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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Fire, 1146:but also by the quality of great and intelligent activity, for (as might be expected) on the thirdFire, 1152:of Impulses Quality 1. Brahma The Raja Lords 7 Activity Inertia. 2. Vishnu The Planetary Logoi 7Fire, 1154:of "fire electric." When, through extra-systemic activity based upon three causes: LogoicFire, 1158:are vibrating with accuracy. The sevenfold activity of spirit makes itself felt when each of theseFire, 1164:here, and one scheme which has passed out of activity, and is in a condition of quiescence andFire, 1164:and is in a condition of quiescence and non-activity. This latter scheme is the correspondence inFire, 1165:schemes, unfolds in three great stages of activity, in each one of which one of the three types ofFire, 1165:As the unfolding proceeds, the vibratory activity increases, and the appearance of the manifestingFire, 1165:increases, and the appearance of the manifesting activity changes. The motion of the lotus or wheelFire, 1166:and from him and by him, i.e., by incessant activity, arises and manifests the organized world, theFire, 1167:its spheres of influence and the scope of its activity. It should be noted here as a basicFire, 1170:interesting of the laws for it only comes into activity in connection with the highest specimens ofFire, 1172:through a realization of the purpose, the activity, and the relation of colors to or for eachFire, 1172:be regarded as forms of spiritual gravitational activity are, nevertheless, not so, but are due toFire, 1183:solar sphere a group of existences whose mode of activity is spiral and not forward. These groupsFire, 1185:and thus swing into lesser but similar activity all the lives of these various bodies ofFire, 1186:Permanent Atom. The Physical Sun. Cosmic Activity (Universal Mind). Fire by Friction. Negative.Fire, 1186:Permanent Atom. Physical Planet. Systemic Activity. Fire by Friction. Negative. MAN: 1. HumanFire, 1208:the next higher above, so there is a similar activity in the realm of the hierarchies. The livesFire, 1217:to contact, any energy deemed inimical to group activity. It is literally a law of service, butFire, 1218:purpose. The final two laws concerning group activity can only be very briefly treated as theirFire, 1222:thus making the twenty-two: Ray Methods of Activity Ray of Power. 1. Destruction of forms throughFire, 1222:principle. 6. Soul impulse, or energy. Ray of Activity or Adaptability. 7. Vitalizing of formsFire, 1223:19. Union of energy and substance through group activity. 20. Stimulation of all etheric forms. 21.Fire, 1223:factors: 3 Atomic Relations 7 Laws 22 Methods of activity --- 32 make the thirty-two vibrationsFire, 1231:and the effect of the directing energy or activity of Spirit. From the point of view ofFire, 1235:energy which is responsible for the subjective activity. These three aspects of a symbol can beFire, 1236:Initiator.) | The Three Kumaras. (The Buddhas of Activity.) 1 2 3 | The reflections of the 3 majorFire, 1243:Path pass all those who, through devotion and activity combined, achieve the goal but who lack asFire, 1248:in the type of the Monad settles the line of activity. The karma of the fifth ray is one of theFire, 1256:the direct training of one of the Buddhas of Activity, and in the final stages are personallyGlamour, xi:and it is these cells which must be roused into activity before there can be any real intuitiveGlamour, 2:in on the Universal Mind upon that layer of Its activity which produces the pattern-forms on whichGlamour, 4:unification, wide experience, and a rapid activity of the indwelling Christ principle. IntuitionalGlamour, 4:to an understanding enters, it is not the activity of the intuition. Love. As earlier said, this isGlamour, 6:ways in which the intuition can be drawn into activity, and one of the most useful and potent isGlamour, 7:unawakened areas in the brain and arouse into activity the brain cells there found, and this is theGlamour, 7:very gently, but is not in full functioning activity. This higher center must be awakened moreGlamour, 8:faculty can be brought into functioning activity. It is a delicate art, this art of symbol reading,Glamour, 9:or microcosmic manifestation. But that activity and accuracy of the memory will do naught to awakenGlamour, 9:if the intuitional faculty is to be brought into activity through the study of symbols, the studentGlamour, 11:in the light." This final stage brings into activity the brain as well as the mind. The study ofGlamour, 12:into the realm of ideas. It sweeps into focused activity the mental apparatus. You then becomeGlamour, 12:and to work with ideas and concepts. This activity will necessitate the use of the mind toGlamour, 14:with your brain and memorized, and likewise its activity in time and space, along with its innateGlamour, 14:the study of its form and its demonstrated activity, and you are discovering the field of ideas ofGlamour, 17:can be rendered in this difficult sphere of activity unless there is this detached and liberatedGlamour, 17:to work in one of the most difficult spheres of activity - perhaps the most difficult to which aGlamour, 19:its dissipation. Record and note all telepathic activity and phenomena and learn to work this way,Glamour, 21:a universal condition that is the result of the activity - in time and space - of the human