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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Rays, 281:physical plane, his own work and hierarchical activity is strictly triadal and monadic, with aRays, 283:Triad. As this transformation takes place, a new activity supervenes which finally enables theRays, 284:Achieving ashramic purpose and consequent group activity Manifesting ray energy Demonstrating aRays, 289:the impulsive energy which gives significance to activity and to the life-force which the SoundRays, 295:nothing for the separated self. A great creative activity involving all Ashrams - major and minor -Rays, 296:but is regarded as an expression of hierarchical activity; they are free from the spirit toRays, 296:will be expressed through the creative activity of the Christ spirit through the medium of theRays, 296:and finally by a definitely planned creative activity in the outer world. Therefore, my brothers,Rays, 297:to work creatively in line with hierarchical activity. As we consider the next word on our list, weRays, 300:little today in demonstration. We have life in activity but love, based on realized unity andRays, 306:periphery of that Hierarchy toward the center of activity and into close contact with some Ashram,Rays, 306:of the spiritual will and is essentially an activity of the Spiritual Triad; it involves theRays, 310:form of destruction does not manifest under the activity or the non-activity of the Law ofRays, 310:does not manifest under the activity or the non-activity of the Law of Attraction, as does theRays, 310:the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad. This activity is determined by the major ray upon whichRays, 314:to emotion but to the cessation of the type of activity with which we are familiar in the world ofRays, 314:manifestation; the Hierarchy is a very vortex of activity and of energies coming from Shamballa andRays, 315:then within himself and paralleling this activity to which he is dedicated as a personality andRays, 316:to express that pure Being as pure will in activity. When the third initiation is taken theRays, 318:of loving understanding, and of intelligent activity. Therefore, the order to resurrect, asRays, 319:to the impulsing of hierarchical attraction and activity. It does not concern the individual lifeRays, 324:minds towards the Mysteries and towards the activity of spiritual transference, which is one of theRays, 333:line of spiritual unfoldment as a paralleling activity to its services on Earth in connection withRays, 334:physical plane as well as the higher planes. The activity engineered must cover the three worlds ofRays, 335:the physical plane. This inclusive and planned activity of the Hierarchy is related to spiritualRays, 335:of Liberation Who have swept into planetary activity because of the use of the second Stanza of theRays, 336:of bringing them into the desired balance and activity. I have already given what is necessary inRays, 337:within himself which constitute channels of activity and modes whereby he may acquire that which itRays, 338:other of the seven centers into full functioning activity, not from the angle of awakening or ofRays, 339:of the disciple; they too evidence the same dual activity, once the Path of Discipleship is troddenRays, 339:heart center of every initiate. This final dual activity is registered by the initiate of theRays, 346:have varying cycles of increased or decreased activity) have large groups undergoing theirRays, 353:the other two fires, for all three are in full activity at this initiatory crisis. All areRays, 358:the source of all energy and all originating activity in our entire planetary expression andRays, 360:dependent upon ray determinations and past activity but is nevertheless a free choice, because allRays, 360:effort, making the five fields of the spiritual activity of man. Love and intelligence are nowRays, 364:be discarded, and it will be realized that all activity which drives the human being forwardRays, 371:The Hierarchy is, however, handicapped in its activity by the time sense and the materialisticRays, 371:aspirant and disciple, is that of intelligent activity and - little as you may have realized it -Rays, 371:of the initiates and his participation in the activity of some one or other of the Ashrams producesRays, 372:are the result of the involutionary activity of the life expression of the Lord of the World. TheRays, 372:are the three main stages in the evolutionary activity of the life of God and condition the qualityRays, 378:formation of the seven Ashrams under direct ray activity. This process lies in the past history ofRays, 379:all coercion or from any supervision of daily activity, the instinctive reaction of all within theRays, 382:were differentiated; function and radiatory activity were established, and this produced a strongerRays, 382:major centers in the planet, demonstrating great activity, much more closely related than everRays, 384:Ashrams. One by one, as the rays cycled into activity in the three worlds and eventually on theRays, 384:of discipleship called initiation) was in cyclic activity, a much greater number of disciplesRays, 386:Ashram had taken form and attained functioning activity some time earlier. You can see, under theRays, 387:and are steadily increasing in radiatory activity. As you will