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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Fire, 754:the astral plane may not be the field of His activity. If the student ponders upon the consequencesFire, 760:man demonstrates the third aspect of intelligent activity in his personality life, and is evolvingFire, 760:to bring through the monadic life into conscious activity on the buddhic plane. An avatarFire, 761:are seen to be three: Egoic impulse. The activity of the solar and lunar Angels. Karma, or theFire, 763:the time the fourth Initiation is reached, the activity of this triangle is so great that it looksFire, 764:self-conscious) inertia and of that radiant activity which produces a balancing of forces, is aFire, 764:dependent upon the intervening periods of activity. The appearance of the body egoic and itsFire, 766:is hid (in terms of energy and of radiant activity) the whole secret of egoic energy, and ofFire, 767:on will and purpose and on conscious intelligent activity. The reason for this is that the Logos,Fire, 767:preparation for the imminent event. Through the activity of the solar Angels the twelve petals haveFire, 768:be seen, the encircling limit of the activity of the coming Consciousness. It is an ovoid orFire, 770:emanating from the central point. This central activity is produced by the action of the planetaryFire, 771:center, therefore, emanates an urge to renewed activity, and this spreads throughout the groupFire, 771:under law. The solar angels have begun their activity, and until their work has reached a very highFire, 772:the vibration thrills through the petals, and activity starts in those of them which respond to theFire, 773:lotus bud, and the lunar Pitris are called into activity. They begin to work out their formulas forFire, 773:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals (f.) Activity of the Pitris The joint activity of theFire, 773:Elementals (f.) Activity of the Pitris The joint activity of the solar and the lunar Pitris 53 inFire, 774:by the Agnishvattas. As they are galvanized into activity (according to the group affected) theFire, 774:their fifth spirilla is awakening into organized activity in this round. All in Nature overlaps.Fire, 775:should be carefully borne in mind. 53 The joint activity of solar and lunar Pitris. - S. D., II,Fire, 775:mental unit and the moment that that is in full activity, the coordination of the antahkaranaFire, 776:the petals concerned are stimulated into activity, and the lunar Pitris become aware of the work toFire, 777:and are absorbed into its nature through the activity of the solar Angels. These three activitiesFire, 780:the product of earlier cycles wherein conscious activity was achieved, but self-consciousness wasFire, 780:lunar Pitris. who reached their present stage of activity in the moon chain. They are deva groupsFire, 781:begun. It sees also the Pitris of his sheaths in activity through the impulse given by the solarFire, 783:characterized by excessive energy, and violent activity, for the greater the condensation prior toFire, 784:[784] the more terrific are the effects of activity. This is true of Gods, of men, and of atoms. 3.Fire, 786:result. The energy thus generated swings into activity a multitude of little lives which proceed toFire, 787:the substance in love, and its energizing into activity. The moment wherein the particular type ofFire, 788:the mental unit is re-energized into cyclic activity, and in which the etheric body is vitalized.Fire, 789:(as an aggregate of lives) is functioning. The activity of these centers sets up an answeringFire, 792:as the evolutionary process proceeds, the egoic activity calls out response not only from substanceFire, 793:with any planetary scheme and its occult activity are not ascertainable by the man who cannot beFire, 794:some are in the stage of demonstrating a dual activity, and are being "transmuted." All theseFire, 796:of planets is little understood. Their atomic activity is recognized, but that department of theirFire, 799:objective effect: [799] Spirit-matter in dual activity produces the objective universe. ElectricFire, 800:which imposes upon the atom the quality of activity in form, which governs the reaction of the atomFire, 800:out His Own plans, and consequently sweeps into activity the cells of His body as mere incidentsFire, 800:into a solar system, and which was the vibratory activity produced through the rhythmic life of anFire, 802:response, and produce aggregations or group activity. The liberation from karma about whichFire, 803:Logos as it demonstrates itself in initiatory activity. Beyond this we need hardly go, but enoughFire, 803:of causes having their origin in the renewed activity of a certain planetary triangle, and in theFire, 804:recognizable by him as being dependent upon his activity along a particular line. He does, on aFire, 804:is scarcely more than an animal, the vibratory activity of the atoms of his three sheaths (and ofFire, 804:on his part. He is the victim of the vibratory activity of physical substance, and much that occursFire, 805:reflex action produced by the increased activity of the sheaths) turns its attention to the workingFire, 807:is said in terms of energy, or of that vibratory activity which is produced by the three majorFire, 808:of the egoic lotus. Third, the