mind.Glamour, 21:- in time and space - of the human mind. The activity of MINDS! Ponder on this phrase for it givesGlamour, 21:of Illusion lies in the fact that it is a soul activity, and the result of the mind aspect of allGlamour, 22:really the same as the above, plus the intense activity produced when both glamor and illusion areGlamour, 22:only generalizations, and the result also of the activity of the analytical mind, but they serve toGlamour, 26:the energy of the human being as it swings into activity through the subjective influence of theGlamour, 26:Threshold, always present, swings however into activity only on the Path of Discipleship, when theGlamour, 27:is intended to work in the new age. Through the activity of such groups, the world glamor will beGlamour, 28:ever determine the group condition, the group activity, usefulness, problem and glamor. HenceGlamour, 29:ceases to swing you into lines of undesirable activity, the light that is in you will shine forthGlamour, 29:that it does two things: Controls the life activity or output. Tunes the aspirant in on the massGlamour, 30:cases, this combination of intuition and mental activity produces the genius in some field orGlamour, 31:of thousands of participants in group mental activity. These are today producing the worldGlamour, 32:of men. Their forms have been brought into activity by the steadily growing creative power ofGlamour, 38:group to be reminded that this is part of the activity now being undertaken by certain people inGlamour, 39:group and analogous groups in the way of right activity. Secondly, I wish to recapitulate somewhatGlamour, 43:as an individual can be employed by him in group activity and be used in the dispelling of theGlamour, 43:forces of the personality, and their purpose and activity have to be realized in the brainGlamour, 58:of these forms are necessarily built through the activity of the world of personality; others areGlamour, 58:agency of the soul, as well as through the joint activity of both these manifestations. RightGlamour, 63:idea with which he should be working. The over-activity of his mind is probably responsible for hisGlamour, 63:at no good constructive objectives, or life activity. They seize upon every idea that comes theirGlamour, 64:spontaneously, through a trained and rhythmic activity of the soul and mind, working always in theGlamour, 64:cause is lack of esoteric training in creative activity. Its cure is the application of fifth rayGlamour, 65:The disciple can therefore be swept into a wrong activity and a wrong application of ideas becauseGlamour, 69:is not therefore easy and calls for the focused activity of his best self. By that phrase, I meanGlamour, 73:understand it; it is the result of the agelong activity of human desire. It is a corporate part ofGlamour, 76:of their own, an emanation of their own, and an activity which is essentially that of their ownGlamour, 77:through an exertion of the astral body and this activity affects our contacts; it is not theGlamour, 77:potent at this time owing to the agelong activity of the sixth Ray of Devotion during the rapidlyGlamour, 79:the middle way is sighted and emerges. This activity produces the Glamor of the Pairs of Opposites,Glamour, 79:is the reflection on the astral plane of the activity of spirit, soul [80] and body; of life,Glamour, 85:the victim of force currents; one is swept into activity of some kind by uncontrolled forces, andGlamour, 85:of matter itself. These sweep a man into wrong activity and surround him with a whirlpool ofGlamour, 89:all attempts to express the process of "right activity [90] upon the Path of Return." This returnGlamour, 95:valued. Temporarily it is made the goal of all activity and the man, refusing to recognize theGlamour, 96:the physical body into an almost automatic activity. I referred to this duality in an earlierGlamour, 97:the physical plane, you then have one-pointed activity and a determination to travel in a specificGlamour, 107:forces. That immediately set up a tremendous activity in the throat center which is the higherGlamour, 109:constitution and the astral plane, plus the activity of the center within himself, which at thisGlamour, 109:an urge to higher living or a tendency to lower activity. This nebulous conscience developedGlamour, 116:of five types of force. These, when brought into activity simultaneously, produce those glamorousGlamour, 117:body is composed. This [117] is colored by past activity, as is the substance composing all theGlamour, 120:investigation in this new field of psychological activity. To return to the consideration of theGlamour, 124:earned the opportunity to participate in this activity. Each time they failed, and each time forGlamour, 124:eliminated themselves from this initial new age activity. I am explaining this, for it is valuableGlamour, 126:to take up anew his tasks in the three worlds of activity; he there re-enacts the former processesGlamour, 134:objectives and of definite positive brotherly activity lies behind every outer form. I have usedGlamour, 140:in this place or giving you instances of its activity as I did in the case of illusion and itsGlamour, 143:for it involves the dual, yet synthetic, activity of the head and the heart. [144] Then see a shaftGlamour, 149:combination of energies conditions their life activity, they would not continue to function - as
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