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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Meditation, 17:resulting in the service of love through love in activity. You have the activity aspect driving aMeditation, 17:of love through love in activity. You have the activity aspect driving a man on to perfectionMeditation, 28:a man finds himself, discovers what his line of activity may be, what he can accomplish, and fromMeditation, 30:with that of the second Logos and based on the activity of the third Logos. Therefore, you have atMeditation, 38:egos more negative. The factor of activity. This is largely a matter of ray, and affects closelyMeditation, 41:and faculties of the department of force and activity, the synthesis, forget not, of the four minorMeditation, 54:aspect logoic. At the third great Breath the activity aspect wag demonstrated, matter wasMeditation, 55:basic note of the five lower planes. It marked activity or adaptability. Subtone four of theMeditation, 68:with them under the law. During the seventh ray activity, this will be much facilitated. GroupsMeditation, 72:It has its correspondence in the third or activity aspect, and in the third or ActivityMeditation, 72:third or activity aspect, and in the third or Activity (Adaptability) Ray, and is the basis of allMeditation, 73:as a center for the emotional focusing. The activity of the fire becomes more centered in theMeditation, 74:are: The heart. The throat. The head. The divine activity has developed the solar plexus center, isMeditation, 75:of the throat center. All the creative activity of the threefold man - physical, emotional andMeditation, 84:more completely understood. It is the center of activity - an activity which must later beMeditation, 84:understood. It is the center of activity - an activity which must later be intuitional. The throatMeditation, 85:by the preponderance of the green of activity, for the emotional body is actively the agent of theMeditation, 86:in harmonious service, and the lower physical activity is transmuted into idealism and altruism.Meditation, 101:of the internal furnaces, come into greater activity, relapsing as the sun moves further away, intoMeditation, 106:In so doing, if successful, he will turn the activity of the divine fire to the throat center andMeditation, 112:occident is to the race what the brain or mental activity is to the body, - the directingMeditation, 116:systemic or cosmic. He serves first through activity, through the use of his intelligence, usingMeditation, 131:through application to meditation, and power and activity in service, a man has developed hisMeditation, 147:In this solar system - the system of love in activity - the path of least resistance for theMeditation, 148:The occultist works through the Rays of Power, Activity, and Ceremonial Law, or the first, theMeditation, 149:of his being - that of love demonstrated in activity - unless he coordinates the whole through theMeditation, 155:initiation, as the subtler faculties come into activity, and the centers are rotating in fourthMeditation, 167:basic aspect for this system), and the Aspect of Activity or Intelligence. You know from yourMeditation, 171:upon it - love in rule, love abounding, love in activity, - but in this second line the aboveMeditation, 172:world have their place. The Spirits of Love and Activity pass much time in each of its fiveMeditation, 173:love aspect of the divine Self. Forget not that activity is just as divine and just asMeditation, 175:endeavor to work with. You control through the activity aspect, by the definite doing of certainMeditation, 176:in closing that when you have learned to use the activity aspect in work with the involutionaryMeditation, 182:into manifestation, - a remnant of the first or activity solar system, and the basis of this, theMeditation, 189:three lower planes. This is effected through the activity of elementals, controlled by fire devas,Meditation, 202:information from the department controlling the activity of the mind. In this way the stimulationMeditation, 208:discrimination. Just as the green of the activity of Nature forms the basis of the love aspect, orMeditation, 212:Indigo absorbs. Green is the basis of the activity of Nature. It was the synthetic color for systemMeditation, 213:The third subray, the third major Ray of Activity or Adaptability. It is the basic ray of theMeditation, 214:- indigo and green. The Synthetic Ray and the Activity Ray are at this stage the only two of whichMeditation, 214:system had much to do with the production of activity. Yellow harmonizes, it marks completion andMeditation, 215:to the third plane of atma whereon the green of activity predominates... Meditation, 216:the cosmic ray of the intelligence, or to that activity aspect that found its great expression inMeditation, 217:[217] FIRST SOLAR SYSTEM Green Ray Third Aspect Activity or Intelligence Third subray ActivityMeditation, 217:Aspect Activity or Intelligence Third subray Activity Green-green Fifth subray Manas, mindMeditation, 218:Fourth subray Harmony Indigo-yellow [218] In the activity system you have the third aspect ofMeditation, 218:you have the third aspect of universal mind or activity, demonstrating through the orange of theMeditation, 218:- form which perfectly expresses that latent activity. Similarly in the second system of love, youMeditation, 218:a vibration set up by the earlier cosmic ray of activity in the earlier solar system; the force ofMeditation, 218:and Wisdom 1. Ray of Power and Will 3. Ray of Activity or Adaptability 4. Ray of Harmony 