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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Magic, 98:experiment and experience and conscious activity of the aspirant. I would like also to point outMagic, 98:to the individual man but to the predestined activity of the fourth Kingdom in Nature. Through hisMagic, 105:center is swept [105] into increasing creative activity as the personality vibrates to the soul. Magic, 107:energy of the atoms) are swept into increased activity until such time [108] as there is a risingMagic, 109:work proceeds in ordered stages and with cyclic activity. The light of the soul is thrownMagic, 109:with that of the head. The centers swing into activity. The light of the soul and the two otherMagic, 115:does. The basis of all Logic action is love in activity, and the fundamental idea on which He basesMagic, 115:Hence, this principle should underlie all activity, and the government of the lesser organizations,Magic, 115:organizations, if founded on love leading to activity, would lead to a divine urge in all itsMagic, 116:lower self. They embody the third aspect or the activity aspect of logic manifestation and form theMagic, 118:confused. Certain first principles, the lower activity fundamentals are ingrained and inherent now,Magic, 118:individual, mayhap clarity will ensue. The lower activity of personal life, no matter how good orMagic, 119:deals with the principles governing the life of activity of the lower self, and the ego works withMagic, 120:or upon a placid complacency which negates activity. [121] As a general rule for the averageMagic, 142:[142] three worlds are reduced in volume and in activity, as well as in quantity will it beMagic, 142:of which all forms are made and initiates that activity which characterizes even the atom ofMagic, 143:surroundings. Thought, speech and the resultant activity on the physical plane complete theMagic, 146:sequence form. Vibration, the effect of divine activity, is two-fold. There is the first effect inMagic, 147:and of Discipleship, this subtler vibratory activity exerts an increasing allure. The outer worldMagic, 148:integration of the form, as the result of the activity of the soul, through the use of Sound,Magic, 150:deep, middle, and top breath) he can bring into activity, in the world of esoteric experiences, hisMagic, 151:meditation, which is ever the paralleling activity of breathing. Then by an act of the will,Magic, 151:physical instrument with the needed constructive activity. That aspect of the plan which he hasMagic, 159:purpose, intent meditation, and creative activity built the thought-form which he is ensouling withMagic, 159:consequent energizing into independent life and activity. The first hindrance to the potency of theMagic, 161:for the emotional body is thrown into a state of activity by the general astral condition and mustMagic, 165:that there is awakening into conscious activity, a sevenfold structure, which is symbolic in form,Magic, 168:in himself three things: Increased mental activity. This at first will give him much trouble, andMagic, 169:job, and carries forward his contribution to the activity of the whole, to the best of his ability.Magic, 186:and soon gone and that by study, intelligent activity, loving service, and patient endurance, he isMagic, 188:personality but at the motives which prompt his activity and at the effect of his influence uponMagic, 188:force and not by strenuous physical plane activity; it is the effect of a man's being what he trulyMagic, 189:Guides of the race to stimulate into functioning activity at this time. We will therefore considerMagic, 190:of an inner coordination and a motivated activity which will lead to true esoteric endeavor and toMagic, 190:is a potent factor in bringing about the activity of the centers. Let us, for the sake of clarity,Magic, 191:of the head center by the demonstration of the activity of the will. The first effect is producedMagic, 192:of spiritual being, and bringing into activity a mechanism and a vital structure which has hithertoMagic, 192:three transfers have been consummated then an activity transpires in the head center, the ultimateMagic, 196:desire nature. Then the heart awakens into activity and the life of the solar plexus center becomesMagic, 196:to the sacral center, and thus brings into activity the generative processes and creativeMagic, 197:by divine love, and to bring into functioning activity the Will, as it works out divine purpose andMagic, 197:much in bringing the heart center into partial activity, and in awakening some of the moreMagic, 198:is an interplay of energy between the two. This activity in its turn brings about a response fromMagic, 199:centers normally passes. This responsive [199] activity and interaction brings about two results,Magic, 200:this vitalization and the eventual synthetic activity of the three centers? Faced with theseMagic, 203:restless self-centered emotional nature and the activity of the solar plexus center (carrying theMagic, 206:to the consequent and subsequent [206] guided activity of the five other centers. The work in theseMagic, 214:down the barriers and limitations to true soul activity. These three activities of the soul,Magic, 215:the astral or body of water undergoes a similar activity plus a stabilizing effect which brings toMagic, 216:the third eye and swept into right