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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Magic, 422:body. The recognition of this field of dual activity in two ways: as of a light in the head, anMagic, 423:between all these spheres of sentient activity. This will all be eventually covered by a newMagic, 424:is as yet no conscious registering of mental activity during such times, for instance, as when theMagic, 424:Already men are aware both of physical plane activity and emotional aliveness simultaneously. ThatMagic, 425:of responsibility nor the organizing of any activity designed to lure these disciples, who haveMagic, 425:produced by an inner growth and not by an outer activity. An ancient Scripture teaches this truthMagic, 426:of pure living, constructive building, creative activity subordinated to the general purpose,Magic, 431:and the Great Ones, and is energized into activity by the need of humanity itself. It is composedMagic, 435:governs, if I may so express it, the rajasic or activity aspect of his life during incarnation. TheMagic, 438:petalled lotus) and only enter into functioning activity after the third initiation. It will beMagic, 450:concealed within it which produces movement, activity and change. This is of course putting itMagic, 450:with the composition of form and with the activity produced by the component form parts and theirMagic, 450:force manifestations and the varying types of activity, the solving of the problem as to theMagic, 451:together, animates, vitalizes and drives into activity the form and so makes of him a living being,Magic, 452:this it is which sets the rate of vibratory activity of his body, produces his particular type ofMagic, 452:the dense physical, through the heart. As the activity of the atoms and cells of which the physicalMagic, 456:the intelligence is awakening to functioning activity. It is with the Book of Forms that we are nowMagic, 457:mind, so equipping oneself to leap readily into activity, and, through steadfastness inMagic, 458:can respond and be inclusive to this sphere of activity whereon the Mind of God expresses itself,Magic, 459:literally a "precipitation" can go forward. The activity of the mental state of consciousness. ItMagic, 460:or plans of intuitive impression and of intense activity on the mental plane is the sole work ofMagic, 461:They thus bring about the needed physical activity. Magic, 461:process and are responsible for its functional activity. The hierarchy of Masters, of the seniorMagic, 461:of the one Life, and its rhythmic and cyclic activity - never ending and never resting - must beMagic, 462:made. Relations between the four spheres of activity which we call human, animal, vegetable andMagic, 463:us as the laws of nature. The ideas of ordered activity and of a conscious and purposeful goal areMagic, 464:on the tide of evolution. It is a form of group activity (groups governed by the vibration ofMagic, 465:which humanity is now passing - again a group activity on a higher turn of the spiral. Magic, 466:and in the stage of animal man, the same group activity reigns, only (as in the involutionaryMagic, 471:been made." Thus we find the idea of purpose, activity and goal. Magic, 471:respects this subjective triplicity of purpose, activity and goal is well known and in others it isMagic, 471:goal, religion has long sought to deal; with the activity aspect, the scientist is now attemptingMagic, 471:of his own spiritual will and controls the activity of the lives within his form nature and soMagic, 476:May it not be possible that under the modes of activity employed by the advertising agencies andMagic, 478:to take form and so run through their cycle of activity. But this method is as unsatisfactory inMagic, 481:to religion or to the varying modes of human activity have oriented the mind (not the emotions butMagic, 481:action which is necessarily a part of the divine activity in the large sense. It is right here, inMagic, 483:we give, and produce reactions in line with our activity, be it physical, emotional or mental.Magic, 484:wrongly, for they are forced into a thought activity by reactions which have their seat in theirMagic, 484:impulse which sweeps the mind-stuff into activity is an emotional one, or a potent desire, eitherMagic, 490:is a positive harmlessness, involving constant activity and watchfulness; it is not a negative andMagic, 494:human relations, the cessation of all physical activity, the severing of all signs of love and ofMagic, 496:blood stream, we have the two aspects of soul activity brought together in order to make man aMagic, 497:thus silence settles down. The house is empty. Activity ceases except that amazing and immediateMagic, 497:ceases except that amazing and immediate activity which is the prerogative of matter itself andMagic, 497:aware, living entity into the universal activity, and of this the stomach, pancreas and liver areMagic, 504:heart service and not an emotional insistence on activity directed towards handling the affairs ofMagic, 504:of others. This involves, prior to all such activity, the answering of two questions: - Am IMagic, 507:does not necessarily result in correct creative activity. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, there willMagic, 512:and the seventh ray is rapidly coming into right activity. Much will consequently occur to make manMagic, 512:diastole and systole, of ebb and flow, of cyclic activity, of the day of opportunity and the nightMagic, 513:a pralaya, we need not concern ourselves. The activity of the Universal Mind and its comprehensiveMagic, 513:he can himself attain a definite constructive activity in his interludes. These interludes, for theMagic, 513:The physical plane analogy of this rapidity of activity is to be found in the intense rushing toMagic, 514:the distinction between intense outgoing activity, periods of withdrawal, and interludes whereinMagic, 514:Some lives change their rhythm and mode of activity every seven years; others alter every nine orMagic, 515:that they have learnt to preserve a continuous activity - based on discipline and service. TheyMagic, 515:This period of silence succeeds upon the activity (found so difficult by the beginner) of makingMagic, 516:soul on its own plane becomes active and of this activity the mind and brain are aware. From theMagic, 516:are aware. From the standpoint of personality activity, an interlude takes place. There is a pointMagic, 516:the universal plan. This cycle of recorded soul activity is followed by what might be called theMagic, 517:two aspects of physical breathing for intense activity and the use of the power of will to produceMagic, 519:and the mind responsive. The intellectual activity and the responsiveness of the brain to mindMagic, 519:time is passing through a cycle of excessive activity. For the first time in human history [520]Magic, 520:For the first time in human history [520] this activity embraces mankind on a large scale in theMagic, 520:of potent upheaval. This unified triple activity is increased by a cycle of equally intenseMagic, 520:by a cycle of equally intense planetary activity, due to the coming in of a new age, the passing ofMagic, 520:of being - through their own organized soul activity that there will always be those who can "workMagic, 520:must do in order to preserve - in this cycle of activity and exoteric expression - the power,Magic, 520:of workers had to withdraw from all external activity and "abstract the divine mysteries, hidingMagic, 522:Magnetic Attraction and owing to the impulsive activity of the Universal Mind as it works out theMagic, 523:developed and when a truer meaning of group activity is available, it will be possible to conveyMagic, 528:inert mass of human cells be brought into activity. The occult hierarchy is to the planetary LifeMagic, 528:Prisoners of the Planet II. The second type of activity of which man is capable is an intenseMagic, 529:realities. [529] III. The third type of activity which should occupy the attention of humanity, andMagic, 531:intent and objective, and limiting his sphere of activity in order to provide due opportunity andMagic, 533:manifestation. Immediately there sweeps into activity another law or the working out of an activeMagic, 541:desire and mental matter would be swept into activity in line with the fancies and the whims of theMagic, 551:or proposition which must govern the magical activity? This question is, of course, too general andMagic, 551:law of rebirth. These potencies are driven into activity by the power of thought and hence, inMagic, 554:in their turn, are motivated or swept into activity by the dynamic impact of the divine thought.Magic, 555:These seven, in their turn, are [555] swept into activity by the three supreme magical workers, theMagic, 555:to the mystery of Being. It is related to karmic activity and on it the Lords of Time and SpaceMagic, 560:in swinging mental and emotional substance into activity and so making strong impress upon theMagic, 568:animating the etheric body, according to the activity of that force in the etheric body, accordingMagic, 568:up the spine) so will be the corresponding activity of the physical body. Similarly andMagic, 571:its creative task and capable of those forms of activity, emanating [572] from the mind, which willMagic, 572:from which they come, of the mode of their activity and of the purpose for which they must be used.Magic, 579:that the emergence into functioning life and activity of any form is dependent upon the persistentMagic, 587:condition of rhythm, vitality and vibratory activity. This stage involves no danger and there is noMagic, 590:structure of the brain, and through the over-activity of the cell life can also induce thatMagic, 592:to increase their vibration, and this increased activity sets up a contact with the protectiveMagic, 593:of one or other of the webs, through the activity of the centers allied to them. This happens veryMagic, 593:and of pain in the back indicates usually undue activity in a center, which produces destructiveMagic, 597:building aspect of divinity and through their activity bring the outer form into manifestation;Magic, 602:as may be all thought of grades and spheres of activity. It is possible, in the swing of theMagic, 602:direction and to discount these stages of activity. Do not misunderstand me however; I do notMagic, 626:the planetary life, - fear reactions, leading to activity of some kind. As you know theMeditation, 16:destroyed. When the egoic ray is the third or Activity-adaptability Ray, the method is somewhatMeditation, 16:in the service of power through love in activity. [17] You have the wisdom or love aspect driving a
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