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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Discipleship2, 731:and the glamor can take effect in physical plane activity. If you can develop mental perception toDiscipleship2, 736:and free decision, involving direct initiating activity on the part of the disciple; theseDiscipleship2, 736:according to his own planning. This line of activity has, therefore, little to do withDiscipleship2, 741:[741] You, my brother and disciple, love the activity of the mind, and you enter - with your eyesDiscipleship2, 741:which comes from analysis, reflection and mental activity, followed by some decision. I am speakingDiscipleship2, 741:your soul, could lead to a planned and organized activity upon the physical plane. But it does not.Discipleship2, 741:does this, and when he is one-pointed in his activity, there is much that he can do. When to theseDiscipleship2, 743:the center between the eyes and bring into activity the eye of direction"; this is at presentDiscipleship2, 747:but as energy deflected from physical creative activity to the destruction of ancient racial fearsEducation, vii:us if they re-enact the history of Japan. Our activity in the resynthesizing of the world mustEducation, xii:not refer to religious matters, so-called. All activity which drives the human being forwardEducation, 7:center of personality attention, then the soul activity must be brought into fuller expression; andEducation, 11:the child, latent or developed, into functioning activity and to unify it into a whole. Education, 12:thus bringing the mind into some condition of activity. Response to economic and sex pressure or toEducation, 16:progress in right directions and all interim activity will be inadequate to the modern need. UntilEducation, 17:consciousness. The significance also of creative activity and the right understanding of what weEducation, 17:unfoldment. It might be added here that creative activity in the field of art becomes possible whenEducation, 19:person in any one life can use and express. This activity is dependent upon the type and quality ofEducation, 19:the body nature, the mechanism produced by soul activity in other lives, and the effect of reactionEducation, 20:It leads to wisdom, which is love in manifested activity. Self-interest becomes group interest.Education, 20:civilization is the result of this creative activity of the soul's desire nature, limited by form.Education, 21:to the world of attributes which supplement the activity of the three aspects, in the same way thatEducation, 21:four attributive unfoldments in man, through the activity of the soul in manifestation, are: 4. TheEducation, 21:his ideas into being. This he does through the activity of the lower concrete mind. [22] The trueEducation, 22:led to work with wisdom in the field of creative activity, which means, in the last analysis, inEducation, 32:the scriptures of India in connection with this activity of the human being. The threads which manEducation, 36:participator in physical life. This intelligent activity is always used from the wisdom angle. 11.Education, 36:and which galvanizes the physical body into activity. The mind and its relation to the brain. TheEducation, 44:mistakes, present opportunities and the powerful activity of the Hierarchy of Love. [One of theEducation, 49:Kingdom of God is not essentially a religious activity, to be handled by the exponents of the greatEducation, 54:I say this for your encouragement. Through the activity of the energy of knowledge you have:Education, 57:this planned understanding and this intelligent activity of mankind that the new education mustEducation, 58:heritage; with a certain amount of mental activity, which can be developed and trained if the manEducation, 63:of equal if not of greater importance than the activity of the churches; governments conditionEducation, 63:new area of human thought and its international activity within the field of their esotericEducation, 65:[65] which animates the planet and within Whose activity we live and move and have our being. To doEducation, 65:seen in the third and final solar system. Their activity will produce a great spiritual andEducation, 66:spread like an intricate network over all activity and every aspect of the phenomenal world. OfEducation, 67:them. As illustration: it was an esoteric activity of a worldwide group of students which resultedEducation, A Trea:of that group was focused and their redeeming activity intensified. [68] All true esoteric activityEducation, 68:activity intensified. [68] All true esoteric activity produces light and illumination; it resultsEducation, 68:therefore possible to define esotericism and its activity in terms of light, but I refrain fromEducation, 76:than can be counted. 3. An atmosphere of ordered activity, wherein the child can learn the firstEducation, 85:amount of historical information, of creative activity and of idealism and philosophy not only withEducation, 92:the brain, and through its medium it directs activity and induces awareness throughout the body byEducation, 93:to knowledge will lead eventually to a planned activity. This planned activity will constituteEducation, 93:eventually to a planned activity. This planned activity will constitute service, and this, in itsEducation, 94:mental unfoldment of the race. It is the major activity of the new education. Education, 97:and soul levels, it produces a corresponding activity in the personal life and this activity weEducation, 97:activity in the personal life and this activity we call service. Service is the true science ofEducation, 105:in defense of any governmental system. A forced activity and then a forced