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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Healing, 639:magnetic qualities persist in any form of activity and in conjunction with the will-to-live of theHealing, 650:the spinal center is used all the time, and the activity set up, when successful, burns up andHealing, 651:magnetic passes first so as to set up a changed activity in the diseased area, and then finally useHealing, 654:they were not interested in evoking the living activity of the Master on His Own behalf (evenHealing, 656:of the patient, creates a zone of quiet rhythmic activity around the head center. No physicalHealing, 658:necessarily a great acceleration of vibratory activity. The patient, in the meantime, consciouslyHealing, 658:no longer an instrument for healing by radiatory activity, and leaves the patient aloneHealing, 660:of healer and patient. Oft the effect of the activity and knowledge of the true healer is to bringHealing, 664:aspirants, and subject to their continued activity, it was decided by them but for humanity thatHealing, 670:with you is not negative, or sweet or kindly activity, as so many believe; it is a state of mindHealing, 670:the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwill. That motive might lead toHealing, 670:this type of energy is never brought into activity by man; it is energy which he cannot yet handle.Healing, 680:live at this time in a cycle wherein His intense activity is utilizing the technique of divineHealing, 685:instinctual realm. It sweeps into its field of activity all classes of human beings and demandsHealing, 686:lost to sight. These three aspects of living activity are the embryonic expression in the life ofHealing, 687:other spheres of right action, and - through the activity of those spheres - having unfolded theHealing, 688:The Sound which was the first indication of the activity of the planetary Logos is not a word, butHealing, 691:have you take notice of the importance of form activity. It is the Form which shatters theHealing, 695:healer has to perfect himself in this initial activity and - as he works - he may himself (aloneHealing, 713:atomic liberation has been brought about by the activity of the first ray in relation to theHercules, 13:achieved, the "silent Beholder" awakens into activity. Hercules starts upon his labors. The humanHercules, 29:aspect; that the sign gives us the field of activity of the soul, and that the labor portrays theHercules, 31:sign Aries, which was the field of this first activity, is always spoken of as the first sign ofHercules, 32:followed by the consequent urge to create, that activity of the Deity which results in theHercules, 33:is begun. This is the sign of germinal spiritual activity, which later leads to the birth of theHercules, 35:us that the horse [35] stands for intellectual activity. The white horse symbolizes the illuminedHercules, 43:meaning lightning, and Arges, meaning whirling activity. When Hercules arrived with the bull at theHercules, 53:second aspect, the soul. Arges means whirling activity, the third aspect of divinity, expressingHercules, 53:of divinity, expressing itself in the intense activity of physical plane life. These divine aspectsHercules, 83:fought battles in the four signs of strenuous activity; and in these four final signs demonstrateHercules, 110:this gland is in full and proper functioning activity, we shall have a personality rounded-out andHercules, 110:active, self-controlled, with pronounced mental activity and endurance. This pituitary body is dualHercules, 119:this sixth sign, the number of physical plane activity, is called the number of the Beast. ThisHercules, 124:in the following words, which constitute the activity of Virgo: "And the word said, 'let matterHercules, 131:network of meanings. The result of such activity is synthesis. Between the concrete and theHercules, 132:if he descends to the level of materialistic activity, he loses the precious perceptions that areHercules, 136:The whole process is accounted for by the activity of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus andHercules, 138:as dying out, for as man achieves balance the activity and power of the wolf dies out. The third isHercules, 146:emotions analogously be rechannelled into the activity of thought? Can the energy of seethingHercules, 168:if you are a disciple, the thought and speech activity is your main enterprise. You weigh yourHercules, 178:fear of failure which holds so many back from activity and breeds only inertia, the great fault, weHercules, 205:own free initiative and its spontaneous creative activity. It is a proclamation that the soul hasHercules, 213:Leo). Quality: Focused direction. One-pointed activity. In the early stages, satisfaction ofHercules, 218:The idea of eternal recurrence and of constant activity, bringing with it, we hope and believe, aInitiation, 21:development of the discriminative and selective activity. One characteristic of all matter isInitiation, 21:activity. One characteristic of all matter is activity of some kind, and the moment that activityInitiation, 21:is activity of some kind, and the moment that activity is directed towards the building of forms,Initiation, 22:[22] reflection of the third aspect of activity is making itself felt. In the animal kingdom thisInitiation, 22:felt. In the animal kingdom this rudimentary activity and feeling are increased, and symptoms (ifInitiation, 39:called the Pratyeka Buddhas, or the Buddhas of Activity. These four are the embodiment of activeInitiation, 