7. Ray ofMeditation, 220:between the first and the seventh planes. The Activity or Adaptability Ray and that of ConcreteMeditation, 221:the consummation of the pure white light. The activity system was green. The love system is blue.Meditation, 225:below? Above will be found Will, Love and Activity, or Power, Wisdom and Intelligence, the termsMeditation, 226:The physical, expressing a reflection of the activity aspect. The astral, expressing a reflectionMeditation, 226:the threefold Ego? Higher manas, expressing the activity or intelligence aspect. Buddhi, expressingMeditation, 229:vitality when dealing with intelligence, or the activity aspect. The above statement will repayMeditation, 230:in evolution the colors are largely based on the activity aspect. Later comes the working in theMeditation, 239:his latent virtues through forms by the use of activity or intelligence. The life shows color andMeditation, 240:It is [240] resolved back into its primary, plus activity and expression, plus experience and theMeditation, 263:value of meditation as a preparation for this activity will be realized by all thoughtful students,Meditation, 263:human, and through them He cooperates with the activity aspect of the Logos. Thus He blends HisMeditation, 271:group, and finds his own place and functional activity in that body corporate. That is the secret:Meditation, 287:of its four subsidiary rays, and is one of great activity, of frequent transference, and of muchMeditation, 335:[335] just as much of all the above as to insure activity. By cleanliness. Much use of water,Meditation, 355:solar cycles. It implies a period of universal activity. Manas (Manasic Principle) Literally, theMeditation, 356:root "man" - to think. Manvantara A period of activity as opposed to a period of rest, withoutMeditation, 356:Frequently used to express a period of planetary activity and its seven races. Maya Sanskrit,Meditation, 358:or Power. The Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. [359] Rays of Attribute: TheMeditation, 359:understood. The limit of the field of activity of the central life force. Root Race One of thePatanjaliwhen, through one pointed thought, the outer activity is quieted. In this stage, the chitta isPatanjaliachieved. 31. Pain, despair, misplaced bodily activity and wrong direction (or control) of the lifePatanjali, 13:it undergoes as long as its versatility and activity are controlling factors. He must not losePatanjali, 14:as to the astral or emotional reactions. All activity in the lower nature is the result ofPatanjali, 14:is: Lower concrete mind, demonstrating as the activity of the mental body. Abstract mind,Patanjali, 21:he says, "I see, I taste, I hear," and it is the activity of the vrittis (or those mentalPatanjali, 22:Students will do well to remember that right activity of the mind and its correct use is the goalPatanjali, 24:picture making of a joyous heaven. That memory activity which is the result of mental training, thePatanjali, 24:liberation from limitation and from all lower activity. This is the goal. [25] Finally (for it isPatanjali, 25:but simply as the tangible outcome of the activity of the real principles. The organs, occultlyPatanjali, 25:organs, occultly speaking, are such centers of activity as the mind, the various permanent atoms,Patanjali, 32:2. Rajas Energy of Soul Ego Son mobility or activity 3. Tamas Energy of Matter Personality HolyPatanjali, 34:All which is the motivating factor in the form's activity. Thus through the part, the Whole isPatanjali, 35:the One who uses the form, who energizes it into activity and who is working in line with the plan.Patanjali, 35:when through one-pointed thought, the outer activity is quieted. In this stage the chitta isPatanjali, 36:the adept. It is a condition of intense internal activity instead of external; it is an attitude ofPatanjali, 40:is grasped, when the goal is perceived, then activity ensues - that right activity and that correctPatanjali, 40:is perceived, then activity ensues - that right activity and that correct use of force which willPatanjali, 60:he assimilates the results of his soul's activity. Later when the aspirant has passed on into thePatanjali, 66:take but there is no correspondence between his activity and his knowledge. There is a gap betweenPatanjali, 68:and visions which are the result of mental activity, and not of astral sight. Frequently thesePatanjali, 69:(in etheric matter) develops with a paralleling activity. Spiritual vision or true perception. ThisPatanjali, 71:of Union 31. Pain, despair, misplaced bodily activity and wrong direction (or control) of the lifePatanjali, 71:despair and of despondency. Misplaced bodily activity. The inner condition works out on thePatanjali, 71:works out on the physical plane as an intense activity, a violent seeking for solution or forPatanjali, 89:of these forces is determined by the rhythm, the activity and the quality of the atoms which formPatanjali, 91:to ultimate perfection is seen in the other. The activity which holds the electrons gathered aroundPatanjali, 102:(or rhythm) alone becomes manifest, rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia) being dominated andPatanjali, 112:The eight "means of yoga" or the eight kinds of activity which will bring about the needed results.Patanjali, 121:Yoga has a specific relation to physical plane activity, and to the working out into objectivePatanjali, 139:of the mental plane gains in beauty, size and activity with greater rapidity during the stages of
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