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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Fire, 77:Lords see S. D., I, pp. 152, 153. The Buddhas of Activity, are the Triad Who stands closest toFire, 78:as the heat of the atom and its consequent activity) and the uniform evolution of the form of whichFire, 79:"fire by friction" which demonstrates in the activity of matter. Finally, in the study of theFire, 97:or Power. Venus-Mercury Love and Wisdom. Saturn Activity or Intelligence. THE MICROCOSM (subjectiveFire, 97:and Wisdom. The Personality Fire by friction Activity or Intelligence. THE MICROCOSM (objectiveFire, 99:which make - with the spleen - a triangle of activity. The etheric web of the solar system is of anFire, 106:of vibratory action that leads to the necessary activity of the physical vehicle, and the rightFire, 111:This term is also applied to the sphere of activity of a planetary Logos or to a planetary schemeFire, 111:could equally well be applied to the sphere of activity of the human Ego." S. D., I, 346. Fire, 111:the "days of Brahma" or periods of lesser activity, periodically viewed. All these are governed byFire, 122:of Will. The Monads of Love. The Monads of Activity. Mahachohan. The officer in our planetaryFire, 124:pranic emanatory fire produces ever increasing activity and rotation. As time elapses between theFire, 125:Etheric Body and Prana Simultaneously with the activity of these fires of matter and of Spirit, theFire, 129:above sequence and presuppose a period of slow activity, succeeded by one of extreme movement. ThisFire, 132:and the increased radiatory and latent activity which it has gained through experience. Let usFire, 142:The threefold function, The threefold mode of activity. The Third Logos. The third Logos, orFire, 143:or, by the revolution of matter, to increase activity and thereby make the material more pliable.Fire, 143:yet it must be remembered that He is primarily activity and intelligence with the aim ofFire, 144:chain. This is after all the blending of the activity of Brahma with the onward progress of Vishnu.Fire, 144:E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes The activity of the second Logos is carried on underFire, 149:will have two main characteristics, - activity, the result of the Law of Economy, and a dualFire, 151:the effect of heat in matter is to produce that activity which we call rotary, or the revolution ofFire, 157:consciousness. Inertia is the result of lack of activity and the relative quiescence of the firesFire, 159:if one might so express it, [159] The synthetic activity of matter in the three types of movement,Fire, 159:Point of fire, the moment of the first rotary activity, the first straining of the atom, motivatedFire, 161:the entire periphery. This signifies completed activity in every department of matter until finallyFire, 166:centers as the Ego first comes into control, or activity, and later (after initiation) the Monad,Fire, 167:Wisdom. The Throat center - The Personality - Activity or Intelligence. The other two centers haveFire, 167:swirl etheric, astral and mental matter into activity of some kind. Because the action is rotary,Fire, 171:and causing an effect of great beauty and activity. The man has reached a stage of very highFire, 173:other, and the unmoving becomes the sphere of activity." We take up our second point in theFire, 174:vast progression of the centuries wherein the activity aspect of the threefold self is beingFire, 175:the monadic content, but the Brahma aspect, the Activity-Intelligence aspect precedes itsFire, 178:personality triangles will be brought to full activity according to the ray of the Monad or Spirit.Fire, 181:Mercury demonstrates kundalini in intelligent activity, while Mars demonstrates kundalini latent.Fire, 182:to the throat center, or to the creative activity of the third aspect. As evolution proceeds, theFire, 184:- etheric, astral and mental. This quickening of activity has a dual effect of great interest: ItFire, 196:- The recognition of the fourfold word, the activity of matter, the third Logos. Touch - TheFire, 199:to his attention [199] through sound waves of activity. This leads to a condition of mutualFire, 200:The principle of manas in its discriminating activity, perfecting the interrelation between theFire, 202:as the foundation thoughts for the future mental activity of the immediate generation. TheFire, 203:the physical plane, and the gradually increasing activity of the centers, until the ProbationaryFire, 203:the astral plane, and the gradually increasing activity of the centers, until the first InitiationFire, 204:the mental plane, and the gradually increasing activity of the centers and the senses. The effectFire, 204:and as the astral senses come into perfected activity, the corresponding centers of force on theFire, 204:dimensional, till we have a wonderful fiery activity demonstrating on all the three planes. FromFire, 205:and synthetically. The bringing into activity from latency of the seven centers on all planes,Fire, 205:of fire in the perfected adept, - all of radiant activity and all interacting. The vortices orFire, 207:organization and their gradually increasing activity from a point of comparative inertia until theyFire, 208:work of the initiate. The center has its activity intensified, its rate of evolution