39:Buddhas, or Kumaras, are the sumtotal of activity or planetary energy, and the three esotericInitiation, 40:Kumaras will be active. The three Buddhas of Activity change from time to time, and become in turnInitiation, 51:the animal kingdom; this work calls into activity beings and workers and adepts totally distinctInitiation, 51:dwell, and what is their particular sphere of activity. A very small minority, through group karmaInitiation, 71:group work, and to change his center of activity from himself (as the pivot around which everythingInitiation, 76:past lives, through group work, and through the activity of the disciple (carried on almostInitiation, 79:and his own body, are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased and their power greatlyInitiation, 80:largely in terms of energy, or force, or activity, whilst disciples on the second ray understand itInitiation, 105:the Lord of the World, one of the Buddhas of Activity, the Buddha, the Mahachohan, and the ManuInitiation, 107:of the three Kumaras, or the three Buddhas of Activity at initiation is interesting. They are threeInitiation, 109:it is a thing of great moment, involving group activity, group loyalty, and united endeavor, andInitiation, 127:the Logos of our earth chain, which touched into activity certain centers in his body, with theirInitiation, 127:blaze. Synthesis of the fires through an occult activity that brings them within the radius ofInitiation, 127:radius of each, other. Increase of the vibratory activity of some center, whether in man, aInitiation, 129:deva Lord of the second plane. The Buddhas of Activity are responsible for its custody, and underInitiation, 129:their touch thus inspiring them to increased activity and service for the race. [130] The great RodInitiation, 131:culture of a people are brought into coherent activity. All physical plane organization -Initiation, 132:of stillness before a period of renewed activity, which begins at the moment that the Rod isInitiation, 134:burns, but destroys not, which intensifies the activity of every atom in his body withoutInitiation, 134:initiation the voltage is increased, and the activity of the resulting fire and its heatInitiation, 134:of the Rod the initiate finds: That the activity of each individual atom in the various bodies isInitiation, 135:will bring about in his bodies a period of great activity, and also of strife. This strife,Initiation, 136:substance, plus the increased consciousness and activity which is theirs through the experience ofInitiation, 138:work of the initiate. The center has its activity intensified, its rate of revolution increased,Initiation, 145:places in the ranks, whilst the three Buddhas of Activity (or their representatives at the firstInitiation, 148:the force flows via the three Buddhas of Activity instead of the departmental heads. It might be ofInitiation, 148:elevating his Rod of Power. The three Buddhas of Activity, who are the great energy centers uponInitiation, 156:when preparing for initiation: To control every activity of his threefold lower nature. ThisInitiation, 159:tone. A special form. A degree of energy or activity. The nature of the ensouling life,Initiation, 160:a particular cosmic musical tone. Its degree of activity is of a specific mathematical notationInitiation, 167:of Ignorance the force or energy of Brahma (the activity and intelligence of substance) is thatInitiation, 167:with, and the man has to learn the meaning of activity based on: Inherent energy. Absorbed energy.Initiation, 178:factor as now. He must likewise develop group activity, and learn to work in a coordinated mannerInitiation, 178:of his centers are vitalized, and come into full activity, other methods of stimulating the cellsInitiation, 178:specific stimulation which demonstrates in the activity of man on the Path of Probation and theInitiation, 179:in time and space. This is a special period of activity in the cycle of a Heavenly Man, and itInitiation, 184:of fact, and should characterize the whole daily activity of the true aspirant; the "much" isInitiation, 187:type of the monad settles usually the line of activity. The karma of the fifth ray is one of theInitiation, 194:words, and thoughts which are the mainspring of activity and have their origin upon the mentalInitiation, 200:centers, and thus sweep into increased vibratory activity the seven centers in the body upon theInitiation, 203:and the sounds whereby they are swept into activity considered. This involves, therefore, theInitiation, 203:through the medium of deva substance and the activity of the controlling devas. The laws of theInitiation, 220:solar cycles. It implies a period of universal activity. Manas, or Manasic Principle Literally, theInitiation, 221:root "man" - to think. Manvantara A period of activity as opposed to a period of rest, withoutInitiation, 221:Frequently used to express a period of planetary activity and its seven races. Maya Sanskrit,Initiation, 224:or Power. The Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. Rays of Attribute: The RayInitiation, 224:understood. The limit of the field of activity of the central life force. Root Race One of theIntellect, 8:conceptual connection. It is an apperceptive activity - both active and passive. Active thinking isIntellect, 30:at a passive awareness of dead facts but at an activity directed towards the world that our effortsIntellect, 40:the human form, but is drawn into demonstrated activity through the practice of meditation. These
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