have noted, the order of theirRays, 387:noted, the order of their appearance - under ray activity - was 2, 7, 4, 6, 5, 3, 1. In giving thisRays, 387:but that in the early days of hierarchical activity, it was the particular quality of the ray whichRays, 391:which will eventually evoke from Him a decisive activity. By passing through the second great DoorRays, 394:life. The encouraging factor is today that the activity of humanity itself is, for the first time,Rays, 397:which opens on to other spheres and planes of activity. Let us now consider - very briefly andRays, 405:and primarily from two of the Buddhas of Activity. Having learnt the technique and having passedRays, 407:within our planet Who work in contemplative activity with the antahkarana which connects theRays, 407:It must be realized that the Buddhas of Activity, of Whom there are only three on our planet, areRays, 407:Logoi by attaining the status of Buddhas of Activity, and will for a period serve in that capacityRays, 408:understands it. There are only cycles of activity or of non-activity; this non-activity for MastersRays, 408:it. There are only cycles of activity or of non-activity; this non-activity for Masters on theRays, 408:cycles of activity or of non-activity; this non-activity for Masters on the third Path takes theRays, 408:of cyclic periods of contemplation and mental activity, followed by active periods of energyRays, 411:and the Mahachohan - via the three Buddhas of Activity, to act in order to tighten up onRays, 417:freedom and liberation are effects of its activity. This unique and mysterious law governs the LifeRays, 417:unknown "sphere of functioning and intelligent activity" what the Law of Economy is to our planet -Rays, 421:the ray Path) eventually reach is some sphere of activity wherein sublime purposes and divineRays, 426:Path pass all those who, through devotion and activity combined, achieve the goal but who lack asRays, 432:agent. It is this which is brought into creative activity and thus under the control of theRays, 433:the world of the Ashram; or again these and the activity of the Hierarchy itself, viewing it as aRays, 440:all the Masters work under the great Buddha of Activity Who is responsible to Sanat Kumara for theRays, 445:regarding both together as forming one world of activity. Of these two worlds, the subjectiveRays, 446:of human endeavor and into the world of soul activity. Just as the soul makes a way for itself byRays, 447:into the realm of the intuition. A reciprocal activity is thus set up. This response between theRays, 450:the scriptures of India in connection with this activity of the human being. These threads, whichRays, 451:the brain, and through its medium it directs activity and induces awareness throughout the body byRays, 452:to the surface of consciousness as a reflex activity in the establishing of continuity ofRays, 452:of continuity of consciousness. This reflex activity of the lower nature corresponds to theRays, 453:by the man; of this fact in nature his creative activity during the past two hundred years is anRays, 455:thread and with the life thread. Creative activity. This is essential, for it is not only throughRays, 459:the three focal points of mental perception and activity, are to be found: The lower concrete mind.Rays, 461:devoted service it brings the divine Plan into activity in the three worlds of humanRays, 461:Spiritual Triad and is brought into functioning activity through meditation. It then controls andRays, 466:magnetic power of the Triad, and the conscious activity of the soul, utilizing the triple thread.Rays, 467:divine aspects. This involves intense mental activity; it necessitates the power to imagine and toRays, 467:Spiritual Triad. It is essentially, however, an activity of the integrated and dedicatedRays, 467:all they have to do is to await negatively some activity by the soul which will automatically takeRays, 467:achieved, and that consequently and in time this activity will evoke response [468] both from theRays, 468:the building of the antahkarana is primarily an activity of the personality, aided by the soul;Rays, 468:foundations of good character and intelligent activity are firmly established - something stillRays, 469:reality, inclusive participation in the creative activity of divinity. The divine idea must becomeRays, 469:must be brought into conscious functioning and activity. Desire-love must be interpreted in termsRays, 472:of Initiation This rather unexpected responsive activity has necessitated much increased activityRays, 472:activity has necessitated much increased activity on the part of the Hierarchy, in order to offsetRays, 475:becomes apparent that a creativity or a creative activity of the Will is needed to bridge betweenRays, 478:a mental creature. This produces the full activity of the mental unit, the integration of the threeRays, 478:the Son of Mind or soul. The stage of creative activity wherein the creative thread is brought intoRays, 480:(as an aggregate of lives) is functioning. The activity of these centers sets up an answeringRays, 483:is the creative process. [483] It is true of the activity of a solar Logos, of a planetary LogosRays, 484:aspect - that of the Creative Actor - comes into activity. It was so in the creative process where
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