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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Rays, 91:language these three aspects of His divine activity or phases of His work. These are: He "tends theRays, 92:ones." The work here referred to concerns His activity as Initiator and His responsibility as HeadRays, 96:the higher initiate, this rule is related to the activity of Monad, Soul and body within theRays, 102:complete finality and negation and an end to all activity, of all heart reactions, of all thought,Rays, 102:persistence. Note those words. The focus of activity shifts from the active body to the activeRays, 103:the world of meaning, and capable of intelligent activity which links them with the world of form,Rays, 103:But the desire of the initiate is not now for activity, or even for the expression of love. TheseRays, 104:moment the one unmistakable expression of soul activity - as influenced consciously by the Monad orRays, 104:consciously by the Monad or Father - and this activity is a group activity which wills the returnRays, 104:Monad or Father - and this activity is a group activity which wills the return of the lesser livesRays, 105:awareness of two divine aspects - creative activity and love - he is now focused in the highestRays, 112:group life, group reactions and group activity. This has brought about the intention of theRays, 117:birth of the Christ. Producing intelligent activity. Initiation. The two-leavedRays, 119:three worlds simultaneously. Of this the dual activity of the mind is a symbol, acting as it doesRays, 123:as forming part of an outer hierarchical activity. This in due time will lead to the giving of theRays, 130:"cosmic intention" is shared by the Buddhas of Activity and those Members of the Great Council WhoRays, 132:the energy of the sixth and seventh spheres of activity - is the specific and particular energyRays, 132:Logos, but within that periphery and sphere of activity the Triads move with perfect freedom. TheirRays, 137:and he begins to act with his group where all activity is concerned. This is a point of majorRays, 137:cycle the emphasis will be upon group work and activity, upon group initiation and group approachRays, 141:events, all predeterminations, all wisdom, all activity and all that the future may hold of serviceRays, 142:embodying the forty-nine Fires," the "Buddhas of Activity," and certain "Eternal Spirits" from suchRays, 158:world of causes) automatically brings about activity, movement, force expression, and rightRays, 159:and this impact has wrought changes in the activity of the center, but there has been noRays, 159:it will be of such an increasing radiatory activity that - moving in both directions around theRays, 168:complete, there is no recognition of individual activity within the group, because the will of theRays, 168:becomes only a channel for the group will and activity, and this with no effort of his own butRays, 171:upon individual form and individual living and activity gives place to group form and groupRays, 174:nature of substance as a field and medium of activity becomes clear to the initiate-members of theRays, 174:realizes that they are only the result of the activity of substance in its form-making capacity andRays, 178:usefulness. It concerns the etheric levels of activity. I would have you note that I did not sayRays, 178:it. There is only a state of being and of activity for which we have no adequate or illustrativeRays, 180:to which we give the name the "Three Buddhas of Activity." They are therefore closely connectedRays, 180:to many today. They are the expression, in activity, of the "All-Seeing Eye"; through their agencyRays, 180:the complete control of the three Buddhas of Activity, Who are the cosmic Prototypes of the LordsRays, 180:God is intelligent functioning. God is creative activity. These are the qualities of the devaRays, 181:the divine will. When the sphere of their activity comes into contact with the human intelligence,Rays, 182:that is the circle or field of maya. His activity must therefore be carried forward from the veryRays, 183:work; these are swept into form generation and activity, and embody in the transitional, ephemeral,Rays, 183:demanded by the descending life and its dynamic activity. We are therefore dealing with theRays, 185:major energies, the sevenfold field of their activity and the septenary aspect of the implementingRays, 185:quiescent state or else were swept into activity by definite and planned impression from theRays, 188:Rules For Group Initiation Paralleling this activity and implemented, fed and sustained by theRays, 189:and this has been done without the paralleling activity of the love energy of the Hierarchy. It isRays, 191:you have in reality a great formula for group activity and also a potent method (once the group canRays, 195:they are the result of man's own effort and activity down the ages, they are largely unrealized,Rays, 195:of forces precipitated from levels of activity other and higher than the physical, as youRays, 206:seven planetary centers. The three Buddhas of Activity (Who are also Members of the Great Council)Rays, 210:out desire. This has to be the first destructive activity of the disciple. It is not what theRays, 211:the group members must be on the basis of soul activity, joint