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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Psychology2, 473:the energy of the human being as it swings into activity through the subjective influence of mentalPsychology2, 474:are at this time being worked out, plus the life activity of the astral plane itself, the dreamPsychology2, 475:of the early Lemurian races but for ages the activity of the body-organs has lain, most desirablyPsychology2, 481:plus a general indication [481] of lines of activity which "God" is proposing to the attentive,Psychology2, 481:of thought, the man is swept into a current of activity which may succeed in permanently orientingPsychology2, 483:demand acquiescence and acceptance. It demands activity, the separation of the good and high valuesPsychology2, 483:emergence into a realm of useful spiritual activity. Psychology2, 483:of Psychology People who participate in the activity of those schools of thought which are calledPsychology2, 488:certain adolescent tendencies towards religious activity and practices. These, however, hePsychology2, 490:acceptance) they become a menace to the free activity of the soul and are of no true value. 8.Psychology2, 493:of reincarnation. The fact of there being some activity during sleep or unconsciousness. The factPsychology2, 498:but is just beginning to develop mental activity) usually a sound and safe way to work, providedPsychology2, 499:of Psychology 1. Dreams based upon Brain Activity. In these cases, the subject is sleeping tooPsychology2, 502:3. Dreams which are Recollections of true Activity. These dreams are registrations of truePsychology2, 502:harmoniously. A capacity to pursue ordered activity at night or in the hours of sleep. Then the manPsychology2, 503:participation, a perceived or registered activity, or a real and true happening in the experiencePsychology2, 504:nature and is involving the soul likewise. The activity, registered, recorded and related, is thatPsychology2, 507:5. Dream which are Records of Work done. This activity the aspirant carries on at night and whenPsychology2, 507:immediate future. These phases and spheres of activity are very real in nature. Aspirants whoPsychology2, 507:level or another, with some form of constructive activity or work. This activity, selfishlyPsychology2, 507:some form of constructive activity or work. This activity, selfishly performed (for many aspirantsPsychology2, 507:the physical plane. They are of three kinds: The activity of the patient himself when freed, inPsychology2, 508:of consciousness is slowly developed. The activity involves religious activity, sexual living inPsychology2, 508:developed. The activity involves religious activity, sexual living in its many phases (for not allPsychology2, 508:essential duality of manifestation) political activity, creative and artistic activity and the manyPsychology2, 508:political activity, creative and artistic activity and the many other forms of human expression.Psychology2, 509:or fits its vehicle, the lower man, for group activity. This type of dream is also the higherPsychology2, 512:of life, the keenness of spirit and the easy activity which distinguished the ancient races in thePsychology2, 513:when it does it will be the direct result of the activity of the New Group of World Servers. ItPsychology2, 515:consider them from the standpoint of energy activity - a thing which has been little done as yet. Psychology2, 516:This is being directed or enforced through the activity of the first ray energy. Much of it,Psychology2, 520:the centers and their force emanations and the activity of the vital or etheric body which is thePsychology2, 521:men are energized and galvanized into outer activity through the medium of the three centers belowPsychology2, 522:to the throat center. This leads to creative activity of some kind. That the world disciples arePsychology2, 523:all degrees. 2. That, within this major field of activity, the following transferences will have toPsychology2, 523:center, which becomes the organ of creative activity of a non-physical nature. The energy of thePsychology2, 523:all these centers are developed and brought into activity in three stages, and thus progressivelyPsychology2, 524:below the diaphragm are fully awakened; their activity is great; their light is vivid; theirPsychology2, 525:the heart and throat centers are brought into activity. The man is creatively intelligent alongPsychology2, 526:for still the mystic sleeps beneath the outer activity and the intelligent worldly effort, and willPsychology2, 526:the highest head center is brought into radiant activity. This occurs as the result of the uprisingPsychology2, 526:heart of each center comes into its first real activity; it becomes radiant, brilliant, magneticPsychology2, 527:centers in the body are then swept into ordered activity by the forces of love and will. Then takesPsychology2, 531:who is rapidly coming into being and functioning activity. He becomes painfully conscious ofPsychology2, 533:- from the three worlds of human enterprise and activity. When the heart center and the headPsychology2, 537:as yet, but little use made of it. The increased activity and stimulation of the solar plexusPsychology2, 538:an undue importance may be attached to the sex activity, or the sexual imagination can bePsychology2, 538:and psychologists. The result is ever an over-activity of the sex life in some form or another. ThePsychology2, 539:extent that the attention is withdrawn from the activity of the other centers and they are thusPsychology2, 544:expresses it. It is at this point of focused activity (in the place of the previous fluidic