responsibility, relegateEducation, 122:some cause or idea, is another indication of the activity of the coming forces. The interestingEducation, 122:new ideals and the emerging ideas and - in group activity - materialize them. It is with thisEducation, 122:the mind will be used increasingly in its dual activity - as the penetrator into the world of ideasEducation, 128:of desire, aspiration, ambition and mental activity, and all of these can manifest either in theirEducation, 138:is to "create in the light through the ordained activity of the light-body." This involves theEducation, 146:seat of consciousness. The thread of creative activity is initiated and constructed by the humanExternalisationnecessarily involves the increased vibratory activity of the human mechanism, with a consequentExternalisationunderstanding and direct knowledge. The activity of these forces, characteristic of the two signs,Externalisationin the atoms of the human body a corresponding activity. We are on the verge of new knowledges andExternalisationPiscean are beginning to slow down their activity and to be "occultly withdrawn," as it is called,Externalisationtheir turn, being stimulated and their vibratory activity increased. [4] The world war marked aExternalisation, 8:personality, exists. They are the product of the activity of the divine soul in man, which takesExternalisation, 9:as well as the throat center, are brought into activity as the result of meditation and service.Externalisation, 10:themselves are doing and the purpose of their activity. Definitely and with purpose they lend theirExternalisation, 10:the time. The highest expression of this type of activity was the giving of his body by theExternalisation, 13:astral plane a familiar and well-known place of activity, accustoming mankind to a state ofExternalisation, 17:energy, galvanizing his whole being into activity, and bringing to the surface the latent good andExternalisation, 18:brain cells for it brings quiescent cells into activity and awakens the brain consciousness to theExternalisation, 18:of force in the etheric body and stimulate into activity that mysterious stream of energy whichExternalisation, 21:I seek to emphasize the point that the final activity which will bring about this spiritual eventExternalisation, 22:situation, to indicate lines of helpful activity, and then (having so done) to withdraw the powerExternalisation, 26:time, Whose potencies can be brought into great activity at the May full moon if due effort isExternalisation, 26:anent the new groups which come into functioning activity under The Law of Group Progress. This lawExternalisation, 27:But the groups now forming are a second ray activity and are building groups - building the formsExternalisation, 27:and therefore, like germinating seeds, their activity is at present dual. Every seed demonstratesExternalisation, 27:two outward evidences of its internal life and activity, and these seed groups are no exception toExternalisation, 27:are no exception to this universal law. Their activity is evidenced in a relation to the HierarchyExternalisation, 27:have they succeeded in emerging into outer plane activity. Their inner life is not adequatelyExternalisation, 29:plan. The result of these two techniques of activity has been the emanation of a stream of force,Externalisation, 31:light, together, they see Light. It is a group activity, a group recognition, and the result ofExternalisation, 32:the interplay between these two that human activity, progress and development is generated andExternalisation, 33:could emerge which would be exterior in its activity and yet consciously alive to the interiorExternalisation, 33:This type of dual functioning is the easiest activity for [34] the Members of the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 36:freed themselves from the limitations of brain activity and brain consciousness. They can,Externalisation, 36:carry on simultaneously two different lines of activity - both [37] of real import. They can pursueExternalisation, 38:The energy which works out in political activity is not yet understood. The work of the DestroyerExternalisation, 39:in the new age is to be aided by the intensive activity of certain groups of which this secondExternalisation, 44:of true spiritual healing through intelligent activity upon the mental plane, through freedom fromExternalisation, 45:the entrance of soul awareness into the brain activity. [46] This bridging work, when it occursExternalisation, 46:Their duly appointed functions and Their planned activity (dependent upon Ray, upon race and uponExternalisation, 46:Ray, upon race and upon dedication) there is one activity which They share in common and that isExternalisation, 46:and psychic adjustments. This triple healing activity is intended to be the objective of all groupsExternalisation, 46:an emergence of hierarchical effort into outer activity. Thus you will note, my brother, that theExternalisation, 51:which arouse those in authority to wrong activity. The above ideas should arouse you to carefulExternalisation, 51:leading to right national and interior group activity. The problem resolves itself into a dual one.Externalisation, 57:or form, whilst science is concerned with the activity of the outer form as it lives its own life,Externalisation, 60:it; these are (as you well know) inertia, activity and rhythm or - giving them their Hindu names -Externalisation, 66:the world aspirants; yet their thought-making activity is now either definitely constructive orExternalisation, 70:present opportunities, and the powerful activity of the Hierarchy of Love. The future is of great
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