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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Externalisation, 310:in an endeavor to unite on the needed appeal and activity. They are contending for their ownExternalisation, 310:of humanity that it works out on all levels of activity and all life effort. If the idealists ofExternalisation, 312:the physical plane. This involves individual activity, the sounding out of a clear note, based onExternalisation, 312:to withstand evil through planned group activity. To construct a network of light and service inExternalisation, 313:to an intensive period of preparation for future activity and [314] work. From now until the SunExternalisation, 317:work done in thought, in love and in dedicated activity during the next three years is of paramountExternalisation, 322:I have also made suggestion as to modes of activity which are practical - some of them of anExternalisation, 322:behind the Evolutionary Process 1. The first activity was the writing and distribution of theExternalisation, 324:convinced mind, a dedicated desire and a planned activity are essential to success. 6. The formingExternalisation, 324:be group work of a new order, wherein individual activity is subordinated to the group objectiveExternalisation, 328:for the future new world I call you; to renewed activity upon the outer plane of life I call you,Externalisation, 328:to you three years work, plus two years of activity which will grow out of the three yearsExternalisation, 328:sound preparatory undertakings for future world activity. This must be accompanied by soundExternalisation, 330:- who can later be swept into constructive activity. Thus this group will be ready to vitalizeExternalisation, 332:the Evolutionary Process Preparation for Future Activity and Work October 1941 Certain questionsExternalisation, 332:the next step is apparent and plain, the line of activity to be followed is clear and theExternalisation, 336:that the whole group is concerned in the entire activity. This inclusive attitude should permeateExternalisation, 351:Hierarchy, and the reaction of humanity to Their activity will come only from the new group ofExternalisation, 352:affecting humanity unless released into this activity by humanity itself. From April 15th till JuneExternalisation, 353:is in existence and which can be galvanized into activity and world usefulness. I leave the matterExternalisation, 358:augmentation of the ranks of initiates. The activity of light which will dissipate, by the energyExternalisation, 361:work of enlightenment and of spiritual, loving activity. The practical effects of this process willExternalisation, 365:for there will be no true reconstruction activity if the Axis nations triumph. But there are manyExternalisation, 367:and the United Nations came into cooperative activity only after two years of war and the plannedExternalisation, 370:inevitable, being based on the facts of Nazi activity. The task of the United Nations after the warExternalisation, 381:and expresses itself in service and cooperative activity. It seeks to aid all movements thatExternalisation, 385:to have them cooperate with you in your lines of activity. Keep a register of the names andExternalisation, 386:and women of goodwill; it is the foundational activity of the new world order, for that order mustExternalisation, 391:Let me here point out that where this is a group activity upon the physical plane there is - underExternalisation, 391:of Action and Reaction - a paralleling spiritual activity. The entire world of men is today engagedExternalisation, 391:world of men is today engaged in an intense activity in the material world - marching armies,Externalisation, 391:and deportations of people, intense air activity and the organizing and planned work of theExternalisation, 391:never been so potent. Alongside of this material activity of humanity is to be found the strenuousExternalisation, 391:disciples everywhere, plus the trained spiritual activity of the Hierarchy and of the spiritualExternalisation, 391:inner side of life. To this must be added the activity (the waiting [392] activity, if I might useExternalisation, 392:must be added the activity (the waiting [392] activity, if I might use so paradoxical a phrase) ofExternalisation, 394:now at hand but its date is dependent upon the activity of the New Group of World Servers and theExternalisation, 394:that it called forth a powerful paralleling activity upon the part of the Forces of Evil; theseExternalisation, 398:that spiritual energy which leads to right activity, sound leadership and inspired and inspiringExternalisation, 401:you, therefore, add to your mental and spiritual activity the recognition that you areExternalisation, 407:the plans whereby that purpose is brought into activity all focus through that center of which weExternalisation, 408:are the results of the appearance and the activity of some great man at an advanced stage ofExternalisation, 412:contribution. This is the first result of the activity of the Christ Principle in the life of theExternalisation, 413:This is the second [413] result, and is a group activity. The word goes forth to the initiates ofExternalisation, 413:self in group endeavor. Forget the self in group activity. Pass through the portal to initiation inExternalisation, 423:taking place. I have indicated that the present activity of our planetary Logos is bringing certainExternalisation, 429:the activities of the Axis Powers, behind German activity or Japanese aggression. Therefore, theExternalisation, 434:consciences of the intelligent, stimulating the activity of the humanitarians and impressing theExternalisation, 436:force, of second ray energy, just as His first activity demands an unusual expenditure of first rayExternalisation, 436:Forces behind the Evolutionary