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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ACTIVITY

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Telepathy, 175:bringing the centers into the desired radiatory activity. When the task is done, and when all theTelepathy, 175:are living spheres of outgoing, radiatory activity, they swing into each others' orbit so that theTelepathy, 176:a fixed endeavor to make his sphere of radiatory activity more useful to his fellowmen. The reasonTelepathy, 178:imagine this space as the field of divine living activity, full of active intelligent forms, eachTelepathy, 179:and it is also the field for the intelligent activity of the indwelling Lives of the Universe, ofTelepathy, 183:Will or Power is called Shamballa and its major activity is bequeathing, distributing andTelepathy, 184:of the great chain of Hierarchy. The prime activity of this Center is related to the unfoldingTelepathy, 184:life within all forms. Just as the basic mode of activity in and through Shamballa could be calledTelepathy, 185:creation; but it has nevertheless a secondary activity which is to relate the second and the thirdTelepathy, 185:Triangle is composed of the three Buddhas of Activity Who represent conscious intelligent life,Telepathy, 185:the Mahachohan, representing loving intelligent activity, and therefore between Them representingTelepathy, 185:for this, but the areas of conscious creative activity, out of which this triangle of functioningTelepathy, 187:will be in complete, unified and synchronized activity, with Sanat Kumara in ShamballaTelepathy, 191:as there is life in that center and a measure of activity, the other two major centers can begin toTelepathy, 194:world; it is aided also by the steady vibratory activity of the members of the Ashram who are not
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