increased, andFire, 211:deva Lord of the second plane. The Buddhas of activity are responsible for its custody, and underFire, 213:'will to be' finds expression) demonstrate as activity matter. They are the centers of existence,Fire, 214:Logoi, is distinguished by different methods of activity, which might be described thus: The thirdFire, 227:are approximated; they interact upon each other; activity supersedes quiescence; positivityFire, 230:reached the stage of vivid interaction or group activity, then he has attained fullFire, 237:The Logos of Love and Wisdom. The Logos of Activity. The Logos of Harmony. The Logos of ConcreteFire, 246:demonstrate as one. An atom is distinguished by activity, and shows forth the qualities of: RotaryFire, 247:of vitalization, but have not yet attained full activity. Only four are functioning at this stage,Fire, 247:of influence of any particular atom. Its life-activity, or the extent to which the life at theFire, 248:key of his life cycle. A man is distinguished by activity on one or more planes in the threeFire, 249:present that sphere is limited and his range of activity is small. As the body egoic is developed,Fire, 249:is brought under rule and government. His life activity or the extent to which at any given time heFire, 251:a certain measure, which can be estimated by the activity of the life pulsating at the center ofFire, 251:cycle. c. A Heavenly Man is distinguished by His activity on one or other of the planes which weFire, 251:in the same way as a man is distinguished by his activity on one of the planes in the three worlds,Fire, 251:the three worlds, is paralleled by an analogous activity on the three higher planes. The action andFire, 251:of : Rotary motion, or His particular cycling activity around His life wheel, a planetary scheme,Fire, 253:planet at this time arises from the coming into activity of the higher or fifth vibration, whichFire, 254:arrangement and His sphere of influence, or that activity animating the planetary chain. HisFire, 256:pole. c. The solar Logos is distinguished by His activity on all the planes of the solar system; HeFire, 258:holds in circular motion around itself. By the activity of the life animating the ten schemes. ByFire, 263:The principle of manas. Intelligence nature, Activity. Note here that the three principles in termsFire, 269:becomes possible, comprehension is achieved, and activity is generated and utilized. Let us nowFire, 269:aspect. 3. The aether 3. The heat of matter - Activity aspect. 4. The air 4. The illumination ofFire, 273:Repetition in time: The thought of cyclic activity necessitates periods of time of differing lengthFire, 274:as follows: The solar system repeating its activity - Repetition in Space. A planetary chainFire, 274:in Space. A planetary chain repeating its activity - Repetition in Time. The constant consecutiveFire, 274:The tendency of atoms to perpetuate their activity, and thus produce similarity of circumstance, ofFire, 275:Cyclic evolution is entirely the result of the activity of matter, and of the Will or Spirit. It isFire, 278:The ideas of [278] time, of space, and of activity (from the point of view of the occultist), canFire, 279:123. II, 678. The Mineral Kingdom 1. Intelligent activity. All atoms show ability to select, toFire, 279:S. D., I, 295. Vegetable Kingdom 2. Intelligent activity plus embryo sensation or feeling. AnimalFire, 279:or feeling. Animal Kingdom 3. Intelligent activity, sensation plus instinct, or embryo mentality. -Fire, 279:Human consciousness 4. Intelligent activity, love or perfected feeling or realization and will, orFire, 279:In its revolution it comes within the field of activity of other atoms. These it either attractsFire, 279:it repulses and drives them outside its range of activity, causing separation. One thing to beFire, 279:animation; this brings him within the range of activity of other men, other human atoms. ThisFire, 280:vast planetary chains, and this is the basis of activity. Radiatory activity is simply theFire, 280:and this is the basis of activity. Radiatory activity is simply the interplay between male andFire, 280:therefore, consider time as that process of activity, or that progression in development, whereinFire, 281:are simply forms of ideas to express the cyclic activity of an entity. The subject is exceedinglyFire, 283:a lesser life, each in a condition of constant activity, and each repulsing other cells so as toFire, 284:or an ant, or a crystal. There are cycles of activity in matter, due to some energizing Will, andFire, 287:in the head, and thus transfers the zone of its activity from the physical brain to the higher headFire, 287:by the gradual transference of the zone of activity from the solar plexus to the rudimentary brain,Fire, 289:conscious realization of place, and of energized activity within the ring-pass-not of theirFire, 289:ring-pass-not, or of their own sphere of activity. This covers the period of evolution up to theFire, 289:Logoi - which center embodies their group activity. This carries them to the fifth Initiation, andFire, 290:on the five planes; to vibrate with conscious activity within Their Own ring-pass-not, a planetaryFire, 306:on the Probationary Path, and is definitely the activity of a Heavenly Man being realized and
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