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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Discipleship2, 116:which will serve to condition your day's activity. This conditioning attitude should be one of aDiscipleship2, 116:work outward from there in radiatory, magnetic activity. I am not here speaking symbolically butDiscipleship2, 116:period of group interrelation and group activity will be correspondingly potent. In the furtheranceDiscipleship2, 116:in the process. This is a "feeling" or astral activity. Assumed relation of solar plexus, heart andDiscipleship2, 117:and the conscious recognition of place and activity is being gently yet surely held, then sound theDiscipleship2, 117:remembrance of the morning's meditation. This activity should take only a few minutes, but if it isDiscipleship2, 120:and heart energy focused in the head. The activity of the true spiritual man has not been aroused,Discipleship2, 120:slowly to life and to a state of new vibratory activity. Its magnetic field steadily increases andDiscipleship2, 120:The two points within the solar plexus field of activity become definitely related to each other,Discipleship2, 121:entirely quiescent and only become a realized activity as the soul establishes increasing controlDiscipleship2, 122:to the solar plexus - a point of pure creative activity, set in motion by the interplay of theDiscipleship2, 122:First, the throat center is brought into real activity by the direct action of the soul, via theDiscipleship2, 126:asked. I would ask you, therefore, to renew your activity along this line from now until May, whenDiscipleship2, 126:the work done and bring another center into activity. There is little that I can do with you untilDiscipleship2, 128:your meditation report into one unit because the activity of reporting is of real service inDiscipleship2, 131:and the stream of spiritual [131] thought and activity consciously flows whilst the outer patternDiscipleship2, 134:a continuity of mental impression and a constant activity connected with daily living and service.Discipleship2, 148:this indicates a renewed time of service and of activity. I send you herewith the final stanza ofDiscipleship2, 154:of the mind as a contact agent, and a receptive activity of the brain. Putting the objective of allDiscipleship2, 169:be swept increasingly and voluntarily into an activity which is particularly their own destiny.Discipleship2, 170:spiritual energies are tapped and brought into activity. By clear thinking, directed thought andDiscipleship2, 171:he made as he prepared for this form of activity was in connection with Krishnamurti. It was onlyDiscipleship2, 172:Christ comes, there will be a flowering in great activity of his type of consciousness among men;Discipleship2, 173:also for him the entrance into a new cycle of activity; this cycle will culminate during the nextDiscipleship2, 179:This is in reality a reflection or a symbolic activity [180] (within the physical man, or rather,Discipleship2, 182:directing the energy of love (the product of the activity of the heart center) to the service ofDiscipleship2, 192:and indicates the measure of his conscious activity in the Ashram. Forget not that an Ashram in theDiscipleship2, 192:is therefore alive and active on three levels of activity simultaneously, and is in the process ofDiscipleship2, 194:making it increasingly sensitive to the focused activity of the world of the higher spiritualDiscipleship2, 198:of the third divine aspect, that of intelligent activity, and - as I have earlier pointed out - isDiscipleship2, 200:relation or alignment with one of the Buddhas of Activity, who embody within themselves the essenceDiscipleship2, 201:is with the Triangle of the Buddhas of Activity, and it is under their creative inspiration thatDiscipleship2, 205:or more lines of thought and several lines of activity are simultaneously possible. This is anotherDiscipleship2, 208:spheres is the result of some form of meditative activity. These seven sources are: 1. TheDiscipleship2, 210:purpose. Then they, on their own level of atmic activity, build - through contemplative meditationDiscipleship2, 210:under the direct inspiration of the Buddhas of Activity, and they spend the aeons of theirDiscipleship2, 211:energy which swings the Law of Evolution into activity in the three worlds. Much is known by youDiscipleship2, 211:of the Nirmanakayas, but this aspect of their activity is only in process of being learnt andDiscipleship2, 211:process of being learnt and applied. The entire activity of the New Group of World Servers alongDiscipleship2, 216:tread, and its intent is to swing into creative activity the desires, aspirations, [217]Discipleship2, 219:meditation) and to the needed physical plane activity. This will take place, esoterically speaking,Discipleship2, 219:the required cycle of raja yoga, from unthinking activity into a period of illumined mind control.Discipleship2, 219:about by the meditative and the reflective activity of humanity as a whole, and this is carriedDiscipleship2, 219:New Group of World Servers, either through the activity of the personality ray or of the soul ray;Discipleship2, 220:felt - this time in conjunction with the unusual activity of the first ray. Therefore, through theDiscipleship2, 220:plane - the plane upon which all hierarchical activity is today to be found. The fifth Ray ofDiscipleship2, 221:led forward from a strictly philanthropic activity to an activity which is impulsed and broughtDiscipleship2, 221:from a strictly philanthropic activity to an activity which is impulsed and brought into expressionDiscipleship2, 222:the Kingdom of God. This vertical and horizontal activity holds the secret of creative meditation.Discipleship2, 223:creative energies into evolutionary and cyclic activity, in