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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Intellect, 54:means of contact with that particular field of activity, the world of physical life. This soulIntellect, 55:the mystical endeavor and the object of the dual activity of mind - God as life in Nature, God asIntellect, 57:desires and, eventually, directs it through the activity of the mind. Through the medium of theIntellect, 57:galvanizes the body into conscious (directed) activity and through the medium of the heart allIntellect, 57:to it via the vital body. Thus it is swept into activity of a purely selfish and personal nature;Intellect, 58:"body," the mind body, comes into being and activity, and gradually assumes an active and naturalIntellect, 58:objective in its orientation, and swings into activity through impacts coming to it from the outerIntellect, 71:together and then breaks down; intellectual activity is entirely concentrated in its intensity; itIntellect, 85:powers are brought [85] into functioning activity through meditation, and so supersede their lowerIntellect, 92:application and feverish desire. The heart activity has its place, however, and Patanjali in hisIntellect, 99:the mind on any desired idea. Contemplation. An activity of the soul, detached from the mind, whichIntellect, 102:first, as Mind or Spirit in reference to some Activity, for us God; secondly, as a quality emergentIntellect, 103:as the Oriental calls it, is swept into activity, and thought-forms are created and mental imagesIntellect, 103:man is impressed upon the brain and so a return activity is instituted. But, in the case of theIntellect, 104:the kingdoms of the soul and are caused by the activity of a man's own soul, or by other souls withIntellect, 109:before achieved, because the mind in ordinary activity is always associated with and affected byIntellect, 110:- Bhagavad Gita, XVIII, 13-14. Meditation is activity of a very intense kind and it will be foundIntellect, 116:energy which is responsible for the subjective activity..." - Bailey, Alice, A Treatise on ComicIntellect, 121:the Science of Behavior ...that our mental activity (which is usually unconscious) can be eitherIntellect, 123:page 32. God reveals His purpose through the activity of the form. He does the same through theIntellect, 123:of the form. He does the same through the activity of the mind, which impresses in its turn theIntellect, 123:infers a " mind-stuff" which is thrown into activity from the outer world of human affairs by theIntellect, 123:by the emotions and by other minds. This intense activity of the mind-stuff has to be definitelyIntellect, 123:that the mind should cease to register any form activity whatsoever, no matter of how high anIntellect, 129:the mind [129] begins to demonstrate a new activity. Instead of registering and storing up inIntellect, 130:up to this stage there has been an intense activity, and no condition of quiescence, of negativity,Intellect, 135:These two stages of meditation, one of intense activity and the other of an intense waiting, haveIntellect, 136:It is so easy to slip back into the intellectual activity which ordinary meditation connotes, forIntellect, 137:contemplates. The human consciousness ceases its activity and the man becomes what he is in realityIntellect, 141:interlude wherein the soul is active. This soul activity is preceded by what we might call anIntellect, 141:is preceded by what we might call an upward activity. The physical brain has been quieted and heldIntellect, 142:begins again to modify itself and is thrown into activity, the vision is lost sight of, the highIntellect, 143:The Light of the Soul, III, 9. [143] The second activity concerns itself with a dual work carriedIntellect, 143:its knowledge. Then, following upon this mental activity, will ensue a process of transmitting theIntellect, 144:Mysticism, pages 42-43. The results of this dual activity and facility of interplay we willIntellect, 149:effects, the [149] institution of the second activity of the mind, considered a few pages earlier.Intellect, 155:to an end, and the mind is swept into a renewed activity, an activity based on its reaction to theIntellect, 155:the mind is swept into a renewed activity, an activity based on its reaction to the light, and onIntellect, 160:main groups: First, a stimulation to an intense activity, which has a definite effect upon theIntellect, 164:Seven - Intuition and Illumination The second activity to which the mind responds as the result ofIntellect, 166:the functioning of the intuition, nor the activity of the faculty of spiritual telepathy. PeopleIntellect, 169:head, and frequently also a stimulation to an activity which is abnormal. The man seems driven byIntellect, 186:35, 38. Thus we have the same procedure - mental activity, contemplation, union and illumination. Intellect, 188:possession. The intellect... is relative in its activity... The Buddha before his Enlightenment wasIntellect, 206:to range the world at will, or to be swung into activity by our feelings and emotions, or by theIntellect, 207:talking to a friend, or whatever may be the activity of the moment. Should the occupation be suchIntellect, 207:use of thought, we can choose a line of mental activity or chain of reasoning and follow it outIntellect, 212:in the higher brain, is swung into an organized activity. The man acquires a new capacity to thinkIntellect, 212:gland, and the higher brain, are brought