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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Rays, 488:2. Visualization. Up to this point the activity has been of a mental nature. The creativeRays, 489:for the building of the bridge. The creative activity of the imagination is the first organizingRays, 489:will be the resultant effects of his planned activity, and what are the materials with which he hasRays, 490:you will have at this point: The buddhic activity of impression. The tension of the mental vehicle,Rays, 490:upon the mental plane - it produces an interior activity and an organization of the substanceRays, 490:the bridge substance, having brought into activity the will aspect, and being consciously aware ofRays, 491:personality and the soul combined) into activity; he now projects a line towards the Monad. It isRays, 492:with a measure of potency - produce an increased activity at the very center of soul life, theRays, 494:energy and arriving at the one sphere of planned activity by means of the path of Light. InRays, 503:(when it is powerful enough) brings into radiant activity the "jewel in the lotus." When theseRays, 503:tension. Visualization, produced by: The buddhic activity of "impression." The tension of theRays, 504:time in the disciple's unfoldment and building activity. Register consciousness of soul contact,Rays, 506:so far as the will finds its reflection in the activity of the sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus,Rays, 507:is reached, and is no longer in the love nature. Activity and love are still present in fullRays, 509:product of the visualization process. A focused activity of the will, according to the ray, inRays, 510:It reaches (by means of its vibratory activity) the center of power which we call the SpiritualRays, 513:and not to depend, as heretofore, upon the outer activity of sound. Remember that you are notRays, 517:fluidity leads to many words or to great mental activity, frequently carried forward under theRays, 518:thoughts emerge; first, that the goal of all activity is the complete fusion of the three Aspects,Rays, 521:be sensed in Shamballa; hitherto its most potent activity has only reached the Hierarchy. Religion,Rays, 521:became the emphasized goal of humanity." The activity of all previous Teachers and demonstratingRays, 530:though not yet practical insight into modes of activity and possible states of being to which youRays, 534:process is in reality the result of the activity of three energies: The energy generated by theRays, 535:third aspect of divinity, that of intelligent activity. The fourth, fifth and sixth initiations areRays, 536:of the will-to-good. which conditions divine activity. Rays, 537:on the plane of the emotions and of astral activity but is shifting with rapidity on to the mentalRays, 537:on to the mental plane. This involves a dual activity; the lower mind becomes a potent factor inRays, 539:becomes for him a normal field of experience and activity. Thus (if I may so express it) theRays, 539:This involves no leaving of the former field of activity in which he has worked and lived; itRays, 540:tension. They should remember the life of dual activity; i.e., that which he is at any given momentRays, 540:of the appropriate dualities. It is through the activity of the lower mind that fusion with theRays, 540:points of tension; it is through the activity established between higher and lower mind that fusionRays, 540:the bridge, the antahkarana; it is through the activity of pure reason that fusion with theRays, 541:is then present and is the result of a positive activity. The quality and the vibratory nature ofRays, 541:point of attainment. This invocative-evocative activity produces a point of tension but not - asRays, 542:realization within these forms of intelligent activity, of love-wisdom and of the will-to-good.Rays, 545:is a definite mode of spiritual service and activity, but until a disciple has advanced inRays, 547:that of the Master at the center. Reciprocal activity becomes possible. It is needless, surely, forRays, 548:disciple must also lead, producing an intense activity in the three worlds - an activity [549]Rays, 548:an intense activity in the three worlds - an activity [549] which in no way disturbs the calmRays, 550:which is today in a condition of almost violent activity, owing to its becoming a focus of divineRays, 551:and Humanity. The increasingly dominant activity of the seventh Ray of Order or Ceremonial Magic,Rays, 552:bring in an era of greatly enhanced creative activity; it will be an activity such as has neverRays, 552:enhanced creative activity; it will be an activity such as has never been seen before, and whichRays, 552:synchronizes with a major creative planetary activity, then a cycle of very great disturbanceRays, 553:imagination, will produce that new creative activity which will bring "the new heavens and the newRays, 553:bearing upon our subject: This intense creative activity falls into two parts: A destructive cycle,Rays, 554:or paralleling unity, unanimity and creative activity of separative and hateful evil. This, in itsRays, 557:of the related energy and of its field of activity; each initiation reveals to him the quality andRays, 562:the initiatory process upon the outer plane of activity in service. He cannot be