conformity to the pattern which heDiscipleship2, 223:of meditating, creative Workers is called into activity in order to receive impression of theDiscipleship2, 223:of the immediate, desired hierarchical activity, to transmit the needed energies from Shamballa toDiscipleship2, 232:In all these spheres of human thought and activity, the New Group of World Servers are playing aDiscipleship2, 232:of the Christ must be carried forward; but this activity is not, as a rule, associated with theDiscipleship2, 232:ago) tried to demonstrate this mode of helpful activity; he kept the esoteric teaching for the few,Discipleship2, 233:and disciple finds his place and sphere of activity and service - from the very highest initiate toDiscipleship2, 238:identical approach to truth renders inevitably activity in unison. The whole point, brother ofDiscipleship2, 238:that in both connections the incentive towards activity lies with the individual and there is noDiscipleship2, 271:needs - of the potent, vibrating and planned activity of the world initiates and disciples whoDiscipleship2, 273:we shall then have a nation, galvanized into activity by interior spiritual energy, and the linesDiscipleship2, 277:that the changes were brought about by the activity of the disciples; by this I mean not the seniorDiscipleship2, 286:not simply from that of impulsive love and its activity. Here lies a basic distinction. SacrificeDiscipleship2, 287:"fixed determination" must motivate his ensuing activity. c. Under this Law of Sacrifice, SanatDiscipleship2, 292:correspondence in the head also into functioning activity; this produces fusion and identification,Discipleship2, 293:that which has been conveyed to him by the activity of the five senses. This is what is meant whenDiscipleship2, 299:cooperation. Its success, therefore evoking wise activity. Its immediate objective - to which allDiscipleship2, 302:(for much expanded thinking, leading to renewed activity) have to do with humanity and not with theDiscipleship2, 304:told that God geometrizes, when referring to the activity of the second aspect, and that a subtleDiscipleship2, 306:to grasp and interpret, because it is only the activity of the intuition which will enable you toDiscipleship2, 310:Points of Revelation, there are three stages of activity which, when properly carried forward, willDiscipleship2, 314:contact. It is that minor phase of hierarchical activity which appears paramount in yourDiscipleship2, 315:and lift the subhuman kingdoms (with its reflex activity of lifting the Highest simultaneously),Discipleship2, 321:of the automatic and the essential in their activity. Revelation seldom breaks in all its completedDiscipleship2, 322:disciple on his own plane; you have an evocative activity of so potent a nature that it producesDiscipleship2, 323:processes and have emphasized a phase of human activity (needed to produce revelation) which hasDiscipleship2, 323:as apart from all laws, as an extra-planetary activity, as something that occasionally happens toDiscipleship2, 326:there can be the inauguration of a new phase of activity in Shamballa. This will enable the Lord ofDiscipleship2, 327:or which stimulates it to a forward-moving activity is without its inevitable effect upon the threeDiscipleship2, 333:The merging of all hierarchical thought and activity into some one directed event, such as theDiscipleship2, 334:I do so in those cases where the results of some activity have repercussions upon my Ashram or uponDiscipleship2, 341:as it determines choice and fixes decision: activity, rhythm, relationship, decision! The decisionsDiscipleship2, 346:can receive and bear it - five aspects of divine activity; these are in the nature of five modes orDiscipleship2, 347:affecting his daily life, service and ashramic activity. The germ, seed, key or inherent,Discipleship2, 347:the above processes involve a planned creative activity. These ideas are not those, however, whichDiscipleship2, 349:the will of the soul (as demonstrated by the activity of the highest tier or circle of the egoicDiscipleship2, 351:the entire quality, processes and modes of activity of the Hierarchy have undergone and areDiscipleship2, 351:as a static point of love and mediatory activity, as is so often the attitude of the disciple. TheDiscipleship2, 361:Hierarchy falls into certain definite phases of activity - all of them related and all of themDiscipleship2, 371:back and the point of peace, surrounded by activity." I will endeavor (as we consider these pointsDiscipleship2, 372:eyes, revealing to him an inevitable but future activity. The level upon which the revelationDiscipleship2, 373:the revelation but must also know the sphere of activity of which it will be the inspiration. IDiscipleship2, 374:and the energy then leads to great but fruitless activity. Still others are learning, to use theDiscipleship2, 379:light" of lower mental substance, and the activity of the buddhic level of activity; then to thisDiscipleship2, 379:and the activity of the buddhic level of activity; then to this he adds the destroying power of theDiscipleship2, 379:adds the destroying power of the atmic level of activity. He has to take note, in this process, ofDiscipleship2, 379:implements, impulses and motivates hierarchical activity. Through those revelations theDiscipleship2, 384:integrate and fuse the group into renewed activity and a deeper subjective union. There is oneDiscipleship2, 390:concrete mind is capable. It is a result of the activity of the soul upon its own level and isDiscipleship2, 391:in his ability to "see with the Ashram" that activity which is required, and the technique and modeDiscipleship2, 394:a deep and hidden instinct towards right activity. By that hard and persistent performance of duty,
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