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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Fire, 1046:positive force, manifesting as rotary or spiral activity. The lesser cycle can, from certain anglesFire, 1046:be regarded as appertaining to the rotary activity of certain atomic forms, and the greater cycles,Fire, 1049:the higher vibration makes itself felt, and the activity, or motion, is more balanced, but lighter.Fire, 1049:of all makes itself felt, leading to increased activity upon the highest planes, and producing inFire, 1050:through the three permanent atoms. The activity set up in the seven etheric centers of force, theFire, 1050:etheric centers of force, the result of the activity of the seven principles: The head center - anFire, 1050:of the spine - an esoteric unity. The inherent activity of every atom in every sheath, whichFire, 1050:produces the rhythm of the sheath. The unified activity of every sheath or form which the divineFire, 1051:various bodies and produce specific effects. The activity or motion initiated and stimulated by theFire, 1054:and which stimulate it, or retard its activity according to the strength of the initiating life. ItFire, 1057:yet in no way static as to location. The third activity of the planetary atom is that which carriesFire, 1057:be considered as pursuing analogous lines of activity and as paralleling on a vast scale theFire, 1058:fashion through the Heavens. This is a different activity to the drift or progressive dynamicFire, 1058:of paramount influence where the spiral cyclic activity of our system is concerned. Just as in theFire, 1059:as in the human atom the spiral cyclic [1059] activity is egoic and controlled from the egoic body,Fire, 1059:of progress onward, is the result of the united activity of the seven constellations (our solarFire, 1059:seven centers of the cosmic Logos. This united activity produces a uniform and steady push (if itFire, 1060:time will be given to this expression of divine activity than to any other in this section, as itFire, 1060:by all forms in all kingdoms when their internal activity has reached such a stage of vibratoryFire, 1060:activity has reached such a stage of vibratory activity that the confining walls of the form noFire, 1062:10 [1062] In studying the subject of radiatory activity, we are dealing with the effect produced byFire, 1063:Love. Matter - Objective sphere. Intelligent activity. See S. D., III, 561. Life precedes form. -Fire, 1066:apparently legitimate sphere into a new realm of activity. Some few did possess this knowledge butFire, 1066:of all through the results brought about by the activity of the "frictional fire" which speeds upFire, 1075:the completion of a cycle of rotary-spiraling activity. No atom becomes radioactive until its ownFire, 1075:ready for the imposition of a higher vibratory activity, and when the negative lives within theFire, 1078:system. Each of these is first rotary in its activity, or self-centered; later each simultaneouslyFire, 1078:its original motion demonstrates spiral-cyclic activity. Thereby it becomes "aware" of form, andFire, 1078:conscious of, and able to participate in, the activity of the still greater enveloping whole. Fire, 1078:of quiescence, and periods of intensified activity. This will be seen quite clearly in connectionFire, 1079:upon subtler, and more advanced work. Then the activity gradually ebbed until a recurring cycleFire, 1079:third degree," and a similar degree of radiatory activity has not been reached since that time.Fire, 1079:of a period of transcendence of a still greater activity than in the time of the Buddha. It willFire, 1081:Their magnetic influence, Their radiation, Their activity. This tabulation is but an extension ofFire, 1085:anent the size, magnitude, quality, vibratory activity, and objective of those great forms throughFire, 1090:Logos, is in process of vivification or cyclic activity, and that certain of the centers of a solarFire, 1091:each is being [1091] swept into some form of activity upon the lesser revolution of this particularFire, 1092:in the moon chain only entered into renewed activity in the middle of the fourth root race; others,Fire, 1093:same laws, actuated by the same three forms of activity, and all (in their totality) forming oneFire, 1094:wheel an idea of the triplicity of all atomic activity: The central point of active positive forceFire, 1094:of life - the radiating spokes. The sphere of activity itself, the effect of the interplay of theseFire, 1094:If the student can picture those wheels in activity, if he can visualize all parts of the wheel asFire, 1096:vibration of system 1, The medial point of activity of system 2, The subjective energy of theFire, 1097:we dealt somewhat with various phases of activity when considering "fire by friction," and theFire, 1099:being becomes a fact and that particular form of activity which distinguishes his progress isFire, 1099:of the three worlds) results in the progressive activity of man. When this is coupled with theFire, 1099:macrocosmically and microcosmically, for the activity of the cosmic physical plane (our sevenFire, 1099:is largely dependent upon the coordinated activity of certain force manifestations, which might beFire, 1100:of any human being, and produce in it that activity which is termed "spiral progressive." TheseFire, 1102:altogether: Separation. Momentum. Frictional Activity. Absorption. Fire, 1102:separation