into activity through learning to focus the attentiveIntellect, 213:and the mental plane becomes the field of man's activity. This withdrawal or abstracting processIntellect, 227:intelligent intent set the limits of our mental activity in such a form that we are forced toIntellect, 229:must be the will to understand and a mental activity of a one-pointed nature. In the sixth stageIntellect, 229:The safe way is that of an intense mental activity, confined within the field of ideas opened up byIntellect, 229:"seed-thought" or object in meditation. This activity excludes all extraneous thoughts, exceptIntellect, 246:They are not yet the soul in functioning activity. They have simply had a vision of a possibility.Intellect, 247:The Christ is the Son of God in full functioning activity, the "Eldest in a great family ofIntellect, 248:He would probably laugh and continue with the activity or duty of the moment. Intellect, 254:be unduly restless; they have periods of intense activity wherein they find themselves runningIntellect, 260:and to permit it to work out through creative activity of some kind. The eastern teaching tells usIntellect, 260:endeavor, or in some expression of group activity. The tendency in modern times to find theIntellect, 261:is not surely the [261] death of an activity or a cessation of functioning on any level ofMagic, 10:the expression of the life, purpose and type of activity of some being or existence, and thus isMagic, 11:clear knowledge of the goal, that entity sets in activity those steps and stages which when carriedMagic, 11:understood, conveys the idea of subjection to an activity which is recognized as inexorable andMagic, 18:which seems to use the brain as its main seat of activity and from there to direct the functioningMagic, 19:and producing an outer and inner group activity demonstrates primarily through the three parts ofMagic, 19:to vitalize the body, to produce its coordinated activity and functioning, and to bring about anMagic, 20:that which is energizing. It is that intelligent activity which has been clumsily calledMagic, 28:concealed within it) which produces movement, activity and change. This is of course putting itMagic, 28:with the composition of forms and with the activity produced by the component form parts and theirMagic, 29:force manifestations and the varying types of activity, the solving of the problem as to theMagic, 30:together, animates, vitalizes and drives into activity the form and so makes of him a living being,Magic, 31:this it is which sets the [31] rate of vibratory activity of his body, produces his particular typeMagic, 31:dense physical body, through the heart. As the activity of the atoms and cells of which theMagic, 33:which produces the undeniable intelligent activity which all demonstrate. It can be calledMagic, 35:its identity and form, and carry forward its activity along its own lines, or whether we deal withMagic, 36:all forms in a constant condition of vibratory activity. The soul is the perceiving entity producedMagic, 49:the life principle, the energy which produces activity. This it does through the medium of theMagic, 49:nervous system and the focal point of that activity is the brain. This is the seat of consciousMagic, 49:through life and consciousness, a radiant activity, or manifestation of glory which will make ofMagic, 49:which will make of each human being a center of activity for the distribution of light andMagic, 58:the man is galvanized into intelligent activity on the physical plane. Magic, 60:worked out on the physical plane. Thus the activity of the lower nature decreases, and the manMagic, 64:form which the breath energizes and drives into activity. Upon careful study, it becomes apparentMagic, 64:we have emphasized the effects of the imparted activity but have not understood the nature of theMagic, 66:by the inner receptiveness. It involves a dual activity. [67] Learn to control thought. It isMagic, 67:not his force." There are so many lines of activity into which the soul-inspired disciple may throwMagic, 67:throw himself. Assurance as to varying lines of activity is not easy to reach and every aspirantMagic, 67:a man may know which out of several lines of activity is the right line to take? Is there, in otherMagic, 69:- the intuition ever concerns itself with group activity and not with petty personal affairs. IfMagic, 77:thought) be brought into full functioning activity. This is done by right thinking and not byMagic, 80:who so paramountly represent it. By its intense activity and stimulated action it hinders theMagic, 83:finds no room for expansion, and the activity that should be finding its legitimate expression inMagic, 89:found lodgment in the brain of man. Intelligent activity and love wisdom must be united, and theMagic, 94:and thus cause to materialize as a group activity on the physical plane. It is the function of someMagic, 94:those groups which are already in functioning activity. It is the function of others to bring intoMagic, 94:of others to bring into being those forms of activity which are, as yet, on the subjective plane.Magic, 97:this is the most difficult stage) a paralleling activity of a steady visualization of the thoughtMagic, 97:of the Soul. It involves also a paralleling activity in the mind, for the aspirant must interpretMagic, 97:that simultaneously. He begins to learn a triple activity in this manner. This the Old Commentary
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