Process His third activity is the effort to offset the growing hateExternalisation, 437:step. Today the Hierarchy is facing a climaxing activity. From the Full Moon of May, 1944, untilExternalisation, 439:guidance of the world disciples and a responsive activity of the men and women of goodwill.Externalisation, 440:a result more general than that produced by the activity of the first three aspects of this ray,Externalisation, 440:ray, but which will be a natural outcome of this activity. The will-to-know and to think correctlyExternalisation, 441:world servers during the same period. Much outer activity upon a planetary scale will not beExternalisation, 442:I have for years indicated certain lines of activity which we, the Teachers and Guides on the innerExternalisation, 446:hands of Their workers in every field of human activity (political, educational and religious) soExternalisation, 446:influence human thinking. A powerful first ray activity - the activity of will or purpose - isExternalisation, 446:thinking. A powerful first ray activity - the activity of will or purpose - is swinging intoExternalisation, 448:statesmanship and through a political activity which will be based increasingly upon the good ofExternalisation, 449:All of this will be the result of an intensive activity of the Masters and of Their disciples uponExternalisation, 449:see behind the apparently high-handed initial activity an effort to precipitate with clarity theExternalisation, 456:most democratic countries. But behind all this activity, watched over by the spiritual Guides ofExternalisation, 458:of this restoration and this resurrection activity which is now under consideration by theExternalisation, 459:Light, the Christ, are closely related and their activity is most intimately synchronized. In aExternalisation, 460:resources available. This may land them in non-activity. They may leave the settling of the problemExternalisation, 460:This attitude of responsibility and consequent activity may lead to mistakes, but in the aggregateExternalisation, 461:into contact with humanity and lead to activity on their part. These forces can function [462]Externalisation, 464:and a major test of the effectiveness of Their activity will be given at the San FranciscoExternalisation, 465:can be called into a new and most potent activity through right invocation at the time of the FullExternalisation, 466:real that it will constitute a great and uniform activity which will leave no single thinkingExternalisation, 472:The Hierarchy itself is the result of human activity and aspiration; it has been created byExternalisation, 478:Hierarchy has also been occupied with lines of activity which may not be disclosed, because theyExternalisation, 479:which provided the major avenues for His activity, but it is not so today; this is a point whichExternalisation, 481:bring this into proper form for the creative activity of the New Group of World Servers working inExternalisation, 482:of April, May and June - will be released into activity and which will aid humanity in its majorExternalisation, 482:will usher in an era of pronounced creative activity and will bring about the rebuilding of theExternalisation, 484:The energy which will lead to intelligent activity and to correct mental planning I have calledExternalisation, 485:everywhere, ready to be guided into constructive activity, and to be the agents (gradually trainedExternalisation, 486:of human experience, for clean political activity, for disinterested service, and for a worldExternalisation, 488:this indicates a renewed time of service and of activity. I send you herewith the final Stanza ofExternalisation, 492:three worlds of human evolution and a consequent activity of the Hierarchy. Man's attention isExternalisation, 492:activities are motivated from Shamballa. This activity is set in motion by these Lives, working onExternalisation, 492:disciples upon the physical levels of activity become aware of the inner ferment, and this happensExternalisation, 493:for that manifestation, and hence the powerful activity of the dark forces. This attempt to hinderExternalisation, 494:up the working out of a specialized divine activity. Externalisation, 496:physical energies at a central point of planned activity. This, by the way, is the objective of allExternalisation, 504:possible for me to tell you the lines of Their activity; I can but give you evidence which mayExternalisation, 504:preparing Themselves for the task of outer activity and are intensifying Their work on the astralExternalisation, 505:(in Hindu terminology) the Lord Varuna. The activity of the astral plane is being much intensifiedExternalisation, 510:this century. This Church will be nurtured into activity by the Christ and His disciples when theExternalisation, 512:predominantly on the third Ray of Intelligent Activity. Externalisation, 519:this cycle: Its appearance, expression and activity upon the physical plane for the first timeExternalisation, 521:was with this in view that I inaugurated a new activity in May 1941 and chose so many of myExternalisation, 529:the Hierarchy is faced is being placed upon activity within the Hierarchy Itself. The secondaryExternalisation, 530:at this time passing through a cycle of great activity. In the adjustment necessitated by theExternalisation, 532:the Macrocosm of the lesser microcosm. This dual activity entails much specialized training, and asExternalisation, 533:light and the basic motif of all living, divine activity. It is not possible to reveal the will ofExternalisation, 534:Organization Apprehension Polarization Focus of Activity Power Momentum Action Energy DistributionExternalisation, 536:of its own fate; but it took both the esoteric activity of Shamballa and the exoteric activity of
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