andPsychology2, 545:solar plexus center is thrown into an abnormal activity, thereby releasing all kinds of astralPsychology2, 548:prior to rising upward. This will produce over-activity of the organs in the physical area governedPsychology2, 548:elevation" are taking place, producing intense activity in the higher center and a lessening ofPsychology2, 548:activity in the higher center and a lessening of activity in the lower. A fluid period intervenesPsychology2, 550:greater or lesser moment. This intense interior activity which is going on all the time in thePsychology2, 550:countries. The above summation of the threefold activity which is going on in the human body allPsychology2, 550:Problems of Disciples and Mystics 1. The intense activity of the sacral center will often producePsychology2, 551:2. In all cases of transference, the intense activity produced will cause all kinds of tensions andPsychology2, 551:a fruitful source of difficulty. 3. The activity of the solar plexus center at this time, which isPsychology2, 551:predisposes the human being are brought into activity as the result of the stimulation of the solarPsychology2, 551:syphilitic complaints (due to the age old activity of the sacral center) will gradually die out. 4.Psychology2, 551:sacral center) will gradually die out. 4. The activity of the heart center as it MagneticallyPsychology2, 552:gland holds the key to much that concerns the activity and control of the vagus nerve - a fact notPsychology2, 552:from above, and from the environment. 5. The activity of the throat center is steadily increasingPsychology2, 552:steadily increasing today, owing to the creative activity and the inventive genius (which brings inPsychology2, 552:of the intelligentsia of the world. This activity is responsible physiologically for many of thePsychology2, 553:else much psychological difficulty. 6. The activity of the ajna center will increase a great dealPsychology2, 554:the heart center can be swept into undue activity by the imposition of personality force, and itsPsychology2, 554:sexual complex in some form or another. 7. The activity of the head center is as yet little knownPsychology2, 562:- The recognition of the fourfold word, the activity of matter, the third Logos. Touch - ThePsychology2, 563:The principle of manas in its discriminating activity, perfecting the interrelation between thePsychology2, 568:forms upon the physical plane you see the joint activity of the astral and etheric planes. You doPsychology2, 571:All this is brought about through the over-activity of the solar plexus center, stimulated by thePsychology2, 573:the place of light". This indicates the growing activity of the head center. He may, later, usePsychology2, 575:correspondences are coming into functioning activity and humanity is beginning to reap the benefitsPsychology2, 575:to be found any where and the "pull" or the activity of the sacral center will be greatly lessenedPsychology2, 576:I might here touch upon the paralleling activity of the forces which are working to prevent thePsychology2, 577:"dark centers" because the emphasis of their activity is upon the material aspect of manifestationPsychology2, 577:material aspect of manifestation and upon the activity of material substance; all energy isPsychology2, 579:and this is affecting potently the group activity of man. The effort by the dark forces toPsychology2, 588:step. Let him live a full life of physical activity, permitting himself no time for thePsychology2, 589:plane is open because of natural birthright, the activity of previous lives and because the flow ofPsychology2, 590:there is a violent fight against the psychic activity going on, or where there is a nervousPsychology2, 594:at will, any part of the mechanism into activity, or the whole mechanism into coordinated action.Psychology2, 595:Eventually this central channel comes into full activity. All this can be seen by the clairvoyantPsychology2, 601:the manufactured unreal of the ages of mystical activity and the Real which stands ever in thePsychology2, 603:emotional obsession. The ajna center swings into activity before there is any true integration ofPsychology2, 603:whole man, and any true useful purpose to its activity. A period ensues wherein the man expressesPsychology2, 606:a recognized plan and a correctly directed activity must eventually supersede all adolescentPsychology2, 607:creative work. This necessarily involves the activity of the throat center. Where there is thisPsychology2, 608:the two vibrations or their "pulsating rhythmic activity" can swing into each other's field ofPsychology2, 611:cool. It brings the brain cells into functioning activity, evoking response from cells at presentPsychology2, 611:It is as these cells are brought into activity by the inflow of the light of the soul that geniusPsychology2, 619:for it is important in so far that it is a group activity, carried forward as a whole and is notPsychology2, 620:According to the general flow of group life and activity so will be the effect - emotional andPsychology2, 621:unprepared or by groups who are intrigued by the activity but who have no faintest idea of whatPsychology2, 622:the sixth ray energy and the growing power and activity of the seventh ray. The energy which isPsychology2, 623:the spine, arousing it into a hitherto unknown activity. These aspects of the will life arePsychology2, 624:the group has yet no true understanding of group activity, group coherency and group vitality. ThePsychology2, 629:a constant collaboration and an extreme activity, for Those guiding human evolution have been
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