awakening to activity of the central Life within the lotus. ThisFire, 808:of the central Life within the lotus. This activity demonstrates in a twofold manner: As theFire, 808:earth, prior to liberation. As the conscious activity of the individual Ego on the mental plane inFire, 810:him for their group nature, for their type of activity, and collective response, and [811] who -Fire, 811:response, and [811] who - through the energy or activity of the solar Lord - will themselves laterFire, 818:vibrations of great force pursuing a circular activity around the center; the nine vibrationsFire, 818:or dynamo of force - the generator of all the activity. As nine types of energy which produceFire, 818:The nine petals. Fire by friction - Substance - Activity aspect - The three permanent atoms. [819]Fire, 820:considering the third aspect, that of activity which finds its energizing centers in the threeFire, 821:as a whole) we call: The Buddhas or Lords of Activity. The Buddhas or Lords of Compassionate Love.Fire, 824:of power. The Monads of love. The Monads of activity. The student must remember that according toFire, 825:least resistance for the many. Yet the Monads of activity are numerous and influential and theFire, 828:the fifth is in process of arousement into equal activity. The triangle is in circulatory actionFire, 830:central spark are brought into full and united activity. This brings about a threefold display ofFire, 843:This caused a cessation of certain types of activity, producing a quiescence in certain of HisFire, 843:in certain of His centers, and an increased activity in others. It also had an effect upon theFire, 845:return to Sirius to be breathed out again into activity. 7. The lunar Pitris To become men. TheyFire, 847:the center." System II - is characterized by the activity in three dimensions of this center, andFire, 847:will be characterized by the fourth dimensional activity of the center, and the twelve types ofFire, 851:in a triple manner and is the result of a triple activity. It is caused by an understanding betweenFire, 852:of Egos or lotuses from one sphere of activity to another and this necessarily produces conditionsFire, 854:the true psychology, and the grounds of all true activity. The student would do well to ponder uponFire, 856:concerned with the formation of the lotus. The activity of the deva substance out of which theFire, 857:prana. Pranic energy is the stimulator of animal activity, and of physical plane development. ItsFire, 863:in his brother, and one who arouses men into activity for others. Fire, 864:The higher head center increases its activity and becomes capable of receiving flashes ofFire, 864:become vivified and proceed to increased activity in due geometrical progression, whilst the centerFire, 866:and his own body are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased, and their power greatlyFire, 871:Ignorance the force of the energy of Brahma (the activity and intelligence of substance) is thatFire, 871:with, and the man has to learn the meaning of activity based on: Inherent energy, Absorbed energy,Fire, 873:is held in the hands of one of the Buddhas of Activity. Theirs is the prerogative to control theFire, 873:All these manifestations are based on electrical activity of some kind, and have to do with theFire, 875:stages, giving of the energy of her own body and activity in ministry to His need. [876] The Son,Fire, 876:energy which is the basis of both the activity of Mother and the Life of the Son. The Son in veryFire, 877:both these two groups to a stage of cooperative activity. It concerns, therefore, the nature of theFire, 878:essences who temporarily formed it cease their activity. Again, the solar Angels complete theirFire, 887:They are worked upon by energy, and through the activity of the greater Builders are forced intoFire, 889:act through selfish desire, or uncontrolled activity. Fire, 890:of the will of God, the originators of activity in deva substance. These are the greater buildersFire, 891:make possible the revolutionary progressive activity of a planet. Allied with them are severalFire, 893:with the first, was the basis of that activity which we call evolutionary energy; it resulted in aFire, 900:(Bible. Gen., I, 2.) and the ordered lawful activity of the Great Mother as she performs her workFire, 902:precipitation which - through its constant activity - nourishes all life upon the earth. Thus againFire, 905:and of a solar Logos, and it is through their activity that the transmission of sound through theFire, 906:the end of the round, in the awakening to full activity of the fifth spirilla of the human physicalFire, 907:the third eye through the arousing and uniform activity of five factors: the center at the base ofFire, 907:the pineal gland. All these factors involve the activity of deva essence, plus the resultantFire, 908:in man's bodies. This fire owing to its present activity, and the direction of that activity, isFire, 908:its present activity, and the direction of that activity, is responsible for the reaction againstFire, 916:therefore, on etheric levels, and the energy and activity originating therefrom, are the factorsFire, 919:builders, great and small, who are swept into activity as the Word of the physical plane sounds
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