is brought about through the initial activity of the Ego who produces the first of thoseFire, 1102:separation is again to be seen, for the activity of the monadic sheath, its own internal volitionFire, 1102:volition produces the formation of a sphere of activity, distinct in its nature and governed byFire, 1104:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind Momentum: The activity of the mental sheath and its graduallyFire, 1104:bear upon the mental sheath produce an increased activity and speed in the rotary motion of theFire, 1104:mental consideration are of ever increasing activity. They are cycles of intense mental adjustment,Fire, 1104:the close of the cycle of incarnation) the activity which has been generated is so strong thatFire, 1104:more. Other results are the fourth dimensional activity of the various "wheels," which begin notFire, 1105:those centers, each group will have its own "activity" problems, will spiral through the round ofFire, 1106:We have now to consider the "frictional activity" of the mental sheath, and the activity of theFire, 1106:activity" of the mental sheath, and the activity of the sheath as it manifests as absorption. TheseFire, 1106:the mental sheath as a whole. The result of this activity is rotary-spiral progressive action. Fire, 1106:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind Frictional Activity. This, as is apparent from the words, dealsFire, 1107:of manifestation. They have, therefore, an activity which might be regarded as corresponding to theFire, 1107:spirilla, are found "the points of frictional activity" or the "heat producers" and these three -Fire, 1109:in the Causal Body We have studied somewhat this activity as it manifests in fourfold fashion inFire, 1110:the Soul," if we studied the type of animating activity and arrived at a knowledge of the forcesFire, 1110:come under the influence of certain streams of activity. a. One stream of energy emanates from theFire, 1111:in time from the second tier of petals when in activity; this second tier is peculiarly instinctiveFire, 1112:wheel, and thus reveal themselves through their activity. c. A third type of energy is that which -Fire, 1114:the second circle of petals. Buddhic force. The activity of the second Logos, planetary or solar.Fire, 1115:which form the "petals of will" have a dynamic activity and (when in action) produce very rapidFire, 1116:or forces flowing through, and thus producing activity in the inner tier of petals, the SacrificeFire, 1116:three petals and to this we must add the unified activity of the outer three circles, or theFire, 1117:streams of energy, the accentuation of the activity of each centralized point as it contacts otherFire, 1118:the central Jewel, so that we have, not only the activity of the petals, not only the activity ofFire, 1118:only the activity of the petals, not only the activity of the living points or the deva livesFire, 1118:petal circumference, but likewise the unified activity of each tier of the threefold lotus. At aFire, 1120:lower man via the centers, through the unified activity of the causal body, is the coordination ofFire, 1123:body form a coherent unit in full and radiant activity are of such strength and purity as to have aFire, 1128:on Alignment The effects of the synthetic activity of the centers, sheaths and causal body produce:Fire, 1128:become active as the sheaths swing into rhythmic activity. Of these centers the three major are ofFire, 1129:with each other, or as soon as their motion or activity is synthesized; this is a most importantFire, 1132:aspect, and are therefore dealing with the activity of those forms of divine manifestation whichFire, 1134:atoms, and enabled him to manifest through their activity. The above three groups might be studiedFire, 1135:kingdom - physical permanent atom. Rajas - activity - vegetable kingdom - astral permanent atom.Fire, 1135:resistance, stability, quietude. The Aspect of Activity gives to Matter its responsiveness toFire, 1135:the negative. The types of most intense rajas or activity in the mineral kingdom are found in thoseFire, 1135:is seen in fullest expression just before the activity becomes rhythmic and the vegetable merges inFire, 1135:soul into separated identity. These types of activity must be regarded as constituting for theFire, 1135:as constituting for the mineral, physical activity, for the vegetable, sentient activity, and forFire, 1135:physical activity, for the vegetable, sentient activity, and for the animal, rudimentary mentalFire, 1135:activity, and for the animal, rudimentary mental activity. When this triple activity is achieved itFire, 1135:rudimentary mental activity. When this triple activity is achieved it might be noted that the denseFire, 1140:of any life in manifestation is due to primary activity on the part of some Entity, which activityFire, 1140:activity on the part of some Entity, which activity is largely the expression of the first Ray.Fire, 1141:arc, is in itself a negative force impelled into activity by a positive force and demonstrating asFire, 1141:the proportions of tamas or inertia, of rajas or activity, and of sattva or rhythm to be found inFire, 1142:a position analogous to the three Buddha's of Activity Who stand around Sanat Kumara. [1143] ThreeFire, 1144:the same objective, - the producing of perfected activity, intensification of heat, and of radiant
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