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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Patanjali, 147:itself, sattva, raja and tamas, or rhythm, activity and inertia, and are inherent in all forms. ThePatanjali, 148:of the threefold lower man. The attribute of activity is the prime characteristic of the soul, andPatanjali, 148:and it is this quality which causes the intense activity and constant labor of the man as he seeksPatanjali, 148:proceeds in a balanced manner. The quality of activity or mobility is the [149] characteristic ofPatanjali, 149:inertia and drive its lowest vehicle into an activity which will bring about the desired ends.Patanjali, 149:Consequences. Pain is brought about through the activity of the past and the working out of karmaPatanjali, 150:the lower nature. This will bring about a mental activity of such a nature that old tendencies,Patanjali, 154:and then when the second quality of rajas or activity is firmly established, the sixth sense or thePatanjali, 155:equilibrium, 2. Rajasic substance mobility, activity, 3. Tamasic substance inertia, stability.Patanjali, 157:the past. These sixteen means of perception and activity in the phenomenal world are channels forPatanjali, 163:triangle is then formed and comes into working activity: The seer or spiritual man, the mind, hisPatanjali, 164:world of forms is the result of the thought activity of some life; the whole universe of matter isPatanjali, 166:cause of man's restlessness and urge towards activity of one kind or another; to show the reasonPatanjali, 173:the evolutionary urge itself. It is the cause of activity and progress. Dissatisfaction with thePatanjali, 174:This serves to drive him forward with increasing activity in his search. His response to outerPatanjali, 180:plane in some one body, but to the simultaneous activity and practice of these methods in all threePatanjali, 200:the energy which can be dissipated through the activity of the lower center is concentrated andPatanjali, 208:wide. The five great means of contact rush into activity. Obstacles are overcome, and barriers noPatanjali, 209:the ventricles of the head are also swept into activity and produce a cleansing, or ratherPatanjali, 218:animating the etheric body, according to the activity of that force in the etheric body, accordingPatanjali, 219:up the [219] spine) so will be the corresponding activity of the physical body. Similarly andPatanjali, 226:call it, is succeeded by one of a form of higher activity. This is literally the imposition of aPatanjali, 230:and the mental plane becomes the field of man's activity. This withdrawal or abstracting processPatanjali, 258:experiences are therefore only the result of the activity of the solar plexus producing awarenessPatanjali, 259:excites or impresses his mind, and throws into activity the "modifications of the thinkingPatanjali, 261:begins again to modify itself and is thrown into activity, the vision is lost sight of, the highPatanjali, 272:or Purpose. 5. Eternal Love-Wisdom. 5. Eternal activity and intelligence. 6. The great Breath. 6.Patanjali, 272:The Worlds. 7. Life. 7. Consciousness Aspect. 7. Activity Aspect. 8. Synthesizing Energy. 8.Patanjali, 276:forms, the result of the desire-thought activity of the myriads of men, animated by desire for somePatanjali, 280:and that of others. It is the inherent activity of this chitta which is the cause of the eventualPatanjali, 288:help, unselfish intent, wise judgment and loving activity. It is free from any wish for reward orPatanjali, 288:stands free from the karmic results of his activity on behalf of others. It is, as we know, our ownPatanjali, 289:the egoic oneness [289] brought down into full activity in the three worlds through meditation. Patanjali, 289:will they can then all be thrown into uniform activity. [290] This effected, the fire at the basePatanjali, 291:(Rama Prasad), The Light of the higher sense-activity (Rama Prasad). From a study of these terms itPatanjali, 292:of the pineal gland, and it is produced by the activity of the soul. A good deal of discussion hasPatanjali, 293:from a state of atrophy to full functioning activity and the center of consciousness is transferredPatanjali, 294:of the lower nature which transfers the activity of all the life below the solar plexus andPatanjali, 305:has become the most important in the body. Its activity and development has been paralleled by thePatanjali, 308:will see the correspondence between the activity of the solar plexus and its function, and thePatanjali, 310:physical cause and they are produced through the activity of the etheric centers. These detailsPatanjali, 319:is the main source of the personality or bodily activity. Through concentration, therefore, on thePatanjali, 320:the will is brought into [320] functioning activity. It is the characteristic of spirit, andPatanjali, 321:opposites, and so frequently choose that line of activity or attitude of mind which produces in usPatanjali, 327:"energy follows thought" and the sequence of activity might be stated as follows: The thinker onPatanjali, 327:of the thinker works out into physical plane activity. There is a close connection between the mindPatanjali, 328:the thinker can galvanize its instrument into activity during incarnation, and similarly producePatanjali, 328:the brain; it is the vitality which brings into activity the sense-organs and produces thePatanjali, 333:Trinity. This sound or word threw into peculiar activity the matter of the solar system, and wasPatanjali, 334:Physical Ether Reflection of the Ether Human activity. On all these