and specific activity by an act of the will. In the aboveMagic, 219:plane, yet the sum total indicates a vibratory activity in the world soul, as it expresses itselfMagic, 220:by the governing soul or is swept into activity by the force inherent in the matter of the threeMagic, 227:is a dominating factor. Though thrown into activity by the factors enumerated above, it isMagic, 227:of these two contacts. Out of these a third activity supervenes wherein the reasoning principleMagic, 228:him the line of least resistance. Through the activity of pain, he can visualize and become awareMagic, 228:and hell become to him realities. Through the activity of the attractive life of his soul, heMagic, 229:left hand path and the other the path of right activity. On one path, he becomes proficient inMagic, 230:This eventually brings the third eye into activity, and so there is gained a potency and a clearMagic, 230:power. This vital power demonstrates its first activity in enabling the aspirant to achieve a pointMagic, 235:this rule for it covers the immediate work and activity of the intelligent aspirant. It is the mostMagic, 236:of all three planes, and vitalized through the activity and by the emanations from the heart,Magic, 241:spiritually speaking, it is demonstrated as the activity of the soul, as it seeks to draw the lowerMagic, 245:body and produce a cycle of intense mental activity. Constant study, much thought, keenMagic, 251:soul. The vital airs are swept into form-making activity just as their higher correspondence, theMagic, 251:it), are thrown into an analogous form-making activity. These can then be seen interiorly by theMagic, 251:and is swept into thought-form making activity by this impression. According to the lucidity andMagic, 252:but it exists in the place of the brain activity and becomes a focusing center for the soul, and aMagic, 252:then (as the result of this triple coordinated activity) to the creation of a focusing center,Magic, 281:its use, lies, we know, the soul. Back of all activity for the furthering of human evolution asMagic, 281:Law creatively; both proceed from subjective activity to objective manifestation and both areMagic, 285:hidden by the personality, through its creative activity of a non-physical character. Finally, weMagic, 287:the place of the reproductive creative material activity. [288] The solar plexus center which,Magic, 295:and of the soul. It is subject also to vibratory activity as the result of the interplay between itMagic, 297:The most ordinary manifestations of astral activity are: Fear. Depression or its opposite pole,Magic, 297:with, and in, forces, and that right and wrong activity on the physical plane is due simply to aMagic, 298:of the mind principle, and a result of mental activity. The fact that birds and animals know fearMagic, 298:simply a human failing and the result of the activity of the functioning of the human mind. It isMagic, 314:sweeps the astral body of man into strenuous activity is the impulsive desire of the astral body ofMagic, 317:which seeks to sweep my sentient body into activity come from the divine Life within me or is itMagic, 323:ebb and flow, as all else in nature. Times of activity succeed times of pralaya, and periods ofMagic, 323:pralayic period is succeeded by one of greater activity, and of more potent achievement. Rhythm,Magic, 340:all phenomena, objective and subjective, to the activity of matter. Through the wrestling of thoseMagic, 361:and now we have the period of its intensest activity in the concrete sense. We are told in theMagic, 362:from these exalted spheres into the field of activity of the initiate and of being doorways intoMagic, 362:in one direction, but gradually quicken their activity as he nears the portal of the Path ofMagic, 362:and the rotation becomes intensified, and the activity, fourth dimensional. It is difficult toMagic, 368:thought sweeps the mental plane matter into activity; thinkers seize hold of the idea. This is aMagic, 386:4. When the chitta, or mind stuff, is swept into activity by abstract ideas (the embodied thoughtsMagic, 398:the use of ceremonial and pictures, some mode of activity which would carry on the hierarchicalMagic, 401:call a complete exterioration of that truth. The activity of the first ray had also brought aboutMagic, 406:the different rays as they cycled in and out of activity, little groups of men emerged, playedMagic, 409:years, and are all the results of the group activity started by the Masters. Men have grown therebyMagic, 411:the exceeding potency of the subjective activity. Magic, 417:only about 156 are equipped by their thought activity to form part of this slowly forming group.Magic, 418:doubt as to your motives and your disinterested activity. Some of the 156 who form the presentMagic, 419:as to how the units in his particular sphere of activity should live and work, should meditate andMagic, 420:than by the eating of meat. Two rules of life activity must be taught the young aspirant: He mustMagic, 420:He must be taught to focus oil constructive activity and to refrain from pulling down the old orderMagic, 422:This involves: The awakening into conscious activity of the center between the eyebrows, called byMagic, 422:the ajna center. The subordinating then of the activity of this center to that of the head center,
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