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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ADAPTABILITY

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Destiny, 84:development. Ray 3. - Active Intelligence or Adaptability, via the Earth and also via the planetDestiny, 91:organizations. Ray 3. - Active Intelligence or Adaptability, via the Earth, thus 'grounding' theDestiny, 123:quality and expression of domesticity, and the adaptability of the animal to human contact. TheDiscipleship2, 76:the next, he will be learning the lessons of adaptability, of impersonality and renunciation. HeDiscipleship2, 589:aspects of the active working group. Intelligent adaptability should be the mental note. TheseFire, 98:improvement in physical vitality and adaptability. These three centers, Between the shoulderFire, 114:the third major ray of active intelligence, or adaptability. The names of the rays are as follows:Fire, 143:activity and intelligence with the aim of adaptability, and that this is His main characteristic.Fire, 248:- will, love-wisdom, active intelligence or adaptability - and their differentiation into the sevenFire, 418:three heads: Discrimination. Ordered activity. Adaptability. Let us study these a little and noteFire, 423:of manas and its future demonstration. c. Adaptability This is, as we know, the prime attributeFire, 423:are synthesized into the third Ray of Aspect, Adaptability, or Active Intelligence, areFire, 427:Beauty and Art or the second manasic aspect (adaptability being the third) will work out in theFire, 428:Aspect: 1. Will or Power. 2. Love or Wisdom. 3. Adaptability or active intelligence 1. Rays ofFire, 499:faculty, the intelligent activity, the adaptability nature, and the transmutative power of manas, IFire, 500:selective power of the atoms of the body. The adaptability of the physical form to its environmentFire, 500:to choose between the pairs of opposites. His adaptability to emotional conditions, and his powerFire, 501:the form through which to manifest. [501] His adaptability to mental currents and vibration, andFire, 502:- the mental body and the physical brain. Adaptability to Hierarchical enterprise shown by theFire, 503:days. VII. As regards monadic discrimination, adaptability, purpose and transmutative power it isFire, 582:monadic consciousness. The third Ray, that of adaptability or activity, has a close connection withFire, 1222:6. Soul impulse, or energy. Ray of Activity or Adaptability. 7. Vitalizing of forms through groupHealing, 673:or their non-effect, and the other concerns adaptability to the rhythm of the Spiritual Triad;Hercules, 137:Turning to Aries, we find that the keynote is "adaptability", which indicates a method by which theHercules, 137:what an awesome, inspiring sight it is. We find adaptability also in the camouflage of the animalHercules, 137:need for camouflage, in his case, for increased adaptability. This immediately raises a query as toHercules, 137:the spirit in terms of human needs." (Ease and adaptability: Libra at-one with its opposite sign,Initiation, 2:of the old form and the building of the new, adaptability is needed. We must avert the danger ofInitiation, 47:power. Love or wisdom. Active intelligence, or adaptability. The four rays or attributes of mind,Initiation, 224:The Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. Rays of Attribute: The Ray of Harmony,Magic, 139:Ones look to see the faculty of pliability and adaptability working out, that faculty of adaptationMagic, 265:those who have cultivated pliability and adaptability, or who have that for their personality ray,Meditation, 16:When the egoic ray is the third or Activity-adaptability Ray, the method is somewhat different. NotMeditation, 16:faculty and systematic absorption of the Adaptability Ray. All these three different methods haveMeditation, 55:of the five lower planes. It marked activity or adaptability. Subtone four of the threefold Word isMeditation, 72:activity aspect, and in the third or Activity (Adaptability) Ray, and is the basis of all theMeditation, 213:third subray, the third major Ray of Activity or Adaptability. It is the basic ray of the secondMeditation, 218:through the orange of the concrete subray... adaptability through form - form which perfectlyMeditation, 218:1. Ray of Power and Will 3. Ray of Activity or Adaptability 4. Ray of Harmony 7. Ray of CeremonialMeditation, 220:first and the seventh planes. The Activity or Adaptability Ray and that of Concrete Knowledge orMeditation, 347:A further method of service shews itself in adaptability. This involves a readiness to retire whenMeditation, 358:The Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. [359] Rays of Attribute: The Ray ofPatanjali, 400:in the form of the lower self and concerns the adaptability of the form to inner influence, and toPsychology1, 67:Purpose of Deity Ray III. Active Intelligence or Adaptability Let the Warden of the South continuePsychology1, 88:unfolding of the Plan of the Logos. Ray III - Adaptability of activity with intelligence. This rayPsychology1, 133:of the planets, and the path of man. The Lord of Adaptability and the Intellect brings intoPsychology1, 216:Devotion Upward Tendency. 3. Animal III. Adaptability Instinct. VI. Devotion Domesticity. 4. HumanPsychology1, 228:universe of our planet. The rhythmic ritualistic adaptability of the seventh ray, plus the dynamicPsychology1, 251:The third Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent in this kingdom and will expressPsychology1, 304:relations, its scope for adjustments and adaptability, its demanded sacrifices and service, and itsPsychology1, 337:the Ray of Active Intelligence, and of selective Adaptability. Just as every cell and atom in thePsychology1, 339:Logos, the Ray of Active Intelligence or Adaptability. Man might be defined as a unit of consciousPsychology1, 353:The third Ray of Intelligent Activity or Adaptability governs the entire career of the race, andPsychology1, 466:impulse or energy. 6. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. Vitalizing of forms through group work.Psychology1, 419:the head. [419] Ray III - Active Intelligence or Adaptability Planet: Saturn. Day: Saturday.Psychology1, 422:of color. Upward tendency. 3. Animal 3. Adaptability. 6. Devotion. Instinct. Domesticity. 4. HumanPsychology1, 425:The third Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent in this kingdom and will expressPsychology2, 27:power, steadiness in growth and in the adaptability of form to circumstance and environment, asPsychology2, 358:ray is the third ray of active intelligence or adaptability, and his personality ray is the secondTelepathy, 63:the unfoldment of consciousness and bring about adaptability to the immanent soul. Modern science,
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