large part of every field of thought and activity) are usually composed of people possessingDiscipleship2, 113:They can then be trusted. (Page 87) The activity of the heart center never demonstrates inDiscipleship2, 114:the other waiting to be brought into conscious activity by the soul. When this has happened, theDiscipleship2, 115:progressing in service towards the periphery of activity and also of a conscious abstraction of the
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