pledge to the Master of the Ashram,Rays, 211:in some definitely planned and united activity, carried forward in the outer world but enrichingRays, 211:of the Ashram. Until this stage is reached, the activity of the group corresponds to that of theRays, 212:good or bad, or the karmic results of instituted activity, and he is the one who gains theRays, 215:is given that the other spheres of thought activity, with their conditioning speech, even exist.Rays, 220:of tension has to be held in high vibratory activity all through the process of transference. IRays, 221:of a Word. This Word, being the result of group activity, focus and tension, plus the aid of theRays, 223:a new cycle of invocation and invocative activity. This brings about an inflow of the destroyerRays, 225:might be regarded as controlling the conscious activity of the initiate in the following stages andRays, 237:and out of Pisces into the aura and the field of activity of Aquarius, guided by those who areRays, 241:unrecognized purpose which evoked the creative activity of our Planetary Logos. This brought theRays, 243:purpose which has necessitated the calling into activity the Principle of Pain. Suffering and PainRays, 244:the fourth ray again swings into full objective activity - a recurrence of the arts on a turn ofRays, 244:desire and the pattern or purpose of divine activity down the ages. We know it to be profoundlyRays, 249:and superseded; response to indicated group activity takes place. Students need to realize moreRays, 249:effort, synthetic understanding and synthetic activity are possible to a Master or an initiate ofRays, 250:in the next solar system by a type of life activity which is as yet only known in Shamballa. Rays, 257:which are presided over by the three Buddhas of Activity, and within Whose exalted consciousnessRays, 257:another great triangle reaches true functioning activity. When this takes place, a revelationRays, 261:he absorbs the significance or meaning of group activity, group relation, and group initiation. HeRays, 261:summarize, they constitute the four phases of an activity which will bring him to a point ofRays, 267:"Higher Three" refer to the three Buddhas of Activity Who still remain actively cooperating withRays, 268:in action." Hence Their name, the Buddhas of Activity. Sanat Kumara has now moved one step ahead ofRays, 268:and with cosmic implications. It was Their activity which (after evolution had run a long course)Rays, 268:it might be said that the three Buddhas of Activity are responsible for: The Act ofRays, 268:Buddha responsible at the time for this major activity, has been temporarily quiescent sinceRays, 269:unit but as a cosmic focal point. The Buddha of Activity, responsible for this type of planetaryRays, 269:Activity, responsible for this type of planetary activity, works with the Lord of the first ray andRays, 269:of the energies of the three Buddhas of Activity Who create a triangle, closely related to theRays, 270:constellations from which the three Buddhas of Activity draw Their needed energy and to which TheyRays, 270:embodying the directing energy of that body of activity which we call the personality. The throatRays, 270:success of the creative work of the Buddhas of Activity. This, in its turn, has a small symbolicRays, 270:the base of the spine. This is galvanized into activity at a certain stage of the evolutionaryRays, 270:process, by energy emanating from the Buddhas of Activity Who are the least active at thisRays, 270:mental proposition that the three Buddhas of Activity implement Their work. I can put it noRays, 271:is, in effect, connected with inter-hierarchical activity. It is a working out into theRays, 271:unsuccessfully to convey? There is an ashramic activity of which disciples know nothing in theirRays, 272:One further point anent the Buddhas of Activity might here be of interest. Each of Them has aRays, 272:in the consciousness of man. The Buddhas of Activity preside over what might be called (using aRays, 273:remains unknown as yet. The three Buddhas of Activity are to the planetary Logos (to give youRays, 273:the one of the three Buddhas now coming into activity is the one Who works through the spiritualRays, 273:they are in reality invoking a response activity from two of the Buddhas of Activity - the One WhoRays, 273:a response activity from two of the Buddhas of Activity - the One Who works through the medium ofRays, 273:the previous solar system in which intelligent activity was the goal. Today, that essence underliesRays, 273:the goal. Today, that essence underlies all the activity of this solar system but is motivated byRays, 273:in the consciousness of humanity. Then the activity of all the three Buddhas will be involved andRays, 274:and those later to be assembled, the Buddhas of Activity will extract that essential quality (atRays, 275:and the idea is familiar to the public, this activity Will form an important part of the new worldRays, 275:goodwill on Earth with an effective subsidiary activity. That time is not yet. Today we have theRays, 276:objectively demonstrated because the Buddhas of Activity will gradually become aware of theRays, 279:interplay; they also constitute a paralleling activity to the task of building the antahkarana, as
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