planes, consciousness manifestsPatanjali, 344:manifested scheme is characterized by inertia, activity or rhythm. It is inherent in substance.Patanjali, 348:the building forces of nature into coherent activity so that forms are produced. When these eightPatanjali, 349:and form, the reflections of power, love and activity, these are the characteristics of the body ofPatanjali, 350:of his energy as it demonstrates in force and activity, hence in the Secret Doctrine, the highestPatanjali, 353:plane life is characterized by a most startling activity and most amazing results. Of him it can bePatanjali, 358:and the spirit or Father aspect. Intelligent activity has been demonstrated, based upon anPatanjali, 390:are expressed for us as follows: That type of activity which is evil, wicked and depraved. This isPatanjali, 391:of becoming will again be offered. That type of activity which is neither all good nor all bad,Patanjali, 391:of as the black-white. It concerns the karmic activity of the average man, who is governed by thePatanjali, 391:desire attract him on either hand. That type of activity which is called white. This is the type ofPatanjali, 395:and real, but which are also part of the activity of the whole of which he is a tiny part. HePatanjali, 396:in the Universal Mind, as the result of the activity of that cosmic Thinker who functions as thePatanjali, 396:surround him on all sides, the stream of their activity beats upon him at all times and draws forthPatanjali, 401:through the imposition of the characteristics of activity, the middle guna, and that whichPatanjali, 401:which predominantly controls the outward-going activity and drives the man into sensuousPatanjali, 403:wrong action, but which is for them the natural activity of the form during the cycle wherein formPatanjali, 403:thinkers that things exist and have form and activity only in so far as the mind of the thinkerPatanjali, 407:grows, the will of God (based on loving activity) will become apparent. The clue to the how and thePatanjali, 409:is the soul, the ego, and his work is a positive activity, not a negative state or condition. MuchPatanjali, 410:the thinking principle" must precede all brain activity and responsiveness. The Lord of the mind isPatanjali, 411:becomes a stable condition and the vibratory activity of the lower man fades and dies out. Patanjali, 427:result of ignorance, blindness, environment and activity have been done away with; the grossness ofPatanjali, xii:No longer do his desires swing the flesh into activity, and no longer does his astral bodyPatanjali, xiii:and the wisdom which demonstrates when love and activity (the second and third aspects) are broughtProblems, 22:is the revelation of which she is custodian. Her activity is therefore premature. The true secretProblems, 22:on certain initial mistakes and her premature activity upon the physical plane. Nevertheless, allProblems, 22:prove the accuracy of this statement, plus wise activity and sound propaganda on the part ofProblems, 23:seek to sweep the small powers into her arena of activity against their wishes or through undueProblems, 56:in the kingdom of God is not a religious activity to be handled exclusively by the churches andProblems, 58:amount of historical information, of creative activity and of idealism and philosophy not only withProblems, 146:major significance, but that it connotes divine activity in every phase of human living and humanProblems, 148:only struggling to bring the Christ life into activity; still others are entirely unaware of theProblems, 159:are, consciously or unconsciously, swinging into activity at this time and their united effortProblems, 161:of recognition and of producing a reciprocal activity. Prayer has always recognized this, withoutPsychology1, xx:such a united effort, there would emerge a group activity, intelligently undertaken, which wouldPsychology1, xxi:be fixed on wider horizons and vaster realms of activity. The great creative Plan, its laws andPsychology1, xxiii:in varying degrees of density and of vibratory activity, and that this substance is impelled byPsychology1, xxiv:is a monad of Power, of Love or of Intelligent Activity. In concluding, I ask for your sincerePsychology1, xxv:movement and circulation, and demonstrate an activity which is progressive and cyclic and evidencesPsychology1, 17:is spirit at the lowest point of its cyclic activity" and "spirit is matter on the seventh plane,"Psychology1, 18:psychological Entity can bring into functioning activity a quality within all human forms whichPsychology1, 21:time. This vortex, as a result of this initial activity, demonstrates through the medium of what wePsychology1, 22:appearance, they swept into a secondary activity and became the seven Builders, the seven SourcesPsychology1, 24:of this life is not revealed, but the activity emanating from it produces that combination ofPsychology1, 24:fourth Lord of creative expression will resume activity upon the Earth about six hundred yearsPsychology1, 26:if I give you the following statement as to the activity, or non-activity, of the rays, begging youPsychology1, 26:following statement as to the activity, or non-activity, of the rays, begging you to bear in mindPsychology1, 27:heart and brain of the solar Logos. Intelligent activity and love are the outstandingPsychology1, 3+4:of a conscious response to divine interplay and activity, to a final identification with the onePsychology1, 42:of intelligent will, working through intelligent activity and producing a world of created forms
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