permitted to enterRays, 564:to penetrate; he is limited by that sphere of activity which we call the seven planes, and which inRays, 565:upward movement of the initiatory self-directed activity, of the measure of love energy which hisRays, 569:produces an intensified period of initiatory activity, and this is the case today. The majorRays, 571:and unfoldment will be the result of the activity of the seventh ray and of the impact of itsRays, 572:in motion a period of tremendous creative activity, both on the material plane through theRays, 573:increasingly register. Nothing can arrest this activity; all that is happening today as men searchRays, 573:new regimes and organized modes of creative activity which will demonstrate the new livingness andRays, 576:of his major polarization and the sphere of activity and the state of consciousness which hasRays, 579:today governing world affairs. [579] The united activity of these two great streams of cosmicRays, 579:are "physico-etheric" initiates. It is the activity of this sixth ray which has brought out intoRays, 580:groups of men everywhere into united emotional activity, thus creating those preliminary testingsRays, 582:the Major Initiations The effect of sixth ray activity upon the mental nature is, as you mayRays, 584:made these two initiations possible; it is the activity of the seventh Ray of Order and of theRays, 587:under the ray energy of the third Buddha of Activity. The work with humanity comes under theRays, 587:of the ray energy of the second Buddha of Activity, Who embodies in a most peculiar sense theRays, 587:the energy stimulation of the first Buddha of Activity. Each of these great energizing Lives worksRays, 587:for the energy of one of the three Buddhas of Activity. These three Buddhas are the creative AgentsRays, 588:A close study of these developing ranges of activity and of expanded consciousness will indicateRays, 588:life is one immense synthesis of ordered activity. The ray energies, utilizing the created formRays, 588:forms" (that is, the cosmic etheric levels of activity), constitute a great and applied process ofRays, 588:a great and applied process of initiatory activity, governing, controlling and conditioning everyRays, 588:third initiation, he has to bring into visible activity the mental element, and thus function inRays, 590:etheric and astral planes force it into activity on the level of concrete knowledge, with aRays, 591:in a peculiar sense to the three Buddhas of Activity. These great Lives reached Their present stateRays, 592:the human standpoint) awakened and brought into activity through the action of the five sensesRays, 596:aspirants all the world over, are all due to the activity of this fifth ray energy; this may beRays, 597:well-being is also the result of the creative activity of the fifth ray consciousness. This is, ofRays, 601:fifth ray energy, or fifteen definitions of its activity. These will warrant careful study. TheRays, 603:I might [603] call the locale, or the sphere of activity, of both these major events. TheRays, 603:automatically determined the sphere of Christ's activity - as I shall attempt to show you. In manyRays, 604:automatically involved the three levels of human activity and was fought out upon the physicalRays, 604:the Principle of Conflict as contained in the activity of this fourth ray. The effect upon humanityRays, 604:is an expression of the result of the activity of this Principle. The factor of the second Ray ofRays, 604:organizations. The result of this fourth ray activity upon the individual disciple: [605] In theRays, 605:that of the Renunciation, the effects of its activity will emerge more clearly. Fundamentally, thisRays, 610:rapid development and steady progress. The activity of this principle is greatly increased [611] atRays, 613:ground, and its potency is being released by the activity of the fourth Ray of Harmony throughRays, 615:plane, thus determining the sphere of Christ's activity. In earlier teachings also I have pointedRays, 615:is the major objective of His coming triple activity. The masses everywhere will be responsive toRays, 616:of this focal point of His threefold spiritual activity cannot here be disclosed, for it isRays, 617:reveal upon His arrival; the focal point of His activity will be dependent upon the medium used byRays, 618:in all these three spheres of Christ's proposed activity when conflict will be superseded byRays, 624:that spiritual energy will not come into true activity until she has resolved her many differencesRays, 627:the mass consciousness - are dominating in their activity and are [628] focused upon the materialRays, 628:three worlds of material living. This pronounced activity of the intellect, of which the French areRays, 637:the Major Initiations The Results of Fourth Ray Activity upon the individual Disciple The disciplesRays, 637:for the reason that mind, emotion and physical activity are integrated or are in process ofRays, 642:connection with the 6th Initiation. The united activity of these rays lifts humanity to the higher,Rays, 644:the entire theme and objective of all activity upon our planet. This gives us a clue to the goal ofRays, 645:and intelligent action) can be seen in united activity and the theory of an existing Plan and the
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